Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My Wedding...finally....part 1

Hello my lovelies! We finally have our Internet connected! I'm sorry I've been gone for so long and haven't been able to catch up with your blogs but hopefully I will be able to now.

Well we have our professional photos back and I will have to share them with you. And some details. I hope you still want to read about everything :)

These photos are all taken by Sharon Pappas our photographer. This will be photo overload. This is part 1.

The fragrance Ralph Lauren Romance was the first perfume Jason ever bought for me.

My beautiful dress. This was the first dress I loved in a magazine and knew I wanted this one.

Our beautiful bouquets. They were put together by Green and Bloom. Roberta is my sis in law's neighbour. By the way I'm in her gallery on the website.

We were so laid back getting ready. We had on some Michael Buble and fashion TV in the background. I went around and used Laura's camera taking photos of everything.

It was hard not to laugh while getting into my dress. I was falling all over the place.

There were so many buttons.

I love my beautiful brides maids. They are the best! And I had gorgeous long stemmed roses.

These were our ceremony programs.

Our wedding rings, though this isn't Jason holding them.

This was for communion for us to share.

Jason and his groomsmen. From left to right his best man and friend Sivvy, his brother Brodie, his step brother Jason (I know it's so weird), Jason, my brother Alvin and my brother Rolf.

This was for the Filipino wedding tradition of cord, veil and candle (not showing).

My nephews with their Nana.

My mum's wrist corsage.

Me and dad.

Jason waiting. I really love this photo.
His first reaction!

Isaiah with the ring bowl and Caeleb with the bible.

Both my parents walked me down the aisle. I thought it would be really special for both of them to be involved with giving me away.

I thought I would end it here and add more photos next post. It was the most beautiful and special day. And I can't even begin to express how happy I am now. Tomorrow is our first month anniversary lol and I'm so glad that I'm finally married!

P.S. I will definitely be visiting your blogs again :)

Friday, 12 February 2010

A sneak peak

Hello my lovelies!! Well so much has happened and I can't wait to share it with you all. I'm at my parents house so I have Internet while Jason goes to the gym (sigh I need to exercise).

I stopped looking things up on my iPhone because my bill came in and it was huge! (for me). So no more looking up blogs until we get some form of Internet. We are getting dial up next week while we wait for our proper one to get set up. I don't care if it's dial up I just need my net!

So as you know I've gotten married. gone on a honeymoon and had my 25Th birthday! And moved into a new house. Can you believe it's been 19 days married already! I remember counting down from 19 days.

Anyway, I'm doing a quick blog to post a few wedding photos. We got our professional ones back but I want to go through them first to pick which ones I'll add. Here are some photos from friends (a lot are Laura's)

This was the night before the wedding. My BM's and I had dinner. The hotel we stayed in was beyond amazing! This is us in the elevator.

Getting my hair done.

My gorgeous shoes, perfume and the pretty coffee table books at the hotel.

My beautiful dress!!

The detail.

Waiting for my hair to go down.

Next are my beautiful bridesmaids. I had the most stunning bridal party! I love them all.




Laura (I took this photo yay!)


Me, finally done up.

Laura playing around with her camera. I adore the hand mirror.

In the hotel foyer. I absolutely adore this hotel!

Me posing.

Again posing for the camera.

In the limo. This is my 'ferret' face. When I get nervous I go a bit silly. I laugh a lot and pull faces.

Husband and wife!

Mr and Mrs Standen :) and Laura's beautiful candelabra.

Part of our centre pieces. There had to be butterflies.

Just had to add this in. Laura and I having a dance.

Thara giving me a seedy kiss :p

They are just a selection of photos. I have a lot more but I might just add them as we go or just post the Facebook album link.

I will actually write about the day another time. There really is so much to share.

Taken by

Sharon was really great! She's so lovely and she did such a fantastic job. I will definitely be sharing the professional pics soon.

Thank you for all your well wishes and greetings. I would love to have a giveaway again soon. Thanks for waiting around while I couldn't post. I hope to get back into it very soon. And commenting too!