Monday, 25 February 2008

Enchanted night and presents

A few weeks ago I had a little gathering for my birthday. I wasn't here for it so I thought I would have my own little things when I got back from overseas.

I have a few photos from that night and I took some photos of what I received today. Taken in my new room!

This is my table setting. I was in such a rush to set it up as I had Caeleb's 3rd birthday party beforehand.

It was really meant to be a girls only night with some of my closest girl friends but my brother hung around so Jason stayed as well.

A photo of my party favours. I had to take this photo quickly so it's not very neat. They received a set of 3 large notecards, a set of 4 mini notecards, a pen and pencil plus a little glass bottle of random bits and pieces. I painted a coloured letter for each girl and tied it around the glass bottle. I love making party favours and planning parties. It's so much fun!

Here's a close up of some of the notecards I gave.

The table set with the party favours. To see any of the pics better just click on the photo.

A close up of the little glass bottle. You can kind of make out the tiny butterflies, the pom poms, chocolate kiss and maybe the tiny pegs.

Moving on to what I received. This next few are from Jason. We always set a limit and just ask each other what we want. So this is made up of a whole bunch of small things.

There's the new Australian Instyle, Teen Vogue (American) I really like reading Teen Vogue actually lol, book 7 and 8 of the Series of Unfortunate events (I'm reading them all), book 6 in the Alex Rider series and the 3rd installment in the Stephenie Myer vampire trilogy (more about that later).

He got me 3 packs of 100 pages. I love my paper as most of you know.

He also got me some beautiful Christina Re paper. I adore her paper and products.

He got me a gorgeous Guess wallet from this new Guess shop in the city. Plus the desk blotter in the background was also from him =) He got me two other items, a litte wooden desk organiser from Ikea and a white cube shaped bookcase which I will show in the next post about my room.

This was from my friend Thara. Body products which I always need and little undies =) in the drawstring bag.

My lovely friend Laura who is a graphic designer designed the brown wrapping paper for me. I was being really careful when unwrapping it. Plus she got me that beautiful clutch purse.

My friend Kristina got me a cardmaking kit with ideas book, another card kit, pretty paper and stickers! Paper and the like is one of my obsessions.

This is from my brother and his best friend Melly. An assortment of luscious paper, stickers, rub ons, pens, a little address book and a photo frame with a picture of Melly and me. Eeee! Paper!

A close up of the lovely paper. I think I might end up framing some of them instead.

I got this from my sister in law and my oldest brother. A cute black singlet to use for work and other occasions, a pedicure voucher (yay!)and a Hilary Duff roll on perfume. It smells quite nice. Sweet and not too strong which is what I prefer.

This I received from one of my penpals Alicia. It's this pretty ornament to hang, some flavoured green tea (I love green tea) and some Ariel stickers.

And I just have to mention this, I love the Vampire books from Stephenie Myer! Well her first book Twilight is being made into a movie. They have cast the characters and I think they're starting to film. I'm looking forward to this movie.

This is the Vampire family. I don't usually like Vampires as they freak me out but these books are so seductive I guess you could say. A vampire romance book. I do recommend reading the saga.

Anyway, that was long so I hope you all made it through =)

Monday, 18 February 2008

Holiday Overview

I thought I should finally put up some photos from my trip. I'll just put up a selection and maybe put more on my Facebook or something =)

This was a picture on our first day. It was lovely and sunny and this photo looks fake I know.It was probably one of the nicest days we were there.
This was still the first day I'm sure. This is the outside area where Jason and I hung out a lot. Reading, eating, relaxing, going on the laptop and writing in out travel journal.

This little area was underneath Jason's room. It was quite comfy in there to read.

This is Jason and I in one of the cars on our way to go shopping.

Here is a photo outside the house of my aunty. Those are tricycles.

Jason in a tricycle though we never actually rode in one. I have before on previous holidays.

This is Fort Santiago. It's a very historical place.

Jason and me posing with Jose Rizal who is the Philippine national hero. He's basically the guy who started the rebellion against the Spaniards.

This was taken in a replica of Jose Rizal's house.

This is a floating restaurant. It was lovely. There's even fish in the water!

I thought I would chuck in this photo of Jason and I. It was taken outside a shopping centre and we were waiting to be picked up. Yes we had drivers!

We thought this was funny. They have special checkouts for senior citizens in the supermarket.

This was in a place called Tagaytay. In the background there is a volcano. It's still active.

It had a cool breeze there. I quite like the fact that it was cloudy and gloomy. It made the view all the better I think.

This was on my actual birthday. The 1st of Feb. This is my parents and I in a restaurant for my birthday dinner. This was with my dad's side of the family.

A photo with some of the family. I took photos with everyone.

Leaving the restaurant. I loved the staircase.

This was my birthday celebration with my mum's side of the family. This is but a handful of my relatives.

Moving onto Malaysia. This is me in the hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Jason and I in front of the Eye on Malaysia (I think that's what it was called lol). My parents, Jason and I went on this bus tour in KL.

I took this photo from the hotel. I love it. The building is lovely. The weird thing is Jason also took a photo of this building from the hotel at a different time. But he used the same angle as I did. The real weird thing is we didn't know we took a photo of the same thing!

Here is that photo. It was the strangest thing. We didn't even know until we downloaded our photos.

Anyway, the holiday was fantastic! I have sooo many more photos and this was just a part of it. I will probably have more which I will put on my Facebook or something.

But first I want to have one more photo.

This is my grandfather on my mother's side. He was my only living grandparent left but he has just passed away a few days ago. So this is my last photo with him forever...I'm so glad we were able to go see him. It sounds strange but I think he knew this was the last time he would see us.
* So I dedicate this post to Caesar Lavilles March 20 1919 to February 16 2008 *

I hope you all enjoyed the photos. Thanks everyone

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I'm Back!

I got back last Thursday night/early Friday morning. It was a wonderful holiday. I had such a great time with my family, shopping, relaxing and having fun.

It was lovely as Jason was able to come with me and my parents. It was his first trip overseas and it was an awesome experience for him.

I want to load more photos but I will do that later. I just wanted to write a quick post to say that I've come back.

I'm planning my small bday party for this weekend, though my birthday was on the 1st of February, I wanted to have a small gathering with some girl friends.