Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Some creativity

Waiting in the car before our venue appointment

Jason and I had another venue we checked out this past weekend. It was a beautiful place called Tambourine Gardens but it was a bit out of our price range, which was a shame. It's getting quite frustrating trying to find venues. 

I'm trying to not let everything be about wedding plans so I've tried to be creative. This is a test run on an idea I have for mini note cards. 

I always liked the windows so I decided to try and make a few different types. I've always liked having tiny envelopes. This is the closed version. 

Another feature of cards I have liked is having a few pages. Almost like a tiny notebook. So I played around with that. 

Since I had a closed envelope I wanted an open one too. But with this one I'm tossing around the idea whether to have a tiny note inside the envelope? So it sort of an extra surprise. I'm not sure yet. 
The 'notebook' style pages again. I think I prefer the rounded edges. I always seem to round the edges or use some other type of corner punch. 

On some other news my beautiful friend Laura was featured on Style Me Pretty. Also here and here. Check it out because you can see the lovely professional photos and the other details. It looks amazing on that blog. Jason and are going to use the same photographer Sharon Pappas.

This coming weekend we have an appointment at UQ (University of Queensland) to check out the wedding venue. A lot of people get married there because they have some lovely sandstone buildings and pretty grounds. I should know since that's the university I went to. And funny enough it's the same one that Jason went to but he was just on a different campus. It was through university that we actually met, well through a friend but maybe I will post that story another time =) It's quite interesting. 

Have a good rest of week!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Some sewing

I've only got one more dressmaking lesson in a few weeks time. I wanted to continue but might do it next year instead. I'm also thinking of asking my dressmaking teacher to make my wedding dress. She's such a lovely lady.

I would show off my skirt but I haven't quite finished the hem. I'm making some PJ shorts as well.
Here's a peak but I haven't done the elastic waist yet. I like sewing. I have a few other projects lined up that I will like to try. I have a friend who used to work with me at Myer who got me into sewing. She went to the same dressmaking classes as me but she started hers earlier and was on a different night. Plus she's way more advanced than me and does her own patterns.

Taken from BurdaStyle.com

I want to learn to make this dress sometime. The Burdastyle website has free patterns, how-tos images from members who have used the patterns and it's great just to browse around. 

Image taken from Built by Wendy

I love the clothes from this site. And I love the fact that some patterns are being sold too. I especially would like to try that blue dress. 

As for wedding news. Still trying to find some a venue. We have a few appointments set up for the next few weeks. And we are meeting out photographer next week! Her name is Sharon Pappas and she did my friend Laura's wedding. On Laura's blog you can see some of the wedding photos taken. 

Image taken from Jenny Packham

And I just had to add more wedding dress inspiration. I love this one. I really adore the flowing styles.
Image taken from Jenny Packham

I really like this style too. Again there is something about flowing dresses that I adore. Don't even know if they suit me yet lol. Oh well.

Have a lovely day

Sunday, 19 April 2009


On Saturday Jason and I checked out the Boulevard Gardens and it was lovely. We might still have a look around but it seems like a pretty awesome place. 

Here's a little bit of inspiration. Some of my flickr favourites. It's sort of dreamy and it's where my wedding thoughts are going. I really like the colours, the lighting and the style of these photos.

I've been feeling quite nostalgic lately and thought to share an old school photo. It's from my highschool graduation in 2002. I think I will be sharing more of these photos as times go by. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

More inspiraton

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Mine was great but busy. Got back from Bathurst Sunday morning and went straight to church. It was a nice relaxed day though having lunch with the fam. Although right now I'm a bit sick. It must be lack of sleep, busy weekend and the colder weather in Bathurst. It felt more like winter here in Brisbane instead of autumn. I don't think I was quite prepared to feel cold.

Anyway, while at home trying to get better I've been doing some Wedding planning. Since we don't quite know the venue yet I thought to gather more inspiration. I decided to start searching for wedding dresses. I think I'm a little picky though. I'm not into the big, princess like dresses though they look beautiful in photos, they're just not my style.

Image from Hills in Hollywood

I quite like this style. One that sort of flows. I kind of like the layers flowing out. 

Image from Disney Bridal 

This is from Disney Bridal. From the Princess Jasmine collection. It helps that she is my favourite Disney princess. I like this style. Sort of reminds me of a Grecian goddess. 

Image from Disney Bridal

Another from the Princess Jasmine collection. This one is a lot simpler too. Maybe change the neckline to be a more sweetheart style. 

I was thinking of making an inspiration board but I might do that next post. I did however want to share my tabletop letterpress. 

Here it is. I'm ashamed to say I haven't played around with it yet, but I will. I bought it from Bespoke Press. They were selling it off because they were getting a larger one and didn't have the room for it. It's basically a starter kit and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy it. I had to make the photo look old =) 

Here's one of the trays of type that was included. There's another tray as well. I definitely need to start playing around with it especially because I'm hoping to do letterpress our invitations. 

I hope you all have a great rest of week!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

So overwhelmed!

I will wait for you

I'm so overwhelmed at the moment. Thank you for all the lovely comments! The above Polyvore set I made a few weeks ago because I was inspired by childhood innocence and dreaming.

At the moment we are looking at venues. I didn't realise how hard it is to find a place. There is this one called Boulevard Gardens. I'm making an appointment for us to check the place out after Easter.
Image from Boulevard Gardens 

It looks quite pretty and there would be some great photo taking scenery. But I know I need to see it in person. That's advice I've heard. 

Image from Boulevard Gardens 

This is inside one of the reception rooms. I would like to do the decorating myself though so will have to check that when we get there. Apparently there is going to be a price rise next year though. Sigh.

Jason and I were thinking of January 2010 but haven't got exact date yet. I'm a bit scatterbrained right now because I'm thinking of so many things at the same time. Jason and I are going down to Bathurst to see some of his family. We're flying down on Friday afternoon but coming back early Sunday so that we can go to church and spend Easter with my family. I wasn't even going to go down with him but I am now. 

I'm quite excited about colour themes and choosing a colour palette. Thinking maybe a pale pink, black and white. Or maybe aqua and peach. Not sure yet. If I ask Jason he doesn't mind =p

I have so many thoughts running through my head and I'm trying to calm myself down. I'm excited yet that little part of me is terrified. I'm the youngest in the family and the only girl so it's different for me. Plus I've lived at home my whole life. I keep on thinking about things and whether I should try and get another job because mine hasn't got real stability. I'm thinking about having to learn to use my letterpress (yes I can't believe I still haven't). Aahh! To many emotions. I think I'm going to drink some green tea and read.  

P.S. This is not going to turn into a Wedding blog lol. I'll try not to write just about the wedding plans. 


Monday, 6 April 2009

I'm Engaged!

Yes you read the title right I have just gotten engaged. It happened late yesterday afternoon. 
Our little set up

It was a complete shock. Even though we had been talking about it and me mentioning it all the time, lol, but I didn't think he would just do it. And he'd been planning it for a few weeks! Ever since my friends wedding. And he is such a gentleman because he came and saw my parents personally to ask for their blessings (he went when I had a dressmaking lesson since he knew I wouldn't be home - tricksy he is). That meant so much to me because I wanted that. To have my parents blessings before being asked. 

We had pictures because Jason thought we should (this is before I knew). And he knows I like to take photos of things and events. I thought to give a quick rundown of how it happened.

First he told me we were going to have an afternoon tea with Turkish bread and dip (which I love!). The thing is he said that he needed to defrost the bread?? so he kept on popping out to go check on it while I sat reading. When he was done he told me that we were going to eat outside and I was like 'Really do we have to?' Mind you it was gloomy weather. Rainy and a tad bit chilly. When I got outside he had this little table set up with the Turkish bread, the dip, some wine (he had gotten for his 21st and was saving...it was about 7 years old), some candles and one red rose. 

I really didn't think it was for anything, just thought he wanted to have a nice little meal together, and he was normal. Chatting like we always do. Anyway, he told me that he had a present for me. 
Reading the note - Looks like I have bad re growth I assure you my hair is completely natural. This is what it looks like. 

It basically said that he had a little case of vintage/old items that remind him of me. Each item had a little note. And there was an order to this which he told me. Each item started off with personality traits like drawing pencils (which he sharpened the old way with a knife to make it look old - I love it!) to represent my creativeness etc. Then it moved onto things like old glasses in a case to represent us growing old together. By now I was wondering why he was being so romantic and sort of getting suspicious but at the same time I wasn't. 

The last item was an awesome vintage film box and it was to represent our journey together. Then I realised that there was a different wooden box and I opened it and there was the ring. As soon as I did that, he proposed and I cried =) 

There were other pictures but I look a bit funny lol. I tried to show me wearing the ring but my face looks red. But it was so simple, beautiful, sentimental and definitely the way I wanted it to be. He knows me oh so well. Just the little details that he put thought into amazes me.

The case with the items - we lay these out again afterwards to get a photo. Not the greatest lighting.

He went to so much effort. He went to some op shops to find the items which seem so random but they all represented something. He knows I like vintage style items. 

My beautiful ring. He chose so well.

We are thinking about maybe January next year. I guess it all depends on where we are going to have it. Now I can actually look at wedding blogs without feeling strange for doing so. 

Having a little photo session

I couldn't help taking a few fancy photos this morning when there was some sun. This is one of my lovely flower brooches that I use as a decoration. The ring still needs to be resized. The jeweller thought Jason had the wrong size and it was too small. lol. I had my finger sized at that same jewellery store. 

This angel was a present from my middle brother and his gf for my bday this year.

This little angel is so precious. So thought to include him in my photo session. But I'm completely excited to start planning. I still can't believe it! My head can't quite comprehend it at the moment. Jason said he had those few weeks to process the information. But it's still so new to me. Anyway, I'm sure I will be showing bits and pieces with the planning. Eeee! Oh I love him so much!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Hello Rain

This morning I got locked in my bedroom by accident. The door would not open from the inside. It freaked me out but I'm so thankful my brother was here when it happened. He doesn't even live at home anymore, but comes down from the coast about once a week. So I would hate to think what I would have had to do if he wasn't home. 

Yesterday it was absolutely pouring down with rain all day. It was quite relaxing actually. It made me think about umbrellas and rain boots. So here is some flickr mosaics dedicated to umbrellas and rain boots. 

I wasn't really going for a theme but pink seemed to stand out. I really want to get one of those clear umbrellas.

Jason knows how obsessed I am with rain boots (or gum boots as they are frequently called here). There isn't really a reason for me to purchase a pair since we are not in frequent rain or cold weather here but I just love them! I think I will one day.

I hope you all have a great weekend xxx

P.S. I'm hoping to change my blog a bit hence having no banner or anything really =)