Friday, 25 May 2007

Diva Jewellery and Pirates of the Caribbean

Uni is so busy for next week which means my weekend is busy uni wise. So to break up the monotony I thought I would make a collage/montage. This time it is pretty jewellery from Diva here in Australia. I picked some of my favourite bits from some of their ranges. And from there it makes me want to make a butterfly montage and one inspired by the Secret Garden as well. Also some of the jewellery, especially the charm style necklaces makes me want to make them. So I can add my own touch.

Anyway as the ranges are still available I thought I would list prices and things too.
* Diamonds and Pearls Range
A. 5 Pearl Top Ring - $9.95
B. Tear Drop and Key necklace - $19.95
* 'It' Girl Range
C. Butterfly Brooch - $12.95
D. Butterfly Pendant - $14.95
* Eastern Jewel Range
E. Concave painted flower ring - $9.95
F. 2 x rose studs - $9.95
* Secret Garden Range
G. Hanging butterfly charm necklace - $24.95
H. Enamel butterfly pendant - 16.95
I. Painted heart Locket earrings - $12.95
* Golden Girl Range
J. Keys on Ring pendant - $19.95
K. Keys on ring pendant - 29.95
L. Butterfly on hoop - $16.95
M. Crystal butterfly gold pendant - $19.95
These can be seen at Diva but they have to be purchased in store.

I saw this movie yesterday the day it came out. I did like it. I like all three of the movies. I can't help but love Jack Sparrow. I guess it helps that he's played by Johnny Depp. I did enjoy it though. I know some people probably won't like it but I do for the enjoyment factor. To me that is.
Anyway, I shall get back to doing some uni work.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Susie O'Neill

Yesterday in my Olympic movement and society class we had Susie O'Neill come and talk to us. She's and Australian Olympic gold medalist and champion swimmer. She was known as Madam Butterfly. As that was her best event. Anyway, I got her autograph and a photo with her. I'm pretty bummy looking as I'm at uni so I don't really dress up much. I can't be bothered but some days I do. Anyway, she was great. Very down to earth and casual.
Something else I'm trying to do is take close up photos. And seeing as we are in a major drought we don't have many flowers. They were pretty much the only ones I could find in the garden. Pretty sad ey.
Anyway, til next time

Monday, 21 May 2007

A Portrait

I have been given a drawn portrait of me by my beautiful and lovely friend Laura. She is such a talented person. She can drawn, design, take photos and she's ever so creative. Here is the picture.
This was based on a picture she took of me. She is such a wonderful artist and very lovely girl. She's one of my bestest friends =)
Anyway when her myspace for her business is up and running I will make a link to it.


Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Marie Antoinette

I finally watched this movie a few days ago. It is so visually stunning! I love the scenery and the beautiful elaborate costumes. There was so much visual candy I really did want to eat it. The dresses and shoes were gorgeous! And I loved the colours used in everything. I know many people criticised this movie but I still loved it anyway. I was so inspired by it that I made a collage. The items are things that make me think of the loveliness. I do want to read this book. It sounds really interesting. And the movie was based on this book. Anyway, here is the collage.
I just looked for pictures and things that reminded me of the movie. And some of the items are inspiration and what I would think she would use in modern times. =) Funny to think about it like that. I had fun making it and Jason gave me some help with the collage. Your the best Jason! xox

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day! We had a fun time. We had breakfast at our church cafe. There was some good food there. And we had a few photos as well. Here are some.
This is everyone. Extended family included. The picture was a bit dark as it was raining today for once.
Mum was us kids. Too bad I'm looking the other way. But there is a better photo than this somewhere.
And this is me with my lovely sister and law and sweet Melly my other brothers girlfriend. I thought it was a nice photo =)
Lizzy with her boys. My beautiful little nephews. I love them. They're so adorable.
I thought I would show my yummy hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate and always get it when I work with my brother.
This is the two necklaces I made for mum. She is collecting cross necklaces =). The light wasn't too good when I took this photo.
Here is an updated version of one of the necklaces I made. The tiny badge is from church as all the females were given one.
And this is a picture of a cameo necklace I made and the tiny earrings I also made. I love cameos and silhouettes.

Oh and I want to say thanks so much to Jason for helping me with the new layout! mwa xox

Friday, 11 May 2007

Some creations

I have some more bad news. Pickles the dog died yesterday. He was my oldest brother and sister in law's dog but he lived with my sister in law Liz's mum. He got hit by a car yesterday. It's really sad. He was only a little dog and getting old but still...this wasnt the way anyone wanted him to go. My poor little nephew Isaiah saw it happen as well and he is shock. And it makes it worse as it's Isaiah's 6th birthday today. Poor little fella. He was buried by my brother yesterday afternoon.

Anyway, I'm not going to dwell on bad news. I have some mini collage style pictures of what I have been doing. I finished that handbound book I made a post about. Here it is.
I quite like it. I added that ribbon on the spine to cover the stitching. It makes it look prettier I guess =). This collage is pictures of what I am giving my friend Kristina for her birthday tonight. I made the two necklaces in the teacup. And I made the mini notecards and their envelopes. And I made the birthday card. I enjoy putting together presents. This is a picture of a present for another friend of mine from earlier on this year. It's actually a vase of some sort but looks like a giant wine glass.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Martha Stewart Crafts

Yesterday in my Olypic movement class we had an Olympian come talk to us. She competed long ago in the 1956 Games. Her name is Norma Crocker. She was in the 4x100m relay in athletics and she went to my Highschool. She's a fascinating woman and it was enjoyable having her come in and talk about her experiences.

I have seen this on a few blogs. Most notably Creature_Comforts. She has a beautiful blog. She inspired my to look at the Martha Stewarts Crafts site. And I have a little collage of some projects she has on the site. I thought I would keep to the pretty packaging theme.

She has some beautiful craft items and I loved browsing around. I am definately going to concentrate on pretty packaging more often.

Oh and I have yet to finish my book binding project as I just finished an assignment this morning. It will get done though.