Monday, 28 April 2008

A busy weekend

I have quite a few photos to share from the last few days. So I thought I would do post each photo and just have bits of commenting.

Ok, the first thing was my sister in law's 30th birthday. It was on Thursday and we went out for breakfast. Lizzy, me, Melly and Caeleb had to come cause no one could look after him.

I made these for Liz to give her something on the day because her actual present is still being sent to me.

Lizzy and Cael. It was such a beautiful day.
This photo was taken by Caeleb. He did a great job though he is still only 3 so the angle is from his view =)

Lizzy and me. The cafe was good. Will definitely go back there again.

Caeleb ordered a babychino. Which is basically warm milk with froth on top and chocolate sprinkles.

A close up. It was so cute.

I had to show a pic of my hot chocolate. I love ordering it in cafes.

Having fun with his babychino. He kept on wanting my bacon as well. He's a bit of a meat eater this one.

He was hiding in the change rooms. After breakfast/brunch we went to a little boutique. Liz's friend owns it. So we decided to check it out. It's called Smooche Boutique. I can't believe I never these shops. It's in my area. Less than 5 minutes away. I live near the esplande and it's beautiful. I sometimes don't really appreciate living near the water.

On Friday it was Anzac Day. I'm sure many of you have read some Australia blogs mentioning it. A whole bunch of people from church went on a car cruise. It's my brother Alvin's Annual Car Cruise and BBQ. He's been having one on Anzac Day for the past 5 years. We basically drive to a destination and have a BBQ when we get there. We went to Wivenhoe Dam. It was the most beautiful day! Check out this scenery.

I'm truly appreciating my city. I love the view. The weather is perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. This autumn weather is good.

My girls Laura and Kristina. I love them!

Laura is a great photographer. I will do a post on her soon. She took this. She took the photo that I use for my profile picture.

Just posing at Jason's house. This was after the Car cruise.

We did a few stupid faces. It's fun.

Sorry I have so many photos.

This is Jason's domain in his house. The garage. It's where he and his brother hang out. Yes he has two computer screens. And those tiny figures you see on the top of his desk are little Transformers toys. The old characters not the new versions of course...

The last event I will talk about is Liz' 30th party. It was Saturday night. It was really good. I bought that dress from Smooche Boutique.

I just really liked this photo.

This is a weird photo and angle I know. But still thought I would share it.

Yes another picture of us. I hope your not sick of it yet. I promise there's not too many more.

Jase took a photo of me having fun with Liz's camera. It was her bday present and I was the photographer for the night.

And I can't not have this post completed without a pic of the bday girl and me. It was such a great party.

Well I hope you all made it through that post. Sorry for all the photos. Hope you have a great week xox

Monday, 21 April 2008

An amazing weekend and other things

I had such an awesome weekend! I went to the 4her conference. It was held in the Sunshine Coast which is a beautiful part of Queensland. It's a women's conference run by Christian Outreach Centre. The church I go to is the 'mother' church of all the COC's called Citipointe. I stayed with my brothers gf, Melly who lives on the Sunshine coast. It was fantastic! It was seriously life-changing. And it makes me glad that I am a Christian and a woman.

It was held from Thursday night until Saturday afternoon. Although the weather was lovely on Thursday it was raining the rest of the time which is a shame because Melly was going to take me to Mooloolaba to check out the boutiques and beach. But that's alright next time it will happen.

Melly is so sweet, she had this towel on the bed when I came. It was like a hotel having a little conditioner, lotion, a Lindt chocolate, a welcome card and pretty butterfly for my wall.

She wrote this on the white board in her kitchen. The A accidentally got rubbed off.

A sweet picture in Melly's room
I met some absolutely lovely girls who are so inspirational and beautiful people. I wish I was able to get photos with them but I forgot to charge my camera before I left so these photos from the unit are the only ones I have.

This is the view from Melly's unit balcony. I wish I could have gotten a better photo. You can actually see the ocean. It is so peaceful and beautiful up there. I can see why people from there don't want to move down to Brisbane.

I thought this was gorgeous. It's from Melly's room. From the top of her dresser.

And I thought I would share some of the lovely items from 4her.

This is a shirt I purchased. The back shows 'Love never fails.' From the well-known bible verse from 1 Corinthians 12:4-8.

This the journal and pen given to us to take notes. It was in the pack for everyone who had registered for the weekend. Melly is the one of the very left of the picture =)

They had stalls there and it was fun to look around and buy things in the breaks. These cards and other inspirational verses can be bought from Inspirational Verse. I'm going to purchase more next time.

This is another item I bought from that stall. It's a journal with poems throughout the journal and came with a bookmark and pen. It's beautiful!

This is what is looks like. I hadn't untied the ribbon until I took that photo home.

Click on the picture to see it closer. It's what inspirational verse is to her Lucinda Matheson, the creator.

Again to see it clearer, it is best to click on the photo. It's one of the poems from the journal. On the other side she explains the poem.

Ohh and I want you all to meet......

....Brenda. She's my new sponsor child through Compassion. I was so touched at the conference when they showed a video I just had to sponsor a child. I've been wanting to do this for ages anyway, I just thought I will do it now =) Plus my parents have a compassion child as well.

The last thing...Anastasia is doing a Pay if Forward so I thought I would join in as well. So here it is... to those who are interested (I took some of the wording from Anastasia).

I will send a parcel to the first 2 interested bloggers. Then on your blog you send a parcel to other bloggers to keep this going. You have 365 days to send something so it's no rush. It doesn't have to be expensive either just a nice surprise package. I'm sure most of you are familiar with this idea anyway. My parcel will be my notecards, some other bits of stationary and a few other little surprises. So let me know if you want to get involved =)

Well thank you for everyone. I hope you were able to make it through this long post. I'm just feeling so inspired and uplifted. Have a wonderful week!


Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Package from GreenBeanbaby

I received my beautiful package from Ellia. You must visit her Etsy shop. Though she has almost been cleaned out since she reopened her shop. Check out her blog as she always writes interesting entries about her art, family and life.

I was so glad that I was able to purchase some of her wonderful paper cut illustrations. They are absolutely adorable and the details are astounding!

Here are the cute teeny notebooks with the sweetest illustrations. She also put in a little kit so I can try and make my own paper cut illustration though I doubt even with the template that I would be able to make it look as good as hers.

A closer view of them. I was thinking of putting them in a shadow box as I think they deserved to be displayed.

Ellia is soo sweet. She put in some bits of pretty paper as extras as I had paid an extra 75c with the postage by accident. Plus the template. It well over the 75c. I have more paper to play with and it's so exciting. Thanks Ellia!! You are one talented lady.

This little pack here is from a store called Smiggle. It has some really cute stationary. It seems more for kids at school (judging by the people in the shop) but it's fun to look at all the little items. Those little wooden things are tiny stamps. I think I was just as excited as the children while browsing through the store.

Thought I would end this post with a picture of my nephew Caeleb on his 3rd birthday back in February. He was given a drum kit as he seems to enjoy music =)

Until next time xox

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Etsy, note cards and journal Love

For awhile now I have been contemplating on getting a Mac laptop. And I'm so ready to get one but at the rate I'm spending it might be another month before it even happens.

I have a few Etsy things to show that I purchased the last month. I have a bit of a thing for cute artwork =)

I got this sweet little postcard and this cute little button from BelleandBoo . I adore all of her artwork. It was difficult to decide which ones to get. I still have quite a few that I would like to get from her.

I purchased this from Charliemotel She has some really sweet artwork as well. She had a buy 1 get 1 free sale so I bought some greeting cards which I will frame. I love this style.

Besides that I have been making more note cards (of course). I've decided to make a special set.

These are my new note cards. I have recently bought a corner cutter and I love making round edges now. And since I love butterflies and polka dots I thought I would try and make some simple ones. I love glitter glue as well. I had so much fun making them I am making a few more. I have yet to make envelopes for them.

Here they are again, resting on two of my new journals. As you can see I'm pretty much butterfly obsessed. And paper....and journals....and stationary eeep!

I decorated these journals simple with some lovely vellum butterfly stickers I got in a swap awhile ago. The pink journal has a 'Dream Big" rub on. I'm planning on using it for my Etsy everything.

These are some envelopes I made because I wanted to use my paper for something =) I'm thinking of making more and maybe put them in my Esty as well. I have a lot of ideas I think.

That's it I think. Thanks everyone.