Friday, 30 January 2009

Almost another year older....

On Sunday it's my 24th birthday. I'm kind of looking forward to it but I feel so weird getting older. In my mind I still feel so young. 

Last night I had a little gathering like I always do. It's a little girly affair. So I will post photos and such afterwards.

I thought to make a small wish list. I absolutely don't expect it but it's nice to make lists. It's not really that small =p This first one is for my stationery obsession. 

These are the dvd's and cd's that I'm wanting at the moment. From left to right, Prince Caspian soundtrack, Twilight saga boxed set of books, Alias boxset, Transformers score soundtrack, Star Wars 1-3 box set, Star Wars 4-6 box set. 

This set is some loves from Etsy. Some of the items are sold out. What a shame =(

I will post about my little party and my actual birthday in my next post. EEpp! It's on the 1st of Feb. 


Andhari said...

LOL I wanna say happy birthday but id better wait til tomorrow :) Those are cool wishlist, especially the twilight series collections.

Mod and Mint said...

Hope you'll have a wonderful birthday! 24 is a great age! Don't worry about getting older. Life only gets more fun!

Anastasia said...

Happy Birthday for today sweet Gracie!!
have a wonderful day, im sure you'll get totally spoilt by your loved ones!
ahhh to be 24 again heehee!
love that love letter brooch! so pretty!

Artifax said...

Oh, Happy Birthday!!!! I hope the day was filled with wonderful things and surprises for you!!

Great wish list! I saw that boxed Twilight set at a bookstore a few weeks ago .. it looked VERY nice!

Wishing that you got everything you dreamed of on your special day!!

Labour of Love said...

happiest sweet birthday, gracie!!! to be 24 again...that was a beautiful year for me...that was my golden special b-day 6/24-i loved every minute of that year...i'm hoping you had the most sweetest day and i'm wishing you a lifetime of happiness and joy today and always...(your wishlists are scrumptious and i hope you receive most or all of them!!!) thank you for visiting and leaving the most kindest +thoughtful ALWAYS 'GRACE' my world with your prescence-hee...hee (as soon as i get some of my wips out of the way...i'll be posting about your 'pay it forward' giveaway soon...thank you so much for sharing this experience with me!) xoxoxox jo ;)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday cutie :) Don't worry I'll be 24 soon too, and then we can be old together.