Friday, 7 November 2008

SHE Christmas Gala 2008

Last Saturday night I attended the SHE Christmas Gala supper at my church. It was to raise money for the rescue home we have in Cambodia. The same home that I would like to go to one day (as part of my 101 things). 

I really can't pose properly. Bymyself. But with someone else I'm a little more natural. lol. So look past the stupid stance. 

Mum and me. She's wearing an outfit from Malaysia. She thought to wear it to be different.

My lovely sister in law Liz and me. I was going to buy the same dress as she's wearing but in teal. Good thing I didn't =)

This is Paula, Liz's mum, my mum, Liz and me. We all went together and had a girls night out. 

My nephews and I. Isaiah always seems to close his eyes in photos and Caeleb was cranky for this photo. 

Cael in a better mood. He was willing to take a 'funny' photo with me. 

The boys. Isaiah is such a huge fan of Ben 10. It's everywhere here. Since I work in the kids section I know lol. 

Wish I was able to get a better photo of our table. It was beautiful! The decorations were lovely. But it was hard to get good photos because of the lighting. That pinky/red drink was so good and refreshing. Perfect for an Aussie Christmas.

Lizzy and me inside. This was taken on her awesome camera. It was such a lovely night. Full of food, laughter, friendship and we were able to help out a great cause. 

I tried to take a photo but it didn't turn out too well. This is what the tickets looked like. They also had these baubles to buy and the money went towards the rescue home. We kept a bauble and a bauble went to the girls in the home with a personalised message from us. It was a lovely gesture.

This whole night made me really think about how blessed I truly am. The stories made me cry, there was one that especially moved me. I wanted to help. Which is why I would love to go over sometime maybe next year to Cambodia to help out. For the time being I'm wanting to host a High tea or something similar and have proceeds go towards the home. 

I truly feel passionate about helping out others. This is why I have a sponsor child and why I would like to have another one sometime. I know I am so blessed to live here in Australia and I don't ever want to take it for granted.


Kerri W. said...

What a fun night! And a great cause.

Oh, and your outfit is adorable! You looked absolutely gorgeous. It's true. :)

Miss Laura said...

Awesome outfit! Wooo you got a flower corsage!

Your little nephews are growing up fast, so cute xo

Labour of Love said...

what are you talking about?!!! you're absolutely stunning!!!!!!! you and your sis-in-law truly look like fashion models and i love your outfits! plus, my hubby said you have 'great legs!' totally have to agree with him, but i think your eyes and heart are even more magnificent! your nephews are the cutest...Isaiah totally reminds me of my lil' Ian...he also loves ben 10, transformers, iron man, you name adorable!!!!!

your mom is so sweet...she reminds me of mine. the dress she has on is beautiful.

what a nice benefit...i wish i could be more involved...that's what drew me to your blog the first time i ever read it, i read your 101 list and was so inspired by your accomplishments and're so young but so very wise and your heart is as big as the galaxy...i've always wondered how to sponser a child...when i was single that was one of my courageous and loving are you for sharing your heart with someone're really a good soule! what a beautiful night! thanks for sharing...xoxo, jo ;)

Anastasia said...

you are so sweet Gracienne!! looks like a wonderful time!!

Anonymous said...

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