Monday, 22 September 2008

I'm back!

I haven't blogged in a few weeks. I didn't really feel like it because I was working so much. I've only just caught up with reading my blogs on my reader. 

I do have a few things to catch up on I think. The first thing I want to mention is I received my absolutely wonderful Pay It Forward package from Anastasia. Wow! It was amazing! So I'm going to share the photos here.

By the way, I need to do my pay if forward too. So if anyone is interested comment or email me. This post has the instructions on the end.

It was so beautifully presented. I wish I was able to take photos of it. But I received the package after work so it was too dark to take photos. Not that it matters as the lighting was terrible the next day. There was a magazine, paper, little bits and pieces to create with. Plus a butterfly cookie cutter (yes!) and those lollies from Darrell Lea which remind me of being young. lol.

These are some of her gorgeous tags. I've always wanted some. And it's going to be so hard to part with them =(

Thank you sooooo much Anastasia! I loved it all so much. 

On other news...I've been working hard at unloading Christmas stock at Myer where I work. I'm pretty much the Christmas girl as I'm always rostered there as well. I've bought a few decorations already because there was 25% off for Myer one members. It was so exciting to see all the decorations and put them out on the floor. It's early I know but oh well.

And I have my business cards now. Well I've had them for over a week. 

Sorry again my lighting was terrible. My wonderful Jason designed them for me =) So really I should start to open up shop very very soon.

And just a reminder if anyone wants to participate in Pay it Forward. I will send to two people. It will be a mixture of handmade note cards, bits of stationery and maybe even one of my favourite books and other bits and pieces. I will probably tailor it so whomever my two people will be. Let me know!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Polyvore sets

I haven't blogged in over a week. I didn't know what to blog about actually. Plus I had scan count at work and this week I'm helping unpack the Christmas trim!! Wow it's September!

My shop is coming along. Lol it's taking so much longer than I thought actually. But it will be done soon.

As I was saying I've been looking at Polyvore a lot. I finally decided to try and make my own sets.
I've only made two though and it's all still a work in progress. 

Here's the first one 

I was in a fairytale/fantasty mood. So it's sort of how I'm feeling today or really the past few days.

As it's spring now I had this urge to find a little nook to read, write and have a picnic but since I haven't found such a place yet I used the idea to inspire this next one.

I've become a bit obsessed with it now. I truly want to make more now hehe.
Have a lovely week xo