Sunday, 13 May 2007

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day! We had a fun time. We had breakfast at our church cafe. There was some good food there. And we had a few photos as well. Here are some.
This is everyone. Extended family included. The picture was a bit dark as it was raining today for once.
Mum was us kids. Too bad I'm looking the other way. But there is a better photo than this somewhere.
And this is me with my lovely sister and law and sweet Melly my other brothers girlfriend. I thought it was a nice photo =)
Lizzy with her boys. My beautiful little nephews. I love them. They're so adorable.
I thought I would show my yummy hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate and always get it when I work with my brother.
This is the two necklaces I made for mum. She is collecting cross necklaces =). The light wasn't too good when I took this photo.
Here is an updated version of one of the necklaces I made. The tiny badge is from church as all the females were given one.
And this is a picture of a cameo necklace I made and the tiny earrings I also made. I love cameos and silhouettes.

Oh and I want to say thanks so much to Jason for helping me with the new layout! mwa xox

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Unknown said...

Happy mothers day!... for the future ;)

Photos all look good, was a good day all in all.

Glad you like the new layout :) It's looking better now that you're filling it back up with all your links and stuff.

Good job gracie girl :)