Friday, 27 September 2013

Melbourne Trip Day 1 and 2

Hello lovely people. A few months ago in the middle of winter Jason and I went down to Melbourne for a week. Jason actually went down first for a gaming convention (PAX for any gamers) for a few days. I thought we should turn it into a mini holiday. So this was back in July and I'm only sharing photos from it now. It was amazing. The weather was freezing and it took awhile to get used to it but that's what made it fun. I could live in Melbourne because it's such a great city and I told Jason if it wasn't for the weather I would. 

This is Day 1....

1. This is in The Block Arcade. I didn't get to eat at that tea room because we just had breakfast but it looked inviting
2. The beautiful inside architecture of The Block Arcade
3. Melbourne's GPO. It used to be an old Post Office. I love the historical buildings here
4. Inside the GPO
5. Outside the GPO sitting on a giant purse (with a purchase in hand of course)
6. We had lunch at this little hipster cafe called Manchester Press. We had to wait to get in and they write your name in chalk on the wall
7. Jason outside Manchester Press. It's in Rankins Lane. 
8. I thought I should share part of our awesome hotel The Blackman. This is this great bookshelf.

Day 2

1. Flinders Street Station. It's a train station with remarkable architecture
2. Degraves Street. It was one of our favourite lane ways. We liked to have breakfast and afternoon coffee here.
3. The Little Bookroom on Degraves Street is a children's book store but it's so quaint. I bought a few books in here
4. Art is a big part of Melbourne culture and they had random art all over the city
5. We went to ACMI because it had this Hollywood costume exhibition which was amazing
6. This is the Gun Tower in Melbourne Central (a shopping centre)
7. Jason in Melbourne Central
8. There is this little herb garden space in Melbourne Central. It was a really nice place to relax after all the walking

I will share the other four days in the next few posts. It really is one of the best cities. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Finders Keepers Market catch up

Hello lovely people. I'm so behind with my posts. A few months ago I went to the Finders Keepers market. It was wonderful as usual. I didn't take as many photos as I usually would but I do have photos of my purchases. 

1. One of the photos from the market
2. Stickers from Team Kitten 
3. Some of the cutest prints from Team Kitten 
4. A Mason Jar cup and lid from The Spring Shop
5. A tiny star ring and tiny bracelet from Jewels by Jacqueline
6. A tea towel and vintage beaker from Kara Rosenlund's travelling wares caravan (I also did a Kara Rosenlund vignette class. More about this with another post)
7. Letterpress items from Bespoke Press. I love the new neon colours
8. And an Ampersand print from Bespoke Press

I love the Finders Keepers market and I've been going to them for the past few years. I will miss the spring/summer market this year because I will be in the USA :) Handmade items make me so happy. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

A sunny coast visit...

Hello hello! I have quite a few posts to catch up on. I think this was from a few months ago. I went up to the Sunshine Coast with my parents to hang with my brother, sis in law and nephew Elijah. It was the middle of winter but the most beautiful day. 

1. Father and son. Though Elijah doesn't look impressed
2. Family
3. I love this photo
4. Relaxing with hot drinks
5. Having fun
6. My Cambridge satchel
7. Grandfather and grandson
8. Kisses
9. He wanted to play soccer with the other kids
10. Lunchtime

This was about three months ago but I love hanging out with my family and had to share. My bro and sis in law also told us then that they are having another baby! 

I'm so excited to get another nephew or perhaps it will be a niece this time. They will find out very soon. I guess it makes me feel a little clucky but I really want to do a little more travelling first before I even think of kids. 

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Wedding on the coast iPhone style.

Hello lovely people. Last week Jason and I had a long weekend to attend a wedding on the Gold Coast. It was at Seaworld so we stayed the night before the wedding. And then we drove down to Coffs Harbour to see his brother, his fiancee and their daughter who were up for a holiday. 

I took all these wedding photos with my phone even though I brought my camera but I was helping Liz get ready for her wedding. 

1. Her train was so beautiful. My sister in law Gem and I steamed that dress :)
2. Lizzy and her new hubby Anthony
3. Me and my dapper nephews Isaiah and Caeleb. They are dressed the same because they walked Liz down the aisle. It was so sweet since Liz's parents have both passed away
4. Lizzy and me. She used to be my sister in law but our families are still really close
5. The Landicho boys and Jason the adopted one. We have so many boys in our family
6. Caeleb loving the bubbles
7. Jason and me
8. My nephew Micah looking cool
9. The tables 
10. I stole the flower girls flower crown
11. My sister ins laws Melly and Gem. With Liz my ex sis in law. It sounds crazy but we are all friends
12. Melly, my brother Alvin and nephew Elijah
13. Photos of Liz's parent's. She got married on their wedding anniversary. It was a really sweet tribute. 
14. This was the view from the reception venue. 

It was a beautiful wedding and the weather was amazing. I'm so glad my family is still close to my ex sister in law and we were able to be a part of her special day. Plus we loved the flower crown and took turns wearing it :) 

Have a wonderful rest of weekend.