Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Still Slumping

I'm not sure why I still feel this way but I do. It's not like I don't want to make things or be creative I think it's more there's too much I want to do and don't know where to start. Does anyone else feel this way? Any advice??

I thought I would make another flickr mosaic. But this time it's items/projects that I would like to do one day. This is but a handful of crafty/creative endeavours I want to undertake. I do have a bunch of photos from the past weekend to share but I haven't got them on this computer. (I'm using my new Mac laptop by the way - don't think I have ever mentioned that I bought one a few weeks ago)

1. Magnet Trios, 2. FAA Blue Lucky Parcels - Sending, 3. Madelina, 4. Cozy sewing supplies, 5. Sac oiseau et coeurs, 6. Girl Face Easter Cookies, 7. Dizzie the Bird Onesie & Indian Summer Bootie, 8. Japanese Craft Book #15 excerpt, 9. Joli Papiers {Pretty Papers}~SOLD~ Thks :), 10. Paper Heaven, 11. P1018984, 12. spring post it note covers

I truly want to learn to sew, knit and crochet. I admire those who can do everything. I would love to be able to bake and cook, sew clothes. I really would like to design my own paper and stationary line. Does it sound like I want too much?? I don't know. I'm overthinking everything as usual. Don't mind me....

On another note I have been playing Mario Kart on Jason's Wii obsessively with people all over the world. And the Wii fit is sold out everywhere which is a shame.



Unknown said...

Whenever I am in a creative slump, I always go for a ride and take an artist date by myself. I relax and just enjoy taking in the colorful designs in favorite shops, and I drive down country roads and look at cottages along the way. Sometimes I sit with a cuppa and a stack of coffee table books. The creative muse returns when I have breathed in some artistic oxygen. Karen

Anastasia said...

id love to own my own papergoods line too...its always been my dream!
hope the creative slump goes away - maybe take out your crafting goods or go buy some new ones - that helps currently looking at colours hoping to get inspired too!

Artifax said...

Sorry to feel you are still in a creative slump. When I need inspiration I go get a deluxe coffee and a yummy pastry and browse through bookstores and galleries and cute boutiques. If you were closer I'd teach you to knit/crochet and then you could have a new creative obsession - going through yarn shops!! :)

Oh, and you bought the laptop!! Yeah!! How do you like it? I bet it's great!

So glad your Mom liked the bird tile necklace!!

Kerri W. said...

I love your flickr mosaics! They inspire ME, too! I love finding new crafts and logging them away to hopefully do myself someday. (And I understand you on the whole "creative slump" thing. It comes and goes for me, too.)

I wanted to let you know I got your letter a couple days ago and was so thrilled! I adored the cards you made for me. Just lovely! I couldn't help but smile, too; I love your writing. I had already started a letter for you but had to start over because I had so much else to write! :)

That said, I send out your letter (and a surprise!) today. Be on the lookout for it!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE YOUR MOSAICS! Must investigate these further!Hope you can come out of your slump! Its so hard to concentrate on one thing, I know with lots of ideas going on!