Friday, 30 April 2010

All about hair

Just a mix of bits and pieces this post. A post about my thoughts would be appropriate, perhaps.

My legs are aching right now. I had a long work shift yesterday and my shoes don't help. In fact I think they are killing my feet and my legs. But I don't want to wear those ugly (comfy) shoes that the older (no offense) women at work wear.

Anyway, I thought I would try something different with my hair to cheer me up. So I tried to braid my hair but I really can't braid so I had to settle for some plaits. Here are a few photos of my attempt.

I need to learn how to braid properly but I had to be happy with plaits. I had one on each side of my head and put the rest of my hair into a messy bun. My hair not actually this light but this is the colour of it in the sun or with light.

This is more my natural colour. I put a little bow in my hair to finish off the look and I really loved it all day. Oh and I have 3 earring holes but one of my tiny pearl earrings broke (the pearl fell out!) And I always forget to put earrings in the first hole.
How do you like?? I want to experiment more and hopefully learn to braid properly.

A few other random things. I would love to make my own version of this headband.


I was so ready to buy it but shipping to Australia was ridiculous and I have found some supplies and thought I would make it myself.

And this is another project I want to attempt that I saw via Project Wedding. Chiffon and tulle flowers. Again I thought this would be pretty on a headband but it could be a corsage brooch or could be made into a sash! I have found some supplies which I have to purchase soon.

I had a few other things I was going to share but I might save that for another post. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! It's another long weekend for us. It's Labour Day on Monday. Whee for public holidays!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Via Tumblr

I thought I would do a mail post. I haven't got tons of mail but I haven't shared any of the outgoing mail. And I just a little bit of incoming too. A lot of the outgoing mail I haven't shared because I wait until they receive it so I can show the contents.


From Postcrossing

From Postcrossing

From Postcrossing

From Postcrossing

The back of the package from beautiful Micaela

The contents inside. I love how she leaves little post it notes.

She gave us some gorgeous tea towels as a wedding/housewarming gift. She's the sweetest!

This is from my German friend who I met back in high school when he was here for a school exchange. He's been back to Australia twice since then and I still haven't gone to visit him in Germany. One day.


I don't think I ever showed what I gave for the stationery swap Megan organised. This is my package to Fallon.

This was for Megan.

This was the giveaway package to Belen.

A little something for Nicole. It was a little gift for her getting engaged.

My little package to Micaela.

This is for Tiffany. We both love bows!

This is for Julia. It was a letter and a very belated bday gift.

This is my most recent letter I haven't quite sent yet to Joana. Which is why it's just the outside of the letter.

I have a lot of letters and bits to catch up on and I will do it soon. Lately, it feels like I want to do so much including... using my letterpress (I can't believe I haven't used it yet), learning photography, doing my Etsy shop items, I want to learn to knit and crochet, I want to do sewing again, I want to sand down an old table and repaint it, I really want to decorate this house...

But anyway, I hope you have a fantastic rest of week. And I hope I can play around with my hair and see if I can do those braids.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Much love Monday (Miniatures)

Today I love: Miniatures including this tiny teacup and saucer and little birdcage in the background.

I'm fascinated by them and I've loved teeny tiny things for years. I used to make teeny tiny books, cards and notebooks when I was younger. I will have to see if I can find some examples to show next time.

Other things I love include...

* Bows! I'm obsessed with them, as headbands, brooches, hair clips.
* Hot Milo and eating Arnotts family assorted biscuits
* Babies! I get so clucky sometimes but I know it's not the right time at the moment :(
* Watching my brother and his new wife's videos they are making whilst on their European Honeymoon
* Dreams of travelling
* Watching the Harry Potter movies while making mini note cards
* Etsy window shopping (lots of ideas for making things)
* Pretty braids

I have to say thank you for the feedback with my Etsy ideas. I'm on a bit of a creative streak (I think) and I just want to keep on making things. So I've been getting some supplies off Etsy and anxiously awaiting them so I can see if the ideas work.

I have ideas for tiny earrings, fabric magnets (maybe some brooches), mini notecards and little hairpins. And I'm going to mix and match things.

I would love to try a hairstyle like this. Or just add some braids to my everyday hairstyle. I think braids and plaits are just beautiful.

Anyway, I don't have much to day today. I hope you all have a lovely week! And more Much Love Monday here.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Being creative

Yesterday it was raining so I spent the morning trying to make things for my Etsy. It took me a few hours to even figure out what I was doing and then actually create something. It's basically the same style that I usually do but I have changed it slightly. I have quite a few ideas on making different versions of my mini note cards.

Here's what I came up with...

Basically its tiny note cards in an envelope on another mini note card.

I thought inside the tiny note cards I could have a little quote inside (printed out) or I could leave them blank for you to fill in your own message. And there will be various other colours and styles.

But then you also have the main mini note card to write your message. I thought I could put a little envelope seal for the tiny envelope to put on yourself (if you want to write your own message or see the quote inside). And there will be another envelope seal for the main envelope too (although I didn't make any).

This is another idea. These are some small fabric magnets. I was trying to decide if I will sell them with the note cards or separately. Still pondering.

I was thinking of making these into some tiny earrings. Again wondering if I should add them with the note cards as a little gift and card in one??!! What do you think?

A photo so you can see how tiny they are. They are weeny and really cute.

So this is basically where I'm at for the moment. Just tossing different ideas around and figuring out how to make it work. Do you like them? The ideas? It's just nice to get some feedback :)

This weekend is a long weekend due to ANZAC Day. A day to remember the ANZAC'S (World War 1) who died, but it includes World War 2 as well. Jason and I are thinking of attending a Dawn Service.

We are also spending the long weekend cleaning and organising our house. It still feels like we are only half moved in so we are just going to tackle it and get it done.

Oh and another thing. Julia and Bree are hosting a Mixtape swap! Check out their blogs to go and participate!!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I belong in Narnia

Concept Art by Ben Wootten via Narniaweb

For the longest time I have loved the books Chronicles of Narnia. I first read the books when I was about 14 and since then have read the books at least once a year. Those books got me obsessed with fantasy worlds.

I thought it was the most beautiful place (in my mind). I love that C.S. Lewis left a lot to the imagination but I guess that made it difficult to make a movie because everyone had their own version of Narnia in their head. That concept art picture is pretty perfect though.

I love fantasy books because they inspire the imagination to create worlds that exist in your dreams. Which is why I'm also a fan of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and a whole lot of other books.

From The Voyage of the Dawn Treader set. A sneak peak at my photos :)

The next movie is The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. They filmed a fair bit of it here in Australia. And not just Australia, some of it was filmed only 20 minutes away from where I live. This was last year sometime. So being such a fan, Jason and I went to visit the set.

I will write more about this next post because I haven't got the photos here on my comp. Although there were a lot shared on Narniaweb. I thought I would share a few bits of merchandise which I would love to own. And I made a little page in my inspiration journal (the one I wanted to start).

This is a jewellery box. I would love keep some precious items in here.

Leather bound versions of the book. I have all the books that my mum bought 10 years before I was born in this little bookshop where she used to work (My love of reading came from here)

A little wardrobe necklace. I love that it opens up to reveal Lucy in Narnia.

I love the look of pocketwatches, so why not a Narnia one.

Via Twostraycats etsy

This would look sweet on our lounge. It's an illustration that's taken from the books. Pauline Baynes is the illustrator.

Via Bindme etsy

This isn't actually something Narnian but it reminds me of Narnia. I wouldn't mind this journal for all my dreams.

I love Narnia so much I even joined a swap on Craftster. Although I checked when this was and was back in 2005! So my craft skills weren't that great. But my favourite thing I made was my Lucy doll.

I made this 5 years ago and I look at it now and think it's cute but oh my. It was the first rag doll I had ever made. It had to be hand sewn too.

And this is the journal page I made yesterday. I took the photo this morning and it's pouring down with rain so the lighting is a bit off. That quote has nothing to do with the image obviously but The Silver Chair is one of my fave books in the series.

Well that is just a part of my love for Narnia. There is more merchandise that I would love to own. Next post will centre around the movie set. To end...this is why I adore children's books so much. The feeling of wonderment and the beauty of the imagination. I know my future kids will be bombarded with fantasy worlds created by books.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Much Love Monday

Today I love: My heart shaped ice cubes (and tray). We bought this heart shaped ice cube tray from Ikea. As well as a fish shaped tray (for Jason....). Although they melt so quickly because they are quite small. But it still gives me a few seconds of pure joy to see little hearts melting in my drink.

Other things I'm loving this week.

* Watching Glee (before it comes out here in Aus!)

Breakfast after church...scones with jam

Curly side pony tails

My new sparkly bow headband.

My new knee high socks with diamontes and ribbon bows.

Our new buffet!!
We spent Saturday night putting this together. It took hours but it was fun. I haven't finished the decorating, I just took a few things to make it look less boring.
If you're wondering why I have a Menorah it was a gift from my parents at Christmas. It represents my part Jewish heritage (my great grandfather was an American Jew).

I just had to add this picture of my nephew Caeleb in his uniform for prep which he started this year!

Thank you for all your wonderful comments! I will try and do some pretty journal pages and share it here one time.
P.S. Just so you know I will usually reply to any messages in the comment section on your blogs. I find it easier to do.
P.P.S. And for more Much love monday head to Anna's blog.

Have a fantastic week!