Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas Inspiration.....

I haven't blogged in awhile. It has been so busy and tiring at work. Retail is horrible to work in at Christmas time. I have had some of the rudest customers. Argh!

Anyway, I thought to make some flickr mosaics. 

This first one is all about beautiful packaging. There are so many creative ideas out there and every year I always want to try it but I never get round to doing it or think that people won't appreciate it the same way. 

This next mosaic is about stocking stuffers. Or just some cute little gifts that can be added to your main present.

I like stockings but we don't really do them here. So this year Jase and I thought to exchange some stocking presents...all a surprise. 

I had this bauble made at work. I thought it would be fun to get a personalised bauble made. I got one for Jason made as well. 

I made some personalised Christmas crackers for my girl friends. It was so much fun to do. 

These are the little items in my crackers. A pastel pen, a little Bloom soap, and some tiny envelopes. 

I also made some little crackers with some Lindt chocolate and some tiny pegs. 

This is my beautiful feather wreath. It came with the lights already intertwined within the feathers. I'd like to hang this on my door after Christmas. 

I just had to add this Twilight movie poster. I've seen the movie twice. I loved it! I'm thinking of watching it a third time. One of my work mates is keen to watch it too. Hehe! We are a Twilight loving bunch in my area. 

Anyway, I hope to write another post before Christmas. On my one day off. Sigh. More tiring work. 

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Pretty Baubles

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I think the next few posts will be all Christmas related. It was another long and busy day at work. I'm completely over it.

Anyway, I've tried to be creative in my down time. I was inspired by some pretty baubles I saw in a catalogue. I decided to make some myself.

This is a scan from the Domayne catalogue. The little bubble part is my inspiration. It's a glass bauble filled with feathers.

Here's my version. A plastic bauble and turkey feathers from Art Riot

I used pastel coloured feathers for this one. The real being they ran out of white ones at the shop.
This was taken last night in the city. It was the lighting of the Christmas tree, which Jason and I didn't get to see as we just wanted to go to Borders. It was such a beautiful night through a bit windy. My picture is a bit blurry as well. Hard to take pics at night without a flash. 

I thought I would try and make some Christmas mini note cards. This is what I came up with. It was inspired by a magazine. 

I adore Cristina Re paper. The butterfly is made from some Cristina Re paper that came free with the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I hope to put this set up in my shop. I hope you like it.

Anyway, until next time.

Friday, 21 November 2008

A little peak...

I have a big weekend of work and other social engagements. It's always so busy this time of the year. I have work tomorrow from 8-4:30 (originally 5 but I got a half hour off). First it's off to an engagement party (I swear everyone is getting engaged lately!), then a birthday. I have work until wednesday, with Tuesday night being Myerone VIP night. Sigh so it means a long day of work being 10-9pm, then an 8 o'clock start the next day.

Anyway, I've been so excited about Christmas that I put the tree up already. I'm slowly buying more items as it get closer to Christmas. I can't help it working in the trim section.

Here's a collage of some pretty decorations I have bought this year.

I know it's not the most fantastic photos of the items. I was drawn to these colours. I wasn't even going to have a colour theme. But I love the jewelled pink, blue and purple. With some gold, and a tiny bit of silver and crystal coloured. 

This is my tiny 2ft pink tree that I feel in love with and just had to buy. These are the colours I chose for it. The purple, teal and frosted, glittery white. I might have a gold star on top though when I'm finished with it.

This is a little project I have been working on in my down time. I'm in the biggest fairy tale mood. I scanned some picture from some of my favourite images in a Brother's Grim picture book and turned the images into mini envelopes. They are the photos on the left. The pictures on the right are from this flickr user. She has got hundreds are wonderful images. 

I just had to share this. It's part of my backyard I took this morning. I love how green the grass is and the trees. It's been raining and storming here for the past few days. Huge storms that one area has been declared a disaster zone. I was at work last night and the lights kept on flickering. My mum said the hail stones were huge and there was so much lightning. 

This is a picture of my desk. It's terribly messy. I have so many projects going on I can't seem to keep it clean. The rest of my room look much the same. 

Anyway, I want to share more christmas things in future posts.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Christmas is coming soon

Yes it is. Working in retail it has been coming for a few months. A few weeks ago Jason and I went to check out the unveiling of the Myer Christmas windows in the city central store. When we got there it was so busy with children we decided to check out the windows later on that night.
The photos are very clear as it was hard to take a photo at night time. This is just a few photos of the windows.

I think this one is quite cute with all the letters. I would love a room full of letters as well.

The windows were cute and it was great to be caught up in all the excitement of the children looking at each display.

Jason reading a kids book in Borders. We love to go there and just browse around. There is so much to look at all the time.

And we have to drink a Gloria Jeans coffee or in my case hot chocolate. Plus we had some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. You don't realise how excited everyone in Brisbane was when they opened a store here. Yum!

Last Friday Caeleb had a Christmas concert for his kindy. I had some videos but for some reason the sound didn't come out when I loaded them. Sigh. But this is Cael in his kindy room with a present from his parents. The children were all given a gift from the parents from their teachers. 
A photo with mum. Caeleb and Liz my sister in law. In his hand he is holding a tiny canvas and easel. It was a present from his kindy teachers. I thought it is absolutely adorable. Caeleb is very creative as well. He loves to colour in and make things. 

And this was another gift from the teachers. All his work in a special folder. I had a video of him telling me about his folder but no the sound didn't come out of that either. 

Anyway, I want to do a Christmas decorating post soon. I've been buying some decos from work. It's hard not to resist seeing as I'm working in the christmas trim section. 

Friday, 7 November 2008

SHE Christmas Gala 2008

Last Saturday night I attended the SHE Christmas Gala supper at my church. It was to raise money for the rescue home we have in Cambodia. The same home that I would like to go to one day (as part of my 101 things). 

I really can't pose properly. Bymyself. But with someone else I'm a little more natural. lol. So look past the stupid stance. 

Mum and me. She's wearing an outfit from Malaysia. She thought to wear it to be different.

My lovely sister in law Liz and me. I was going to buy the same dress as she's wearing but in teal. Good thing I didn't =)

This is Paula, Liz's mum, my mum, Liz and me. We all went together and had a girls night out. 

My nephews and I. Isaiah always seems to close his eyes in photos and Caeleb was cranky for this photo. 

Cael in a better mood. He was willing to take a 'funny' photo with me. 

The boys. Isaiah is such a huge fan of Ben 10. It's everywhere here. Since I work in the kids section I know lol. 

Wish I was able to get a better photo of our table. It was beautiful! The decorations were lovely. But it was hard to get good photos because of the lighting. That pinky/red drink was so good and refreshing. Perfect for an Aussie Christmas.

Lizzy and me inside. This was taken on her awesome camera. It was such a lovely night. Full of food, laughter, friendship and we were able to help out a great cause. 

I tried to take a photo but it didn't turn out too well. This is what the tickets looked like. They also had these baubles to buy and the money went towards the rescue home. We kept a bauble and a bauble went to the girls in the home with a personalised message from us. It was a lovely gesture.

This whole night made me really think about how blessed I truly am. The stories made me cry, there was one that especially moved me. I wanted to help. Which is why I would love to go over sometime maybe next year to Cambodia to help out. For the time being I'm wanting to host a High tea or something similar and have proceeds go towards the home. 

I truly feel passionate about helping out others. This is why I have a sponsor child and why I would like to have another one sometime. I know I am so blessed to live here in Australia and I don't ever want to take it for granted.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

101 Things in 1001 Days

I thought I would participate in the 101 Things to do in 1001 Days project again. I know I made a list last year but that fell by the wayside. I thought I would make a new one that I put a lot more thought into. I decided to participate because the lovely Wishcake posted her list.
* Spiritual/Christian Life
1. Be involved in Kingdom Advancers at church
2. Attend the youth/young adults conference with John Bevere in January 2009
3. Watch my Lisa Bevere 'Fight like a girl' dvd and follow the workbook
4. Take notes at church for a month (0/4) - hopefully be a regular note taker
5. Read all Lisa Bevere books
6. Go to Cambodia with my church to help with the rescue home
7. Attend a women's church conference
8. Read 12 Christian spiritual development books
9. Write in my prayer journal once a month for the duration of this project (0/22)

* Self, Health & Fitness
10. Be able to run 5km
11. Stretch often and aim to be able to do the splits
12. Go on 5 hikes, each at a different location (0/5)
13. Have a pamper me day
14. Use Wii Fit 3 times a week for a month (0/12)
15. Create an exercise routine and follow it for a month (0/31) - try and continue with it

* Creative Endeavours
16. Cook 10 new recipes (0/10)
17. Bake 5 different types of dessert (0/5)
18. Try 8 DIY projects from magazines and websites
19. Make 2 scrapbooks (0/2)
20. Hand sew 5 softies/plushies (0/5)
21. Complete 5 cute hand embroidered patterns (0/5)
22. Try 8 projects from Martha Stewart - magazine and website (0/8)
23. Sew 5 items (0/5)
24. Make some fairy wings, a wand and a crown
25. Make some soap - get a kit
26. Decorate two canvases (0/2)
27. Stencil 5 singlets/tops (0/5)
28. Make 40 different fabric buttons (0/40)
29. Make 4 flower brooches (0/4)
30. Create 20 polyvore sets (0/20)
31. Design my own stationery set
32. Make 10 paper dresses (0/10)
33. Make an advent calender 
34. Make a fantasy/fairytale like collage
35. Create a fashion scrapbook made up of my favourite costumes and fashion eras
36. Do a photo scavenger hunt
37. Make 100 Etsy sales
38. Make a children's book
39. Make a quote book

* Things to learn: Classes, knowlege, skill
40. Take a sewing lesson/course
41. Learn to knit - make a scarf
42. Learn to crochet 
43. Take a book binding class
44. Develop my photo shop skills
45. Relearn basic French
46. Relearn basic Spanish
47. Take a surfing lesson
48. Go to a pilates class
49. Take a dance class
50. Go to a ceramic painting class/lesson
51. Relearn calligraphy and learn a few different styles
52. Learn how to letter press
53. Get my first aid and CPR certificate
54. Get my drivers license
55. Renew my blue card
56. Learn all the features of my Macbook laptop and iPhone

* Reading, Writing and watching
57. Read 100 new books (0/100)
58. Watch 50 movies new or old that I haven't seen (0/50)
59. Blog everyday for a month (0/31)
60. Go to the beach or a park, bring a journal and camera and reflect - 5 times (0/5)
61. Write a fairytale

* Entertainment and arts
62. Watch 2 ballets (0/2)
63. Watch 2 musicals (0/2)
64. Go to a Queensland Roar soccer game
65. Watch 2 bands play live (0/2)

* For Others
66. Do 10 random acts of kindness (0/10)
67. Leave a gift under a Christmas tree for charity - one for a boy and a girl
68. Volunteer to be a cuddle mum at the Mater hospital
69. Take my nephews out for a play date twice (0/2)
70. Give 10 care packages/just because gifts to friends (0/10)
71. Sell a special set of mini note cards and have all proceeds go to my church's Cambodia Rescue home
72. Donate to 10 different charities
73. Send out 10 'just because' letters (0/10)
74. Finish my Pay it Forward
75. Complete my journal with Alicia

*Organise, Clean, Declutter
76. Completely organise and edit all my photos
77. Clean and organise my room completely
78. Organise my laptop and transfer all my files from the PC
79. Organise my links, favourites and websites
80. Make/organise a stationery/gift drawer

* Fun and Experiences
81. Ride a horse
82. Complete a sudoku book
83. Go up the Q1 tower on the Gold Coast
84. Go to Thunderbird park and mine thunderbird eggs
85. Go to the Planetarium
86. Play a computer game with Jason
87. Go on 5 days trips and visit some little towns (0/5)
88. Play/make 4 childrens craft/science kits (0/4)
89. Make and decorate Christmas decorations with my nephews
90. Go shopping in Melbourne
91. Go scuba diving
92. Go on 5 picnics (0/5)
93. Go to Dreamworld and White Water world
94. Buy a website/domain
95. Go camping
96. Go to the horse Races to dress up
97. Meet some blog friends

* For my future
98. Plan a wedding
99. Get married
100. Go overseas with Jason after we get married
101. Buy a house
And that's the list. I know the last four are quite personal but I don't really mind sharing them as that's how I see my life as being by the end of this project. 

One last thing, I keep on forgetting to ask if anyone wants to participate in my Pay It Forward. Well I received my package from Anastasia and I am looking for anyone who is willing to participate. I will send out three packages which will be filled with note cards, some stationery and other little bits. So either email me or let me know in the comments section. Thanks!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

More Etsy and other photos

I want to say thank you to those who purchased something from my Etsy and the support! It is very much appreciated! I'm hoping to keep on filling it up in the next few weeks.

Here are a few new ones.....

It's a new style which I have been working on. I want to perfect it a little bit more though. I have to make a new tiny envelope.

Those tiny butterflies in the envelopes have a hand written inspirational word on it. 'Dream, Wish, Beautiful, Hope.' I would like to make a few different series with different words on them.

I've always loved tiny little envelopes and little surprises in kids books, so I though to add them to my mini note cards. 

This is a photo of my first Etsy packages being sent off. Too keep postage down I tied the note cards up but didn't wrap them in nice paper as I originally wanted to do, unless of course it's for a present....then I would wrap.

I have a few other photos I want to share.

I made up this little present for a friend who is going through a tough time. I love that journal. It's from here. But got this one from a women's church conference. I love inspirational things.

This is a work in progress wall. I bought that wall shelf from Ikea. I will be changing it around when I have a few more things.

This is my 'inspiration' string on my wall in front of my desk. It has things I love, including... a fabric button note card I made, a little note book from Ellia, a clothing tag from the Philippines, a Stephen Mackey card, an Inspirational Verse card, my own mini note card which isn't there anymore, a tiny butterfly, a tag from Anastasia, another Inspirational Verse card, my business card, and another little note book from Ellia

Anyway, I have more photos and things for next time and I hope to put those items into my Shop.  Thanks again for your lovely comments and support.