Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A mini Christmas Wishlist

Hello lovely people. I can believe that it's less than a month before Christmas. I thought I was prepared but I still feel so behind. This is my small Christmas wishlist.

I'm hoping to get these Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse flats. They are so cute! And I want to get one of these Cambridge satchels but I'm trying to decide which one to get. The pink one or a brown one. What do you think pink or brown?

What's on your list?

Saturday, 24 November 2012


Hello lovelies! I hope you are having a great weekend. I really must get these USA posts out. This is part two of my NYC adventures. The photos are from two separate days...

1. At the Ground Zero Memorial. It's a beautiful memorial and it was quite peaceful
2.  The Freedom Tower
3. Eating a hotdog on the streets
4. Empire State building view
5. Empire State building sunset
6. Me at the Empire State Building with the most gorgeous view
7. Empire State view at night
8. Tiffany & Co in the financial district
9. Sitting on the steps of Federal Hall across from the New York Stock Exchange
10. The restaurant used in the Seinfeld TV Show. Jason was excited to see this. 
11. On the steps of the Church of Saint John Divine. It's such a beautiful church
12. Amazing clouds

As you can see we were definitely tourists in New York which was fun. I liked to see the places that we see in movies and TV shows. And to see the Ground Zero memorial was so moving.

To see part 1 of NYC see this post. 

Hope to put the next posts up soonish. Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

USA Part 6 NYC Part 1

Hello lovelies. I figured I really should get back to showing the rest of my USA pics. The NYC ones will have broken up into parts :) 

So this is NYC Part 1....

1. Who doesn't visit Tiffany's in New York? We have one in Brisbane yet it was still so exciting to see it
2. Times Square with the NYPD behind me. I loved Times Square
3. Me, Kary Miguelito (Kary's adorable son) in Times Square 
4. Eating (free!) pizza in Times Square
5. So ah this is the Naked cowboy
6. The Naked Cowboy making us touch his butt! I couldn't do it properly :p 
7. Miguelito in the Lego Shop
8. Kary and me on a bridge in Central Park
9. Jason me on a bridge in Central Park. Photo op because there were no people behind us
10. Sitting on one of the rocks in Central Park

This was one of our first days in New York and we met up with gorgeous Kary and her sweet, sweet son Miguelito. It was really so amazing to finally meet her after knowing each other through the blog world. She was a wonderful tour guide and I'm glad we met up a few more times whilst we explored this vibrant city. By the way I have this gross arm tan in a lot of my photos from getting a little sunburnt riding across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 

I will have part 2 up as soon as possible. Have a good week!

Finders Keepers Purchases

Hello lovely people. It has been an interesting week. I had an upset stomach last week then started feeling better. This week I started feeling sick again and I have a virus. So basically I just have to get rid of it myself. The doctor told me to have today off work too which is probably a good thing (I tend to go back to work before feeling better and almost feel worse for the rest of the week). 

Anyway, I thought I would share what I bought from the Finders Keepers market from a few weekends ago. Be aware that this isn't all for me :p

1. This is from TMOD. That tin is chalkboard paint which I haven't used yet. I like their quirky products
2. These are Summer Blossom handmade headbands and other hair accessories. I love the hippy look silk flower headband
3. I can never visit the markets without buying something from Paper Boat Press. Her ceramics are some of my faves and she has introduced her own design washi tape
4. One Lantern is one of my fave new designers. Her paper goods are so positive and pretty
5. These sweet, tiny bracelets are from Jewels by Jacqueline. I thought these would be sweet gifts for friends. They are little sterling silver charms
6. I adore Each to Own. The little wooden brooches, necklaces, rings etc are whimsical and cute
7. This is from Daisy and Moose. She had such sweet little children's clothes. I thought these breezy little pants were adorable
8. I can't ever walk past the Bespoke Press booth. I adore her items and she always adds new products like that sweet notebook. Plus I bought my tabletop letterpress from Alischa
9. These cards are from Beau Wylie. I thought the unicorn was cute and I couldn't pass up the elephant and snowman (girl?)
10. This is from Alice Nightingale a local designer. I loved this blouse because it has a little hand painted design on the collar
11. The collar in close up
12. And a new season Alice Nightingale dress. I saw one of the girls wearing it and it's gorgeous on. I haven't decided if I'm going to wear it as a Christmas dress yet

I love handmade goods and I'm trying to buy as many handmade Christmas gifts as possible. I think I'm doing pretty well. 

Have a great rest of week. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Christmas Crafty Day

Hello lovelies. Yesterday I had a casual Christmas crafty day at my place. A few of my girls came over for some snacks, laughs and of course time to make any Christmas crafts/be creative. I didn't really have a set idea on what I wanted to do so I spent a lot of the day just playing with my glitter and stamps. In the end I was inspired and I was able to come up with my Christmas card design for friends this year. 

1. What's a gathering at my place without a little favour for everyone?
2. A few tubes of glitter
3. A crafty mess
4. My card idea
5. Some of my supplies for inspiration
6. Making my cards
7. More crafty mess
8. Laura showing off her garland she made (plus her dress is so gorgeous!)
9. My friend Erin's 3D fawn frame she made. I want to try this myself
10. My Christmas cards I'm making this year. I was inspired by the fawns and had fun using my embossing powders and heat gun. 

It was such a fun day and I want to host more of these gatherings. It was good way to meet up with my friends, to be creative together and to catch up. It also made me realise that I tend to gravitate to more creative minded people because being around them made me feel so inspired. 

I hope I can do more of these next year.