Wednesday, 9 April 2014

USA Trip 2013 - Orlando Florida Universal

Hello lovelies! After Disneyworld we went stayed in a Universal resort. It was so pretty and I felt like I was in another country. 

1. Portofino Bay hotel view 
2. On a vespa 
3. Nicole 
4. Alyssa with her hair wrap 
5. Nicole getting her hair wrapped 
6. Hogwarts in Harry Potter World 
7. Butterbeer 
8. Bertie Botts 
9. Owl Post 
10. Harry Potter world 
11. Dr Seuss world 
12. Universal fun 
13. Portofino at night 
14. My packing mess

Harry Potter world was amazing to see. Again I wish we had more time there. We only had time to go to the Island of Adventure and not the mail Universal park but hopefully I will be able to stay longer next time :) 

So that concludes my Girls Trip. An utterly life changing experience and I'm so glad I was able to go. I'm actually thinking of going on another girls trip this year. More about that later.

Have a wonderful rest of week. 

Monday, 7 April 2014

USA Trip 2013 - Disneyworld

Hello hello! Not many more posts of my holiday to go. After Savannah we drove to Orlando, Florida for a few days of adventure. First stop Disneyworld. We stayed at the Art and Animation Resort which was so awesome. 

1. Our first visit badge, Magic band (used as a room key and to purchase things) and personalised ID card
2. The Lion King bed. Our first night was in the Lion King room 
3. Our lounge room 
4. Simba bed 
5. Alyssa and me 
6. I love castles :) 
7. Inside the Beauty & The Beast food court 
8. Nicole and I waiting to meet some Disney Princesses 
9. On the carousel 
10. Alyssa having fun on teacup ride 
11. Caught mid laughter 
12. Teacup ride 
13. Castle 
14. At dusk 
15. We stayed in the Cars suite for two nights (we were upgraded from the Little Mermaid room) 
16. Nicole in the bathrooms at the resort
17. Castle all lit up 
18. Changing colours 

Disneyworld was so much fun. I don't think it will ever lose it's specialness to me :) and I want to visit every Disneyworld/Land in the world. 

Only one more US post to go. Have a wonderful week. 

Friday, 4 April 2014

USA Trip 2013 - Savannah, Georgia

Hello lovely people. From Raleigh, North Carolina we started our road trip to Savannah, Georgia. We drove through South Carolina on our way. 

1. Road trip snacks (one of the best parts I think) 
2. Galloway House the beautiful plantation house we stayed in 
3. The outside deck at night 
4. The beautiful dining room 
5. The king bed room 
6. An Australian flag to say some Aussies were staying here (thought this was really lovely)
7. Archway 
8. Savannah Moss
9. Old staircase 
10. The Wandering Madman (he survives with donations. He was awesome)

I wish we could've spent more time here. The plantation house was so pretty and we spent one of our days reading in the lounge room and the sunroom. It was so relaxing. 

Only a few more posts to come :) Have a good weekend.