Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Even more note cards

I'm loving the Olympics. I've been watching pretty much everyday. It's going to be a bit weird once it's finished I think. I've gotten emotional with the athletes with their ups and down. It's been fantastic!

You're all going to get sick of me posting note cards here. But I have more in preparation for my Etsy.

I picked up this pretty paper about a month ago and I love it! I hope the photos are clear enough. 

More of the same paper. I think the little fairies are sweet. I bought about 3 packs of this paper because I loved it so much.

More paper I purchased. It's Basic Grey. The paper from that brand is lovely so I always seem to look for it.
This pattern makes me think of dreams? Not sure why. Maybe it's what I would say my dreams look to an outsider =p

Here's another one of those fabric buttons. I'm still tossing the idea around on whether I should include a range like. Maybe with different words?

This is another idea I have floating around. I recently discovered how to make these fabric flowers. It's something else I'm thinking of incorporating. 
What do you think about the fabric buttons and fabric flowers on mini note cards? 

Anyway, it's not long now until the shop! Take care everyone xo

Monday, 11 August 2008

I thought I would share some of my little creative bursts =) It's nothing much really.

I made those fabric buttons and sewed them on a baby singlet. I just did it for fun. I like making those fabric buttons and thinking of incorporating them to some tiny note cards. Plus I love those teeny weeny baby singlets. 

This is an example of something I'm thinking of making. They're simple but I think they can be used for little gift cards etc. 

And a twilight movie themed mosaic using flickr pics of course. I'm still very much into my books right now.

1. Edward and Bella, 2. Edward & Bella (Twilight), 3. Bella&Edward, 4. i heart, 5. The cullens and BELLA!, 6. E&B 5
I'm really looking forward to the movie now. At first I wasn't sure of Robert Pattison as Edward but I was never against him like some fans, but he's really grown on me. Eeee!!

P.S. I'm hoping to open my Etsy in about two weeks time. I know I keep prolonging it but there's so many bits and pieces that has to be done.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

A bit obsessed

This is a bit of a mixed up post. Last weekend Jason and I watched Batman: The Dark Knight, finally. The first time we tried watching it was cheap Tuesday and even though it was had been out for about 3 weeks, the session wewanted to watch was still sold out! 

Anyway I loved it! Batman has become one of my favourite superheros. I've become a bit obsessed. I bought the Batman Begins dvd and The Dark Knight m
ovie soundtrack. I loved it as well. Heath Ledger was so psychotic and wow did he play the part well. And I love Christian Bale in the first one so this one was no different =). Awesome movie if you haven't already seen it yet.
The other thing I'm obsessing over is Breaking Dawn. It was released a few days late here and I went and got my pre-ordered copy as soon as I could. I read for the rest of the day and finished it. I love it! So I'm in the process now of re-reading it as I want to make it go on for longer. If you haven't read these books you must start now! 

Here's another little flickr mosaic. It's sort of how I'm thinking creatively lately.

I love to make fabric buttons now and have been tossing up different ideas for my note cards. And I'm wanting to sew which is represented in the first and last pics on the bottom row. I'd like to make those round fabric bulletin/inspiration boards and I would love a stationary drawer. I just need to get more organised.