Wednesday, 8 April 2009

So overwhelmed!

I will wait for you

I'm so overwhelmed at the moment. Thank you for all the lovely comments! The above Polyvore set I made a few weeks ago because I was inspired by childhood innocence and dreaming.

At the moment we are looking at venues. I didn't realise how hard it is to find a place. There is this one called Boulevard Gardens. I'm making an appointment for us to check the place out after Easter.
Image from Boulevard Gardens 

It looks quite pretty and there would be some great photo taking scenery. But I know I need to see it in person. That's advice I've heard. 

Image from Boulevard Gardens 

This is inside one of the reception rooms. I would like to do the decorating myself though so will have to check that when we get there. Apparently there is going to be a price rise next year though. Sigh.

Jason and I were thinking of January 2010 but haven't got exact date yet. I'm a bit scatterbrained right now because I'm thinking of so many things at the same time. Jason and I are going down to Bathurst to see some of his family. We're flying down on Friday afternoon but coming back early Sunday so that we can go to church and spend Easter with my family. I wasn't even going to go down with him but I am now. 

I'm quite excited about colour themes and choosing a colour palette. Thinking maybe a pale pink, black and white. Or maybe aqua and peach. Not sure yet. If I ask Jason he doesn't mind =p

I have so many thoughts running through my head and I'm trying to calm myself down. I'm excited yet that little part of me is terrified. I'm the youngest in the family and the only girl so it's different for me. Plus I've lived at home my whole life. I keep on thinking about things and whether I should try and get another job because mine hasn't got real stability. I'm thinking about having to learn to use my letterpress (yes I can't believe I still haven't). Aahh! To many emotions. I think I'm going to drink some green tea and read.  

P.S. This is not going to turn into a Wedding blog lol. I'll try not to write just about the wedding plans. 



Stacey Sargent said...

Oh weddings can be so overwhelming (mine was) but in the end it is soooo worth it. Hang in there!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!


Andhari said...

oooh childhood polyvore, that's a bit connected with Lolita theme, no? PRETTTYYY :D

Yelena said...

love the idea of black and white with pink.
thats one of my ideas for my wedding some day very far away! :]

i love that first collage/photo.
it is so gorgeous.
im making a wedding album/scrapbook for a friend and that would make a cute page layout. im putting it away for inspiration. :] hope you don't mind. :]

megan and melissa said...

The outside of the venue is beautiful. Hopefully it is as pretty in person as it looks. I also love that inspiration board you put together - so dreamy and childlike.

paula said...

Take a breath. Enjoy it. Your wedding will be beautiful!

Sari Kotokunnaalta said...

I've been following your blog for a while, but I've never left a comment. This time I want to congratulate for your engagement. I'm really happy for you two! I'm sure you'll plan a wonderful wedding since you have a great taste and creative mind. :)

Miss Laura said...

Hey Bella,
WOW! I love those dresses, I think I like no. 3, I think the white looks really fresh and would look amazing on your complexion. Its a hard pic though, they are all so pretty. I think you could look good in anything!

The colours sound good, as does the venue. They were 2 of my fav things at the beginning of my planning also, the venue wasn't available for us so we didn't even check it. It looks so pretty though. I hope that if you love it, its available. I think picking the venue is one of the hardest things!

Yay, can't wait to see your plans unfold. x

Anonymous said...