Friday, 4 May 2007

Martha Stewart Crafts

Yesterday in my Olypic movement class we had an Olympian come talk to us. She competed long ago in the 1956 Games. Her name is Norma Crocker. She was in the 4x100m relay in athletics and she went to my Highschool. She's a fascinating woman and it was enjoyable having her come in and talk about her experiences.

I have seen this on a few blogs. Most notably Creature_Comforts. She has a beautiful blog. She inspired my to look at the Martha Stewarts Crafts site. And I have a little collage of some projects she has on the site. I thought I would keep to the pretty packaging theme.

She has some beautiful craft items and I loved browsing around. I am definately going to concentrate on pretty packaging more often.

Oh and I have yet to finish my book binding project as I just finished an assignment this morning. It will get done though.


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zabrina said...

Oh yes, I saw the collection at Michaels. It's very nice. Her website is also really cool. I love her tips for crafts and sewing. It rocks. I added you to my sidebar. Thanks so much!!!!