Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A 2nd birthday party

Hello hello! I realised that I haven't really blogged much about life in general. My weekends have been pretty busy. Last weekend Jason and I went antiquing. I was looking for a desk but didn't find what i wanted. The weekend before we went to The Mummy exhibition at the Queensland Museum. That was great fun. 

I bought some papyrus paper, a papyrus bookmark and a little (kiddie) excavation kit (I love things like this) and I got one of those squashed pennies because I think they are cool :) 

Then on Sunday it was Layla-Rose's 2nd birthday. She's not my niece but she's like my niece. 

Her gift. 

Butterfly cupcake. It was delicious and so cute.

My nephew Isaiah and nephew Micah. 

Layla-Rose and Liz.

Layla-Rose eating her chocolate. 

A chocolate kiss.

My nephew Caeleb riding Layla's new car. 

Layla with her new keyboard. She's a little muso in the making. 

Micah just chilling. 

It was the most beautiful day at Southbank and I just love my family so much. In case you were wondering Isaiah, Caeleb and Micah are brothers and Layla-Rose is Isaiah and Caeleb's sister :) Confusing?! Haa. 

Have a fantastic rest of week. 


Unknown said...

I love pretty birthday parties! and that cake seriously looks delicious...I want me some!

Megan said...

A Mummy exhibition sounds so amazing!! I love all the little goodies you got there!
Layla-Rose's party looks like it was such fun!! I like all the decorations + her stunning cake!!
Happy Halloween friend!! xo

thegirlhassparke said...

This sounds like a lovely weekend, I love everything to do with ancient Egypt. Your nieces party is so sweet, I need to start organising something for my birthday :)

Claire said...

she is sooo cute!!!!

Kati said...

So many cute kiddos!

trishie said...

How gorgeous is Layla-Rose! Beautiful name too.

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Layla-Rose's birthday looks gorgeous!

Micah looks more and more like Isaiah every day!

x Jasmine