Friday, 12 June 2009

Paper Style

It's so cold here today. There is some sort of cold snap which I'm not liking although it feels beautiful to sit in the sun. And not feeling all too well. I've had this constant headache for the past two days.

I bought this book called Paper Style by Cristina Re and it's lovely. It's a guide to making you're own wedding invitations though I'm still hoping I will letter press them (if I get my butt into gear) but it's good for inspiration. Here are a few photos from the book.

The book cover is very pretty and girly which attracted me straight away (funnily enough it was a guy I work with who said I should get this book when we saw it at work lol). 

I just thought this was sweet. Definitely too pink and girly for our wedding but good for future girly events.

The book had sections for colours. This was for the white section. I think I should make a wedding board.

This book is great for getting ideas. It's nice to seek inspiration from books, magazines, blogs and just talking to other people. 

Image from Jose Villa Photo

I adore those wedding photos of shoes. It's so sweet and  makes me want to get some done. 

Image from Jose Villa Photo

I just thought to add these for some weekend inspiration. I really like these photos and I like her bouquet. Oh I want to set a material background like that so we can have a sort of photo booth at our reception.

Have a lovely weekend!!


Kellie Collis said...

Ahhh i could look at gorgeous photographs like this all day. Magazines are such a great source of inspiration, it also really helps define your style and loves. Kellie x

Sheri, RN said...

Very cool book. I'm sure it will help inspire you to make something beautiful!

Andhari said...

You gonna go with all white flowers for the bouquet? If yes, it's so classy. Good choice.:)

paula said...

have a lovely day! I just adore all these photos

Anonymous said...

beautiful book...can't wait to check it out:)

Haven and Home said...

I have some friends who I know would love this book. I hope you are feeling better!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

How gorgeous! That would make a lovely shower gift!!

Mod and Mint said...

Oh a photo booth at the wedding party sounds like such a fun idea!
You should go for that!

megan and melissa said...

A photo booth would be so fun...vintage and quirky at the same time. That book likes it has some really good inspiration. Can't wait to see what you do with your invitations.

Miss Laura said...

Beaaaaautiful book, can't wait to have a look at it ;)

I love all your ideas, your shoes (and the shoes photo!), the fabric backdrop (Spotlight definitely has the best sort of fabrics), I love the lace heart cards, the beautiful all white bouquet - I love, I love, I love!

I love you Bella x

Anastasia said...

how wonderful - i didnt know she had a book out! love her papergood range!

julialow said...

Such a inspirational book! I wish I had one, just to look at the beautiful photography and great ideas. (girls and weddings...)

I'm sure your invitations will be lovely!

Shelagh G said...

Christina Re, sure knows how to tempt a girl!

You will love the book it is packed full of all kinds of wonderful ideas.