Friday, 21 November 2008

A little peak...

I have a big weekend of work and other social engagements. It's always so busy this time of the year. I have work tomorrow from 8-4:30 (originally 5 but I got a half hour off). First it's off to an engagement party (I swear everyone is getting engaged lately!), then a birthday. I have work until wednesday, with Tuesday night being Myerone VIP night. Sigh so it means a long day of work being 10-9pm, then an 8 o'clock start the next day.

Anyway, I've been so excited about Christmas that I put the tree up already. I'm slowly buying more items as it get closer to Christmas. I can't help it working in the trim section.

Here's a collage of some pretty decorations I have bought this year.

I know it's not the most fantastic photos of the items. I was drawn to these colours. I wasn't even going to have a colour theme. But I love the jewelled pink, blue and purple. With some gold, and a tiny bit of silver and crystal coloured. 

This is my tiny 2ft pink tree that I feel in love with and just had to buy. These are the colours I chose for it. The purple, teal and frosted, glittery white. I might have a gold star on top though when I'm finished with it.

This is a little project I have been working on in my down time. I'm in the biggest fairy tale mood. I scanned some picture from some of my favourite images in a Brother's Grim picture book and turned the images into mini envelopes. They are the photos on the left. The pictures on the right are from this flickr user. She has got hundreds are wonderful images. 

I just had to share this. It's part of my backyard I took this morning. I love how green the grass is and the trees. It's been raining and storming here for the past few days. Huge storms that one area has been declared a disaster zone. I was at work last night and the lights kept on flickering. My mum said the hail stones were huge and there was so much lightning. 

This is a picture of my desk. It's terribly messy. I have so many projects going on I can't seem to keep it clean. The rest of my room look much the same. 

Anyway, I want to share more christmas things in future posts.


Anastasia said...

glad to hear you guys werent affected by the bad storms - freaky summer weather we're having huh? love your decorations and the pink christmas tree...cute little envelopes too!!!

manon 21 said...

mon atelier ressemble au votre.

Mod and Mint said...

A pink christmas tree! I lOVE!
And i luv your pretty mini envelopes, they are adorable.

oh, hello friend. said...

Hello Dear! Thank you for stopping by my blog! It is so good to reconnect with you! I'm sorry I never got back to you about our envelope swap, I could always still make you something now ;) Lovely blog - love all your amazing work! Will be stopping by again soon <3

Miss Laura said...

Oh Gracie, I so love all your things... you are so inspiring. Love love your tree!

Ps I am going to be sending some of your beautiful cards as a gift to my friend in Sweden! x

Artifax said...

Your desk just looks like a great artist has been hard at work! :)

Ah, such lovely Christmas decorations you have put up already! LOVE that pink tree - that is just great! Our decorations are all still boxed away, but this is the big weekend for decorating so I guess I better get them out of the closet :)

And fairy tale envelopes - ooooh! ahhhh!

The holiday is always a big time for engagements :) I'm hoping we might have one in our family too .. we'll see :)

Labour of Love said...

what a gorgeous backyard you have Sweet Gracie!!! how i wish i was there instead of here, cold+dreary...your Christmas decorations are soooo sweet! the pink tree is fabulous!!! you're so lucky that you're done...the lil' munchkins and i just dragged down so many boxes, tins + bags from our attic...we're too bushed to put the tree up after eating such a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast...hmmm, maybe tomorrow 'Black Friday' as it's called here in the States...that's where early bird shoppers shop til they drop...that's not my cup of tea...we'll be decking the halls and listening to holiday glad you weren't harmed by those folks told me that the typhoons/monsoons hit their hometown in the Philippines and suffered just a few damages...but no one was hurt...
your envies are absolutely charming-esp. your newest magical!!! yes, i agree w/ Bejeweled, holidays always seem to be the best time for all sorts of big news... maybe some from you-SOOOOON?!!!! xoxo jo ;)

Anonymous said...

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