Monday, 5 November 2012

Finders Keepers Summer Market

Hello lovelies. I'm not at work at the moment because I'm home with a upset stomach. Bleh! I'm resting up so I'm sure I will be better soon.

I went to the Finders Keepers market with Jasmine on the weekend. It's one of my favourite events to attend. As usual I bought a lot and wanted to get more. I just love that the items are handmade, unique and I get to talk to the sellers. It makes for a wonderful shopping experience. 

1. Finders Keepers stand
2. TMOD chalkboard paint. I bought a tin and a few other paper products
3. Pattie Murray. She has some sweet ceramics
4. Paperboatpress Christmas ornaments. This is one of my favourite stalls. I always buy from her each market. She has also recently opened a brick and mortar shop which I look forward to visiting soon.
5. Paperboatpress quote tags
6. Paperboatpress cloud magnets. I love clouds.
7. One Lantern papergoods. It's one of my new favourite shops
8. One lantern stall. It was decorated so pretty and Tamara the owner is so lovely
9. La De Dah Kids. The little crocheted rattles are adorable
10. The Frankie magazine stall. They had a fairy floss machine which I unfortunately didn't get any
11. Each To Own. Some lovely wooden pieces. They brooches are so sweet
12. Craft Schmaft. I will have a hot air balloon mobile one day
13. Core jewellery. Some really pretty pastel pieces
14. Beneath the Sun. I'm itching for some of those pillow cases. And there was this gorgeous vase I wish I bought
15. Angus & Celeste. Cute pottery and there were these planters that I thought were amazing.
16. Bespoke Press gift wrap. Another one of my favourite shops. I'm not sure why I didn't take more photos of the letterpress goods.

It's always such an amazing day out and I look forward to each market. I try to support local sellers and handmade design as much as I can. I also bought a few gifts and I will share my purchases next post! 

Have a wonderful week. 


April said...

This would be an amazing place to find unique Christmas presents!!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Oh wow! Wish I could have joined you and Jasmine there. What a lovely place to do some Christmas shopping!

Rhianne said...

Oh no, I'm just recovering from having the flu :( theres a lot going around at the moment, feel better love.

Also, how amazing is finders keepers?! I wish we had more places like that over here.

Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

Wow! This looks like such an amazing event! I wish we had something like this in Sweden :) Perfect for Christmas shopping!

Kati said...

All those items are so inspiring! Get better soon!

Mar said...

Oh, those cloud magnets are really nice! And I so want that hippo piggybank in the 10th picture :)

Wish we had finders keepers markets over here too...

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

If only we were millionaires who could afford one of everything!

Your photos are getting better with every post!

x Jasmine

trishie said...

So many lovely lovely things! Esp the cloud magnets..! (I'm thinking I might try to DIY them.)

I've only been the Finders Keepers once - and even then it was at least a couple of years ago.

Belen said...

Whaaa... More gorgeous goodies?! My braiiiiin! <3