Monday, 17 November 2008

Christmas is coming soon

Yes it is. Working in retail it has been coming for a few months. A few weeks ago Jason and I went to check out the unveiling of the Myer Christmas windows in the city central store. When we got there it was so busy with children we decided to check out the windows later on that night.
The photos are very clear as it was hard to take a photo at night time. This is just a few photos of the windows.

I think this one is quite cute with all the letters. I would love a room full of letters as well.

The windows were cute and it was great to be caught up in all the excitement of the children looking at each display.

Jason reading a kids book in Borders. We love to go there and just browse around. There is so much to look at all the time.

And we have to drink a Gloria Jeans coffee or in my case hot chocolate. Plus we had some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. You don't realise how excited everyone in Brisbane was when they opened a store here. Yum!

Last Friday Caeleb had a Christmas concert for his kindy. I had some videos but for some reason the sound didn't come out when I loaded them. Sigh. But this is Cael in his kindy room with a present from his parents. The children were all given a gift from the parents from their teachers. 
A photo with mum. Caeleb and Liz my sister in law. In his hand he is holding a tiny canvas and easel. It was a present from his kindy teachers. I thought it is absolutely adorable. Caeleb is very creative as well. He loves to colour in and make things. 

And this was another gift from the teachers. All his work in a special folder. I had a video of him telling me about his folder but no the sound didn't come out of that either. 

Anyway, I want to do a Christmas decorating post soon. I've been buying some decos from work. It's hard not to resist seeing as I'm working in the christmas trim section. 


Unknown said...

Mmm I would love another GJ coffee right now! It's so rainy and cold, the weather is perfect for one.

Miss Laura said...

Looks like you had fun!
Nice haircut Jase!

Anonymous said...

I've been chatting with Santa here in europe Grace (he lives here, here in europe), and he said JS has been dreaming of getting Left 4 Dead for Xmas. He's also been dreaming that he's going to be the best at it and unlock more achievements than anyone. He's also been dreaming that Hellgate would release a patch to make it so good everyone stops playing WoW and they raise enough money to keep the servers open forever. Santa also mentioned some other dreams which were frankly obscene and quite pornographic in nature, and don't bear repeating here.

You can make of these Christmas dreams come true, Gracie. Personally, I'd go for the Left 4 Dead one. Also hook yourself up with a copy too. We can play co-op! Jean wants in too. No, I'm not kidding. She does.

Anonymous said...

awwww such a precious photo of caleb!!! and you all have gloria jeans too!!! i love that place hehehe... the window displays are DARLING! i hope the kids get to see all the downtown stuff this year... you inspired me to go and grab all my christmas stuff too!

Artifax said...

Those store windows are great! Love the one with all the letters!

Wouldn't that just be a dream job to do department store window display? What fabulous montages you could make!

Borders is great, isn't it? We go there all the time just to browse and hang out. In ours, the magazine section is by the coffee stand and it makes such a nice, pleasant morning to take a magazine to a table and have breakfast with your loved ones! No doubt that my kids are going to grow up to be big-time book lovers. :)

Glad you had such a good time! The Holiday season is almost upon us!

Anastasia said...

i love hanging out at Borders AND gloria jeans too...wish we could have coffee together sometime!!
Caleb is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

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