Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wander lusting...

Lately I've been wander lusting so much. It made me want to plan another holiday. We are going to Melbourne in July this year and I'm so excited about that trip. The last time I went was for my 18th birthday. 

I'm also planning pre planning a trip to Europe. So you if have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments :) 

As for the photos, they are both film photos from my honeymoon from three years ago. We had a disposable waterproof camera and these are some of the ones that turned out decently. We went to Hamilton Island for our honeymoon and it is the most beautiful place. 

The top photo is from the Infinity pool at our resort. I loved it! The second photo is when we went kayaking.

We went to an adventure travel expo on the weekend even though it wasn't quite what we were looking for. Talking to one of the ladies at Intrepid reignited my passion (that I had in high school) to go on a trek to South America. One day maybe. 

Do you have wanderlust? Where do you dream on going?

Monday, 18 March 2013

That time we went to the USA... Part 9

...Oh that's right it was about 6 months ago. Hello lovely people. I realise that I never finished doing my USA posts. I only had two more to go. We went back to LA for our last few days of our trip. It was still a big few days with meeting up with some of my cousins, meeting up with Erica and Belen and Disneyland! 

Santa Monica

Erica and Belen 

I loved meeting up with these girls. They are soo great to hang out with and yet again I'm amazed by the blog world. We hung out at Santa Monica then went shopping. We also found a photo booth which was awesome. 

This is an iPhone photo of the photo booth strip. I was so glad we found one. 

I love those girls and I can't wait to be able to hang out with them again (sometime in the future. I have major wanderlust)

Monday, 11 March 2013

Elijah's 1st Birthday

Hello lovely people. I guess I went on an unintentional blog break. My poor Macbook air's power cord died and I was unable to blog for a bit. But I have a few catch up posts to do.

My youngest nephew Elijah's birthday is two days before mine. This was from his 1st birthday party and it was Sesame Street themed. 

His cake that my sister in law Melly made! It was delicious. And my other sister in law Gem made the cupcakes surrounding the cake. 

Elijah and his mum Melly. You can just see the biscuit he's eating in midair :) 

My hair is still longish and I haven't had my fringe cut yet. I'm also wearing a vintage dress I bought from Megan's shop.  

He loved licking my cup because he could taste the sweetness of the drink. 

I'm not sure if my brother Alvin is having a Lion King moment here. 

I love seeing babies walk around and explore. 

He really loved this plum. He ate the whole thing (I did have to bite the skin for him but after that he was fine to munch on it himself)

He had a great day and was on the go the whole time. I'm sure he conked out when they went home but for his party he was full of energy. I will have to write about all my nephews soon. 

Have a wonderful week.