Friday, 30 May 2008

Resting until stocktake

The Myer stocktake sale starts next week. So my hours sky rocketed. I was rostered for 47.5 hours with six days straight, but I managed to get it down to 43.5 instead. I'm so glad I was able to because it was just a ridiculous amount.

I am loving the rain though as it hasn't rained properly since about February and we really need it. Our dams need it so much.

Anyway, I am so much more inspired at the moment. I have 50 million ideas running through my head. A few being: making stationary sets (I have ideas for kraft paper and parchment paper), baking some cupcakes, and going to an actual sewing course! Yay! I've emailed the instructor to figure out details. I hope I will be able to.

Here is another flickr mosaic. It's mainly of little baby booties. I find them soo cute and I would love to make some to decorate. Plus I have this dream to be able to make baby clothes and donate them to various charities and other organisations. But this will come in time. The pictures are mainly from Japanese craft books and a few from other magazine images. They are inspiring me lately.

Anyway, I will leave it here and hope you all are well.


Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A bit more inspired

Hello all! I'm feeling a lot more creative and inspired today. Yay for that. Thanks for the advice and other comments. It's nice to see how others deal with being in a slump.

I thought I would share some photos from the past few weeks that I haven't yet. I made some of them into mosaics because there would probably be too many photos otherwise.

This is Isaiah on his 7th birthday. I had his at lunch and had to rush off to my friend Kristina's party that afternoon.

This is me and my good friend Kristina at her 23rd high tea birthday party. It was such a beautiful afternoon. She sewed those cute little flutter sleeves on that top. I hope to be able to do little changes with some of my own clothes one day.

Just a random shot from where I was sitting. It was a lovely day. The afternoon sun was beautiful and the table setting was great! She had a massage therapist there and we were all given 5 minute massages. It was heavenly. Especially because I was quite sore that day.

I loved this photo of the pink punch which was delicious by the way.

Yum! Just looking at that makes me hungry. There was some savory food as well. She and her mum made a lot of the food here. The cupcakes were made by her. That second photo was just some things on my plate. First serving of course.

Here is a dodgy photo of my present to her. It was a tea for one teapot and cup, some lovely smelling body butter and a little cupcake necklace that I put together.

This was taken on mother's day at church. I'm wearing heels in the bark covered playground. I never wear heels usually unless it's a special occasion.

My gorgeous nephews. I missed taking photos of my mum on my camera. Ooops =(

Caeleb trying to tie his own shoelaces. Jason is trying to teach him to tie them but in the end he had to tie them for poor little Cael who had some troubles.

On a different note. Here are some more note cards. I think this is going to be one of my main styles. 

Here are more note cards I made for a another penpal of mine. I adore the paper.

Well I'm loving my day off work and I'm feeling quite inspired so I hope it lasts. I've bought a few winter clothes but still wanting more. Eeep! That's what I get for working in retail and a big department store. Until next time.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Still Slumping

I'm not sure why I still feel this way but I do. It's not like I don't want to make things or be creative I think it's more there's too much I want to do and don't know where to start. Does anyone else feel this way? Any advice??

I thought I would make another flickr mosaic. But this time it's items/projects that I would like to do one day. This is but a handful of crafty/creative endeavours I want to undertake. I do have a bunch of photos from the past weekend to share but I haven't got them on this computer. (I'm using my new Mac laptop by the way - don't think I have ever mentioned that I bought one a few weeks ago)

1. Magnet Trios, 2. FAA Blue Lucky Parcels - Sending, 3. Madelina, 4. Cozy sewing supplies, 5. Sac oiseau et coeurs, 6. Girl Face Easter Cookies, 7. Dizzie the Bird Onesie & Indian Summer Bootie, 8. Japanese Craft Book #15 excerpt, 9. Joli Papiers {Pretty Papers}~SOLD~ Thks :), 10. Paper Heaven, 11. P1018984, 12. spring post it note covers

I truly want to learn to sew, knit and crochet. I admire those who can do everything. I would love to be able to bake and cook, sew clothes. I really would like to design my own paper and stationary line. Does it sound like I want too much?? I don't know. I'm overthinking everything as usual. Don't mind me....

On another note I have been playing Mario Kart on Jason's Wii obsessively with people all over the world. And the Wii fit is sold out everywhere which is a shame.


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A bit of a slump

Lately I've been in a bit of slump. I haven't made anything lately but at the same time I want to. Work sometimes kills the creativity. Especially working in kids shoes. Eeep! Though it can be quite cute to fit shoes for babies.

Don't worry this post isn't all about my slump =) I thought I would make a mosaic with some flickr favourites. They are all random and follows no particular theme. So enjoy....

1. Untitled, 2. cherry blossom cupcakes 048 _2, 3. Meet Rachel Ashwell, 4. Country Girl Clothespin Doll Group, 5. Cameos, 6. ♥ Sisters, 7. Sewing Kit Gift, 8. flutterbyes, 9. paper suitcase, 10. Littler still, 11. Sheaffer Shell fountain pen deskset, 12. Marie Antoinette, 13. vintage3.jpg, 14. Mini for Club Little House shown with "books", 15. Orders Sorted, 16. embroidery hoop bulliten board

This mosaic is a mixture of favourites and items I like which includes: paper and stationary, cute little dolls, minitures, cameos, pretty vintage dresses, Marie Antoinette, cupcakes and letters.

I've finished reading this book. It's Stephenie Meyer's new book which was meant to be released on the 6th May but I bought it on the 1st of May. Strange...

I still have two spots for the Pay it Forward for anyone interested. See this this post for details.

And I will leave you with this...
Check out this video: Twilight in HD

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Woot the Twilight movie trailer. I'm so excited for this movie to come out.