Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Etsy, note cards and journal Love

For awhile now I have been contemplating on getting a Mac laptop. And I'm so ready to get one but at the rate I'm spending it might be another month before it even happens.

I have a few Etsy things to show that I purchased the last month. I have a bit of a thing for cute artwork =)

I got this sweet little postcard and this cute little button from BelleandBoo . I adore all of her artwork. It was difficult to decide which ones to get. I still have quite a few that I would like to get from her.

I purchased this from Charliemotel She has some really sweet artwork as well. She had a buy 1 get 1 free sale so I bought some greeting cards which I will frame. I love this style.

Besides that I have been making more note cards (of course). I've decided to make a special set.

These are my new note cards. I have recently bought a corner cutter and I love making round edges now. And since I love butterflies and polka dots I thought I would try and make some simple ones. I love glitter glue as well. I had so much fun making them I am making a few more. I have yet to make envelopes for them.

Here they are again, resting on two of my new journals. As you can see I'm pretty much butterfly obsessed. And paper....and journals....and stationary eeep!

I decorated these journals simple with some lovely vellum butterfly stickers I got in a swap awhile ago. The pink journal has a 'Dream Big" rub on. I'm planning on using it for my Etsy everything.

These are some envelopes I made because I wanted to use my paper for something =) I'm thinking of making more and maybe put them in my Esty as well. I have a lot of ideas I think.

That's it I think. Thanks everyone.


Natasha Burns said...

I love your new butterfly notecards, and the journals. looking forward to seeing what you come up with for envelopes too!
Thanks for the links for those etsy sellers, the prints are adorable! I'm in love with the BelleandBoo print!

Artifax said...

I love those new polka dot butterfly cards! Sounds like your etsy shop is getting closer and closer to opening - yeah!!

And thank you for the links to those etsy sellers - so many pretty things on etsy to look at and covet :) My favorites list is just overflowing!

Anastasia said...

the cards are looking great and the journals beautiful!!
its fun taking time to create!
i love BelleandBoo prints too!

Lola Enchanted said...

Very spring-like!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you've been busy!Happy Birthday and your holiday looked great!

Anonymous said...

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