Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A bit of a slump

Lately I've been in a bit of slump. I haven't made anything lately but at the same time I want to. Work sometimes kills the creativity. Especially working in kids shoes. Eeep! Though it can be quite cute to fit shoes for babies.

Don't worry this post isn't all about my slump =) I thought I would make a mosaic with some flickr favourites. They are all random and follows no particular theme. So enjoy....

1. Untitled, 2. cherry blossom cupcakes 048 _2, 3. Meet Rachel Ashwell, 4. Country Girl Clothespin Doll Group, 5. Cameos, 6. ♥ Sisters, 7. Sewing Kit Gift, 8. flutterbyes, 9. paper suitcase, 10. Littler still, 11. Sheaffer Shell fountain pen deskset, 12. Marie Antoinette, 13. vintage3.jpg, 14. Mini for Club Little House shown with "books", 15. Orders Sorted, 16. embroidery hoop bulliten board

This mosaic is a mixture of favourites and items I like which includes: paper and stationary, cute little dolls, minitures, cameos, pretty vintage dresses, Marie Antoinette, cupcakes and letters.

I've finished reading this book. It's Stephenie Meyer's new book which was meant to be released on the 6th May but I bought it on the 1st of May. Strange...

I still have two spots for the Pay it Forward for anyone interested. See this this post for details.

And I will leave you with this...
Check out this video: Twilight in HD

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Woot the Twilight movie trailer. I'm so excited for this movie to come out.



Anonymous said...

nice video and blog... thanx!! (madrid)

My Charlie Girl said...

i totally hear you!! i have been in one myself! i like to call them my 'hissy fits' hehehehe.
take care :)

Artifax said...

You already got AND read The Host?! I am so jealous! It just hit stores here Tuesday but I haven't had a chance to go shopping. Don't tell me anything about it :) .... I've waited for this to come out so long (well, longer for Breaking Dawn) I want it to be a total surprise :)

I don't know about that trailer. I think they could have made it a bit more ..... dramatic? emotional? ... something. But I will see it anyways :)

Beautiful flickr montage!!

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Gracie, there must be something 'slumpy' in the air, lol! Hope you pick up soon!!! ox

Sandra Evertson said...

Great blog banner!
Sandra Evertson

Anastasia said...

oh im in a slump myself...its hard as I have a few things to finish and i really really want to get going with my etsy store!!
hope you had a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hey hun, I know the creative slump... and its my job! Lets have a creative day soon! xo

Anonymous said...

hahaha i hear ya!!! i've been stuck on the book for a long time and i get all these ideas for art but i go to sit on my paper and nothing.... sounds like a good book too!!!

coffee time, eh?!