Friday, 30 January 2009

Almost another year older....

On Sunday it's my 24th birthday. I'm kind of looking forward to it but I feel so weird getting older. In my mind I still feel so young. 

Last night I had a little gathering like I always do. It's a little girly affair. So I will post photos and such afterwards.

I thought to make a small wish list. I absolutely don't expect it but it's nice to make lists. It's not really that small =p This first one is for my stationery obsession. 

These are the dvd's and cd's that I'm wanting at the moment. From left to right, Prince Caspian soundtrack, Twilight saga boxed set of books, Alias boxset, Transformers score soundtrack, Star Wars 1-3 box set, Star Wars 4-6 box set. 

This set is some loves from Etsy. Some of the items are sold out. What a shame =(

I will post about my little party and my actual birthday in my next post. EEpp! It's on the 1st of Feb. 

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Wax seals

For awhile now I've been really interested in wax seals. I think they look beautiful. Imagine receiving a letter with a personalised wax seal on the back. So here is my flickr mosaic dedicated to wax seals. 

I know I've been doing a lot of mosaic's recently but I haven't taken photos of my recent creative activities. 

This is a photo of a few things Jason got me for Christmas. Some bits of stationery. What I really love was the wax seal and wax I received as well as some lovely Crown Mill writing paper and envelopes. Photo in the bottom left hand corner. Other items include Smiggle things in the bottom right hand corner, some Kikki.K items in the top right hand corner, and the left top corner has all the items he got which also includes some Gwen Stefani Harajuku girls perfum, Love, and some Peter Alexander sleep shorts. 

I'm also wanting to get one of those old writing desks. But maybe in white or something. Anyway, I might blog about office spaces and other bits of stationery next time.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Being Organised

I was hoping to try and organise myself this year. I'm sick of being a procrastinator, but right now I'm feeling a bit ugh...I called in sick the last few days at work. I'm in the children's shoe section working as a shoe fitter for back to school. It's tiring. And if your a parent you know what it's like.

Anyway, I thought to look for some lovely flickr photos about organising. Or just some pretty and cute ideas, I would like to incorporate. 

I'm slowly cleaning and organising, but since I haven't been feeling well I've been sitting in front of the tv watching Alias, my all time favourite tv show, while making some envelopes. It's very relaxing.

Photo taken from Picnic by Ellie flickr photos. 

I would love to have a pink typewriter. I'm sure we used to have one. Wish we still had it. I would definitely think about tracking down a pink one.

Anyway, until next time xox

Sunday, 4 January 2009

A New Year!

It's a new year and I have many plans for the next month or so which I hope to complete.

For me it's all about organising. I love that feeling of getting a new diary and writing in important dates, birthdays and other events. The one on top is my new one from Kikki.K. I could go crazy in that store. I would love my room to be organised like it.

* Some beautiful books I got for Christmas

Lately I've been loving coffee table style books. Those above I got as presents but I have bought a few myself.

These are a few of the lovely books I've bought. There are a few more which I forgot to take a photo of. I can't remember what that cupcake book is called. I just liked the pictures =)

My plans for the coming weeks:
* Planning my birthday - it's just a small gathering but I like to have little girly parties each year now.
* Organising my room and desk
* Working on my Etsy shop by adding a lot more items (I have a lot of ideas brewing) and actually maintaining it
* Revamping my blog and posting more often
* Adding more photos to my flickr
* Trying out my stationery ideas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

P.S. I made a new blog banner with help from Jason!