Monday, 21 May 2007

A Portrait

I have been given a drawn portrait of me by my beautiful and lovely friend Laura. She is such a talented person. She can drawn, design, take photos and she's ever so creative. Here is the picture.
This was based on a picture she took of me. She is such a wonderful artist and very lovely girl. She's one of my bestest friends =)
Anyway when her myspace for her business is up and running I will make a link to it.



Unknown said...

What a lovely drawing of a lovely lady :) Looks good, Laura is quite the talented one, although having such good subject matter always helps ;)

OlynXes said...

Hey chicky! How's it going? Nice picture btw :) Laura did a good job ^_~ Nehooz, take it ez mwa

Mummerina said...

WOW i've always wanted someone to draw a portrait of me!!!
Great blog btw.

Dede Warren said...

this makes me think of maui, so nice!

Gracie said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. They are much appreciated.