Tuesday, 29 May 2012

USA holiday

Hello lovelies. I just wanted to give a bit of an update on the USA trip. The lovely postcards above were part of a gift from one of my lovely best friends. She also created and designed the bunting in the right hand corner just for me. It's hanging in my lounge room and it always makes me smile. 

At the moment I'm looking for accommodation and listing what I want to do in each place we visit. So this is our itinerary... Los Angeles ~ San Francisco (maybe driving here from LA) ~ Las Vegas ~ Grand Canyon ~ Jason to Seattle and me maybe in North Carolina ~ New York ~ Toronto ~ Dallas ~ Tulsa (relatives) ~ Los Angeles

Do any of you have some suggestions on what we should see, do, visit, experience and eat?? If I'm unable to go to North Carolina I will be going to Seattle with Jason but I will be spending the days by myself because Jason is going to a gamers convention (haaa!) so if you have any suggestions for that let me know. 

I'm getting so excited especially because it's just under 3 months to go now. The countdown has begun and there is so much to do and plan. I'm also really looking forward to meeting some lovely blog friends :) 

Have a wonderful rest of week.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fashion via Instagram

1. Trying on Gold glitter flats 
2. Purple tights to work day 
3. Blush Peter Pan blouse 
4. Casual Friday at work 
5. Beanie weather

So I've had another mini blog break. I had a job interview at work for my own job and it's been a very stressful few weeks. We don't find out until mid June whether we get to keep our own jobs. But I'm praying and staying positive.

I'm feeling a little off because the last few nights I haven't had the greatest of sleeps. Jason and I have been dog sitting and it has not been fun. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my complaints. 

I thought I would add a few Instagram photos that are fashion related. We are moving into winter here so the stockings, boots and cardi's are coming out. 

Anyway, I need to catch up on so many things including....starting my fairytale journal with Jasmine, catching up on letters (I'm sorry if I owe you one), finally putting some items into my Etsy, organising my creative space and of course planning our America trip. I will need to do a post about that soon so I can get some recommendations from you guys :) 

Hope you are all well.

Friday, 18 May 2012

My littlest Nephews

Hello lovely people. I guess I had a mini blog break :) I've just been busy trying to finish my job application. I have to apply for my own job but that's a government job for you. It's been frustrating and stressful and I'm so glad it's finally finished and submitted. If you know anything about the Australian government, we have selection criteria to address. It's full on and a little bit ridiculous. 

Anyway, I had a great weekend last week. I had a breakfast for a good friend's birthday on Saturday (spent the rest of the day doing my job application), dinner with my family that night and then a Mother's Day brunch with my family. I didn't take too many photos but I took these from my sis in law's Facebook. These were taken on Mother's day at my parents place. These are my youngest nephews and I love them!

Me with Elijah. 

Micah posing for the camera.

Elijah with his new winter hat. 

Micah intense with his new toy.

I really just adore these beautiful boys. I love all my nephews. They are so precious and never fail to make me smile. 

I had to add this. It was our homemade brunch. It was the most beautiful day to eat outside. 

I really love my family. They are so important to me and one of my favourite things is too spend time with them (usually around food as only a filipino family would). When you get us together we are so loud :p

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Blue Skies and a Day in the Sun

Hello lovelies. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It's a long weekend for us here in Brisbane and for that I'm grateful. The weather has been amazing and we have had these utterly gorgeous sunny days. 

Today, Jason and I had a mini adventure. We went to church in the morning, then we went to Southbank to have some breakfast. There are tons of cafes and restaurants to choose from there and we tried a place we hadn't been to before called Poppy's Basket Bakery and Deli. It was a cute little place and the food was good. 

We then walked around and looked at the markets. There were two kinds on today. The usual Southbank markets on the weekend and the Young Designers Market that is on once a month.

We then sat in the sun on one of the grassy patches and just relaxed. That photo at the top was taken then. I ended up showing the original photo instead of the Instagram version. I just had to show how blue the sky was. It was beautiful.

Our other plan was to go and watch The Avengers but we had more time to kill so we walked over the bridge into the city central. And there was another lot of markets going on. It was the Suitcase Rummage markIt was also great. People selling out of their suitcases. A whole ton of vintage clothes, shoes, books and handmade items. We had a quick browse. 

This is a terrible shot but I didn't think to take any closer ones when we were looking around. This market is also on the first Sunday of the month. 

Tonight we are going to see The Avengers because by the time we walked back to Southbank Cinemas there were 'few' seats left. This was at least half an hour before the movie. I have to remember that Southbank usually always sells out. 

I love days like this. Exploring my city and just soaking in the sun and atmosphere. It's so laid back and it makes me really appreciate living in Brisbane. I want to have more of these days (and document it more).

Have a wonderful week.