Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Some creativity

Waiting in the car before our venue appointment

Jason and I had another venue we checked out this past weekend. It was a beautiful place called Tambourine Gardens but it was a bit out of our price range, which was a shame. It's getting quite frustrating trying to find venues. 

I'm trying to not let everything be about wedding plans so I've tried to be creative. This is a test run on an idea I have for mini note cards. 

I always liked the windows so I decided to try and make a few different types. I've always liked having tiny envelopes. This is the closed version. 

Another feature of cards I have liked is having a few pages. Almost like a tiny notebook. So I played around with that. 

Since I had a closed envelope I wanted an open one too. But with this one I'm tossing around the idea whether to have a tiny note inside the envelope? So it sort of an extra surprise. I'm not sure yet. 
The 'notebook' style pages again. I think I prefer the rounded edges. I always seem to round the edges or use some other type of corner punch. 

On some other news my beautiful friend Laura was featured on Style Me Pretty. Also here and here. Check it out because you can see the lovely professional photos and the other details. It looks amazing on that blog. Jason and are going to use the same photographer Sharon Pappas.

This coming weekend we have an appointment at UQ (University of Queensland) to check out the wedding venue. A lot of people get married there because they have some lovely sandstone buildings and pretty grounds. I should know since that's the university I went to. And funny enough it's the same one that Jason went to but he was just on a different campus. It was through university that we actually met, well through a friend but maybe I will post that story another time =) It's quite interesting. 

Have a good rest of week!


OlynXes said...

met through me? ^_^ eeeeehhhhh gracienne and jason are getting married!!! now i don't feel so weird when i accidentally call you grason or jacie LOL

Miss Laura said...

Oh goodness that little card is SO cute. And I am so glad you are choosing Sharon, you won't regret your decision :)

Hopefully a venue will just sweep you off your feet! Tamborine can be quite expensive, Rachel who's hens night I went to, she is getting married at Tamborine, but having their venue at a restaurant on the Gold Coast. That could also be an option?


Miss Laura said...

ps LOL to Thara's comment.

Andhari said...

aww i hope you find your dream venue soon, wedding is always complicated so far that I see in my family but so exciting :) Love the card. :D

paula said...

love the card! A good photographer is also important, the one you choose seems wonderful.

Yelena said...

those are stunning cards.
i have never seen anything like that before. very unique.
lovee the little envelope, but maybe in a different color, so it doesn't stand out too much? just an idea.
and im looking forward to your version of "tag you're it!". i had some fun with it, and i hope you do too! :]
have a great wednesday! :]

B and J said...
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Brett & Julie Birdsong said...

Hey! Just wanted to say thank you for the kind words about our photography on the PolkaDotBride site! It broke our hearts to see you already had a photographer ;o) Still working on getting our first AU wedding.

Love the blog too! Very nice.

Congrats on your engagement and thank you again!

God bless,

Brett & Julie Birdsong

megan and melissa said...

Love those cards...you should definitely put a little note inside the little envelope as a extra surprise! I love that idea...also I hope you find a wedding venue soon. Don't get discouraged and enjoy the journey!

a girl with a smile said...

I really hope you find your venue!

Anastasia said...

cute little mini cards - very sweet! your friends wedding looks so very beautiful!!