Sunday, 28 August 2011

Travelling mail kit Giveaway - Now Closed!

* Now Closed*

Hello my loves. As I have mentioned before I wanted to do a travelling mail kit giveaway. It's mainly a 'Just Because' one for everyone that follows my blog :) I'm so thankful for all the lovely comments and emails I've received. I've made such fantastic friends too. 

So here's what is being given away. 

♥ A cute girl with balloon card 
♥ A Matryoshka mini note book/pad
♥ A large pencil case/pouch to bring your items with you
♥ A hot air balloon ink pen
♥ A tiny mechanical pencil
♥ An assortment of post cards
♥ A Le Cahier mini note book
♥ And a pad of cute notepaper

This is too show the items fitting in nicely into the pencil case/pouch. 

And these little items are for a runner up :) 
♥ A LOVE card
♥ A camera ink pen
♥ An owl magnetic note pad for your listmaking needs
♥ A little camera note pad

So basically to enter...Mandatory
1. You must be a follower :) You can still become one of course. 
2. Leave a comment telling me your favourite piece of stationery

Bonus (and please leave a comment for each)
1. Put this giveaway button on your blog

2. Tweet or blog about the giveaway
3. Leave another comment letting me know what you would have in a travelling mail kit

This is open to everyone (Australia and international). It will end on the Wednesday 7th of September (and remember it's Wed here earlier haha)

So thank you again for all your support and hope you have a fantastic week!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Happy Things to end the week with

Hey lovelies. My happy things list is a little late this week. It's been a more struggling week but that is due to lack of sleep. So it really hasn't been too bad. 

This weekend is rainy and gloomy so I don't feel like doing much. It will be nice to relax and catch up on things. 

So happy things to end the week with...

♥ The daffodils I bought for Daffodil Day, which is the Cancer Council's fundraising day. They are so bright and yellow, though they are looking a little sad here from being held all day. 

♥ My afternoon treat from Gloria Jeans. I bought a $1 lamington from there too. I love that it had a chocolate Australia for decoration. 

♥ My first Book Depository order. This is a pretty book full of Letterpress goods. 

♥ My new Target wedges. I just adore the bows and the inside floral pattern. 

♥ From another angle. I don't wear heels much but I thought I should try to wear them more this summer. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It's an outfit post!

Hello lovelies. I hope you are having a good week. I'm already looking forward to the weekend. Sigh.

Here's a little outfit I wore last Sunday. It was a pretty miserable rainy day in the morning so I decided to wear one of my new dresses. 

cardi - Ally
dress - Quirky Circus 
belt - Bardot

My favourite bit is the crochet Peter Pan style collar. It's sweet. I just hope it doesn't make me look even younger than I already do. 

It's been pretty horrid weather lately. Rainy and windy, it makes me want to stay home from work. Have a fantastic rest of week. 

Monday, 22 August 2011

10 Things to make you smile

Hello my lovelies. I thought it would be nice to start the week off with a little list. I was inspired by the swap journal I'm making :)

♥ Cloud watching while walking home from the bus
♥ Unexpected Mail
♥ Random acts of kindness 
♥ Writing quotes on paper doilies with my Typewriter
♥ Friendship bracelets
♥ My afternoon hot chocolate to help me get through the rest of work
♥ Online 'window' shopping (which means putting things into baskets on websites to make me feel like I'm shopping)
♥ Planning a travelling stationery pack for my giveaway
♥ Pretty paper, tiny stamps and sweet letters
♥ The conversation I had with the Kikki.K girl about having special boxes full of stationery. I work towards that. 

What's making you smile this week? 

P.S. I know I am a little obsessed with stationery and mail. 

Friday, 19 August 2011

Happy Things to end the week with

Hello my lovelies. It's been a pretty good week. We had the Wednesday off as it was a public holiday in Brisbane. It was for the Royal Queensland show or Ekka as it's known. Jason and I didn't go. We haven't gone in a few years but we had a really lazy day. We were supposed to have a picnic with some friends of ours but we cancelled it thinking it was going to rain and had dinner at their place instead (and it didn't rain sigh).

Anyway, I have been in the biggest shopping mood lately and went on a little spree today. I think I have made a decision on the pleated skirt and will go with the blue skirt. I usually always buy nude or coral coloured items and figured I should branch out a bit. Plus as part of my happy list I bought a coral pleated dress...

♥ My coral pleated dress from Forever New. (That came with a gold belt but I can change it up)

♥ Visiting Typo and finding a cute heart shaped chalk board (then realising I forgot to buy some chalk too). A few of these bits will be part of a giveaway I'm having soon.  

♥ Carrying this giant Kikki.K bag and lugging it on the bus. I got a lot of weird looks because this bag is nearly bigger than me. You can't tell in this photo. 

♥ Buying some cloth covered A3 boxes to store my stationery. Plus today they had a Happy Hour Special where you get more discounts (the reason I bought two of these).

♥ Just a nice note in the Kikki.K magazine/catalogue. How I feel about journalling.

♥ My lovely stationery goods from Kikki.K. And again some of these items might be in my giveaway coming up. 

♥ These tiny stamps are adorable and they come with some mini stamp pads. I haven't quite decided if this will be part of the giveaway yet :)

So this weekend will be full of washing clothes, writing and catching up with letters, doing my swap journal, lots of reading and relaxing. I can't wait! Have a fantastic weekend!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Pleated Skirt dilemma

Hey lovelies. I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was so busy. It was my oldest brother's wedding but I haven't really got any photos right now, so I will share some later. It was beautiful and emotional!

Anyway, I posted about some pleated skirts that I wanted to get. In the end I was going to get the blue one but I measured the length on me and I realised that it will be too long on me :( I feel I look shorter when I wear skirts that are below the knee (besides maxi ones). 

So I found this skirt from Asos. It looks short on the model but I measured and it will be just above the knee on me. I'm just wanting your opinions on what colour to get???! 

♥ Nude

♥ Blue

♥ Coral

There is also black but I'm trying to stay away from black with my casual clothes. So what colour do you prefer?

I hope to get a new skirt with my next pay :) Yay for colour and warmer weather on the way.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Happy Things to end the week with

Hello lovely people. I hope you had a great week. Mine was good :)

So here are a few happy things to end the week...

♥ My new yellow dress. It's crinkled because it was shoved in a bag full of things I had already bought. It was a shopping spree day. 

♥ My pretty new floral peep toe flats from Target. 

♥ My new hair. I got it cut today. It's a few inches shorter and I have that small side fringe. I also got a treatment, which made my hair so soft and shiny. Plus they straightened it for me. 

 I have a big weekend. It's my brother Rolf's wedding ceremony on Sunday. They already had a registry wedding a few months ago and this is their ceremony. So I'm sure I will have some news about that next week. Plus Jasmine is taking photos :) Yay! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Mail Love

Hello everyone. I have some mail which I need to share. Some is a little older than others and it's not necessarily in order either. Oh how I love mail. 


A beautiful handmade card from Alyssa

A giveaway win via Expression of your emotions :) 

This is another giveaway win via Muchloveilly. We love Colours leggings and knee highs. 

I won this mini notebook from Little Tiara via Krissyfied. She added some bookmarks too. 

This is from a penpal Nicole with a birth announcement :) 

Hehe a UK Marie Claire mag (and postcard) from Claire. It was a favour because it has my girl on the cover. 

 A sweet handmade card from Claire K

A letter and pretty bits from Sharni

This was an older letter to Micaela. With a print as thank you for the mag she sent. 

I just wanted to show the envelope for Micaela's letter. 

My letter to Sharni. (The one in the incoming was her reply)

A thank you for Alyssa

For my pen pal Rachel. 

For Erin. A thank you for the mag she sent :) 

A belated birthday gift for Nicole and some friendship bracelets. 

A little something for Kerri :)

And there are a few things I sent off for some swaps I participated in that I will have to post. I will do that soon. 

P.S. And remember use the code SALESALE for 50% off in my Etsy shop (to make way for a revamp)