Friday, 26 June 2009

Honeymoon destinations

I've been doing a lot of thinking, planning and contemplating. About life.... I'm just in a thoughtful mood and it makes me want to really live. I thank God every day for all the blessings in my life.

On other thoughts Jason and I are thinking about our engagement party and honeymoon. We haven't had an engagement party yet and it's almost an annoying fiddly bit which I wish we didn't have to plan but I know we will. We're checking out a venue this weekend, though it will be very casual.

As for Honeymoon, we are coming to a decision but we are not entirely sure yet. I really wanted to go to Europe but it would have been so hectic. And Jason did want to do more relaxing. We were thinking of Vanuatu but the weather doesn't seem too good at that time of year. Now we are compromising and maybe for the initial honeymoon we will travel local and relax and later on in the year maybe about September we will go to Europe. It gives us more time to settle down and save again and have a wonderful time later on. 

Image from Whitsundays QLD

It may not necessarily be in the Whitsundays, but most likely North Queensland which is local. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in our own state of Queensland so we definitely should explore.

Images via Lonely Planet
I'm pretty much obsessed with Lonely Planet guidebooks. These are the two guides I have purchased from work (We have 30% off travel books at the moment eee!). We are hoping to go to the Mediterranean part of Europe as the main part but of course we will go to Paris, London and have to go to Germany to visit a friend of mine. 

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing, beautiful weekend!!

PS. I'm looking forward to this movie. I'm beyond excited! I'm off to watch the first one while eating lunch!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Still Deciding...

Image via Kiss the Groom

Last Friday I went up to the Sunshine coast with my parents. My middle brother has moved there and his gf lives on the Sunny coast too. My mum, Melly (bro's gf) and I spent the day wedding dress shopping. It was difficult cause there are two more dresses that I like, but they are also from the Sunny coast so it may be hard to have to go up there to get fitted and alterations etc. So mum and I are going shopping on Tuesday and I will make a decision then.

I've been working a fair bit and too lazy to blog. But here are a few inspirations. 

Collection of images via Miss Laura via Annacampbell

The lovely Laura is always making collage/montages of beautiful images. I adore the style of these dresses. They are just simply gorgeous!!

I've been doing lots of planning and thinking about centre pieces. I think it will be made up of candles instead of fresh flowers. I would like some silky flower petals around the candles though.

Image via Scentiments

I'm looking at maybe this candle as a main centre piece with tea light and votive candles scattered around it. 

Image via Scentiments

This is just another scent I'm considering. I just like the look of candles and the light they emit. 

I just love this image. This would be the perfect ceremony look. It's also where I took inspiration for centre pieces with the votive candles and flower petals. 

Monday, 15 June 2009

Rose and Ruby

I'm a huge fan of the Rose and Ruby site. The dresses and clothes are sweet, feminine and romantic. Their clothes bring me a lot of inspiration for the wedding, especially bridesmaid dresses. I haven't actually bought a wedding dress yet but very sure of the dress I want. So I'm moving on to thinking about what type of dresses I would like my bridesmaids to wear. 

Image via Bespoke press

The dresses from this wedding are Rose and Ruby dresses and I'm really loving the mismatched bridesmaid look. It's nice to have them wear a dress that suits them and most likely they will be wearing different dress styles although it will probably be the same colour. 

Image from Rose and Ruby

I quite like that colour pink of the dress on the right side. It's not in the colour theme but I figured the bridesmaids can be a different colour? Maybe...

Image from Rose and Ruby

Or maybe this colour. My biggest challenge is finding a colour that will suit my bridesmaids. I like the flow of this dress too. 

Image taken from Rose and Ruby

I'm liking these styles as well. Maybe in a darker colour. But it's part of my inspiration. 

Image taken from Rose and Ruby

I just think this is pretty. I really do have a thing for these flowing dresses. The silk flowers are a nice touch too. 

Have a lovely week everyone!!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Paper Style

It's so cold here today. There is some sort of cold snap which I'm not liking although it feels beautiful to sit in the sun. And not feeling all too well. I've had this constant headache for the past two days.

I bought this book called Paper Style by Cristina Re and it's lovely. It's a guide to making you're own wedding invitations though I'm still hoping I will letter press them (if I get my butt into gear) but it's good for inspiration. Here are a few photos from the book.

The book cover is very pretty and girly which attracted me straight away (funnily enough it was a guy I work with who said I should get this book when we saw it at work lol). 

I just thought this was sweet. Definitely too pink and girly for our wedding but good for future girly events.

The book had sections for colours. This was for the white section. I think I should make a wedding board.

This book is great for getting ideas. It's nice to seek inspiration from books, magazines, blogs and just talking to other people. 

Image from Jose Villa Photo

I adore those wedding photos of shoes. It's so sweet and  makes me want to get some done. 

Image from Jose Villa Photo

I just thought to add these for some weekend inspiration. I really like these photos and I like her bouquet. Oh I want to set a material background like that so we can have a sort of photo booth at our reception.

Have a lovely weekend!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Books and shoes

It was a public holiday yesterday. I went to the Lifeline Bookfest with Jason and it was great! I bought myself a few old hardcover books. So cheap and for a cause. I was able to get 6 hardback classic books, a paperback novel and five 2008 wedding magazines for $5. 

These are the hardback classics that I got. I love the look of these books. And what's even better is the notes that are sometimes written in the front if it was a gift years ago.

My mum and dad went later on in the day and mum bought me all of these books. She knows I love children's books and fairy tales. It was so sweet!

For a late lunch Jason and I met up with some friends to have lunch in one of the parks. It was such a beautiful day and perfect for catching up and lying out in the sun. I should have taken photos. 
These are some new shoes I bought a few weeks ago. I've been looking at them for awhile now and working in ladies shoes made me decide to get them =)

Meet my wedding shoes. I mentioned them in a past post and I decided to get them. I bought them the past weekend (probably because I was working in ladies shoes again) and I've wanted them for awhile now. They are super high but I need the height and they are still comfortable. They are a champagne colour so it suits the wedding theme =)

Anyway, back to cleaning and planning (and watching Gossip Girls on my laptop lol).

Friday, 5 June 2009

A change in theme

I haven't blogged for awhile. I wasn't really sure what to blog about?? Anyway, last Saturday I had a big day. It started off with wedding dress shopping with 2 of my bridesmaids Laura and Kristina. We all went to an engagement that afternoon then Jason and I went off to a friend's birthday that night. 

Here are a few photos from that day. 

Claire and me

This was taken at night at our friend Claire's birthday. I was pretty tired already and I remember feeling like I wanted to go home =(

Jason and me (taken from Laura's Facebook)

This was at the engagement party. It was more of an afternoon soiree. There was so much food and it was hard not to keep on eating!

Laura is an amazing photographer and she took the photos at the engagement. There are always pictures of me laughing. 

Kristina, Laura and me

They are two of my beautiful bridesmaids. I adore these girls and I'm so glad they are sharing these times with me. 

Yummy cupcake. They looked amazing piled up on the stand. I know that cupcakes are a definite instead of a wedding cake.

This chocolate fountain was sooo good. I could not stop eating the strawberries and chocolate (and marsh mellows). I want one of these. 

As I mentioned in my blog title there is a change of colour theme. I guess it's more refined and less girlified. The colours are silver, white and champagne without the blush/pink. Jason thought the pink might be a bit too girly for him. 

Image taken from Fabsugar

This is the shade of champagne that I have in mind. A soft almost pinkish shade. I hope it works well with silver and white. 

By the way, dress wise I've found a few I like but trying to make up my mind about them. I can't really talk about them much because Jason reads this sometimes. It's definitely going to be a hard decision though!

Well have a wonderful weekend everyone! I will be spending it working, sigh. 

P.S. I know my post is all over the place like my mind. Photos from the engagement are Laura's