Friday, 11 May 2007

Some creations

I have some more bad news. Pickles the dog died yesterday. He was my oldest brother and sister in law's dog but he lived with my sister in law Liz's mum. He got hit by a car yesterday. It's really sad. He was only a little dog and getting old but still...this wasnt the way anyone wanted him to go. My poor little nephew Isaiah saw it happen as well and he is shock. And it makes it worse as it's Isaiah's 6th birthday today. Poor little fella. He was buried by my brother yesterday afternoon.

Anyway, I'm not going to dwell on bad news. I have some mini collage style pictures of what I have been doing. I finished that handbound book I made a post about. Here it is.
I quite like it. I added that ribbon on the spine to cover the stitching. It makes it look prettier I guess =). This collage is pictures of what I am giving my friend Kristina for her birthday tonight. I made the two necklaces in the teacup. And I made the mini notecards and their envelopes. And I made the birthday card. I enjoy putting together presents. This is a picture of a present for another friend of mine from earlier on this year. It's actually a vase of some sort but looks like a giant wine glass.

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Unknown said...

Poor little Pickles :(

The book you made looks really good I recon. I like it :) The ribbon tidys it up I think.

How good do Kristinas presents look when it's all set out like that. Very good work :)

And I must say that I like your new layout :) See you later today xoxo