Thursday, 30 June 2011

Postale Society

I have become a member of the Postale Society. It's a subscription membership and I can't wait to start receiving my post cards that will follow a story. Go to the Postale Society website to find out more about it. 

I got my subscription when I was at Two Golden Hours. They will also be at the Finders Keepers markets this weekend. 

This is my little postcard packet of little inspirations giving me more clues about the story I am following. 

All the little bits inside. 

It really makes me curious to how the story unfolds.

You are encouraged to make an inspiration board of some sort with the items. I had to tape it onto a frame. I thought I had a pretty cork board but obviously I didn't. 

I'm the biggest advocate for mail and correspondence. There's The Happy Mail Project and I have the Postal Reverie in the works too. Still not 100% sure what I'm doing with that yet but I have some ideas. 

So enjoy mail and keep handwritten letters alive. 

P.s. Jasmine has a done of look book with me over at her blog. Check it out :)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Ice Skating in Brisbane

Last Friday night, Jason and I went ice skating at an outdoor rink in Brisbane at King George Square. It was for an event called Winter Festival

It is such a novelty to go ice skating seeing as we're not the coldest place in Australia. So it was packed with people. They have food stalls, a bar area and a place giving out free chai tea. 

The rink and the orange ice skates everyone wore. 

My ice skates. I'm actually not too bad of a skater but it was pretty much impossible to get any real speed because of the amount of people. I found it harder to skate because I had to go slow. 

My wonderful hubby Jason. He had to go straight from work. 

Me partially rugged up, but it wasn't even one of the colder nights in Brisbane but I was partially sick and didn't know how cold it would be. 

I'm so bummed that we didn't take the camera onto the ice. People were taking all these photos and I was wishing I had mine. They even had some fake snow for a bit and it felt incredibly romantic. So we took a pic with the rink behind us afterwards. 

I had to take a photo of the City Hall clock. The whole building is so beautiful all lit up at night.

I call this the gingerbread house. It's really an old church. I think it's pretty.

So we had a wonderful time. It was nice to finally have a date night with the hubs because he's been working so much. He's had to bring it home too and it can be lonely to have him home but not being able to do anything. 

Hope you're week is going well.

Monday, 27 June 2011

You know you're a book lover when...

I'm a huge book lover so I had fun going through this Tumblr. I chose the ones that were definitely me. 

This is also the case with the library.

Ah shirts and jewellery.

This is true. I write release dates in my Filofax. 

If I start one I have to finish it.

This happens a lot. 

I follow a lot of book related Tumblr accounts. I like to see book quotes, photos depicting books, book piles etc. I have this dream to have a room floor to ceiling with bookcases filled with books. 

Something like this would be pretty amazing. The ladders and staircases, the comfy chair with a good view. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Happy Things to end the week with

Hey all. I'm a little under the weather with a cold. It's not bad, I just have a lack of energy. I'm also supposed to go ice skating in an outdoor rink tonight (How Brisbane can do this I have no idea). I have tickets so I will definitely still go.

Happy things to end the week with...

♥ Going to a volunteer information session for the Mater Hospital. I have my interview next week.

♥ I baby sit Micah pretty often. The first pic is Micah trying to sit up by himself (he's not quite 3 months yet though) instead he just fell forward.
The second pic is him crying but his little hood kept falling into his face. 

♥ Listening to movie soundtracks. I love them so much and excited to hear that Danny Elfman will be doing The Hunger Games soundtrack! There's also an amazing unofficial score here.

♥ Getting back into making friendship bracelets. I really want to try the chevron pattern.

I'm sort of all over the place today, this cold is making it hard to concentrate. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mail love

I simply adore mail. I've had dreams about mail (usually piles of it) and wake up excited only to feel disappointed that it was only a dream.

Anyway here's my most recent incoming and outgoing. 


A thank you from Jasmine for organising the snail mail group :) So sweet. 

A card and Flare magazine from the wonderful Erin. I have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence and I asked if she could send me the mag :) So lovely. 

A letter and two magazines from beautiful Micaela! I also asked Micaela if she could send me those mags and she did. I adore my gorgeous blog friends. 

A letter and bunch of stationery and other bits from a pen pal Rachel. 

A pretty, pretty post card from Claire

One of my best friends Laura is in Europe with her hubs and she sent this post card she created with a personal note and her blog address from her Europe trip. LOVE!

The first letter from a new pen pal Sharni :) 

A great post card and little mini cards from Priya. We did a personal post card with a quote swap. 

My I love lists (Happy mail group swap) partner Hannah's lists :) Maybe a post about that sometime. 

 A letter and pretty earrings from Megan. I love stud earrings.

A letter and a hand sewn mug rug (as Ruth called it). To use when I drink tea and have a snack. Cute. 


This is a an old letter to Micaela but last time it was a only a sneak peak. 

A letter and bits for Alicia

For the book swap co-hosted by Claire of Bicoastally. I'm not sure if my partner has gotten her books yet so this is just a teaser. 

My lists to Hannah

A letter to a new pen pal Simonette. 

Some post cards for a Swap-Bot Quote post card swap. 

The quote I wrote on each post card. I adore Anne Frank. 

A sneak peak for a letter to Claire

The envelope to Claire. I love those book plates so I thought to use it for a mailing label. 

I really love mail and it makes me so happy to receive it and to send it out. I do have a lot of letters and things to catch up on though so I will started :)