Monday, 25 August 2014

A new Adventure

Hello hellooo! I know it's been months since I last had a post. I wasn't sure if I would even come back to blogging. Right now I should be in Europe with some of my favourite girls (another thing I hadn't blogged about) but instead I have a different adventure awaiting :) Baby S will be making an appearance in February. If you follow me on Instagram (@graciebellabutterfly if you want to follow) or Facebook you may have already seen this news.

I'm excited, anxious and it's a whole new adventure. It wasn't exactly planned (hence my Europe trip) but it's something we have discussed and I guess it was the right time :) Jason and I have taken this week off work to do some major house cleaning and prepping the soon to be nursery.

I hope to blog more about the whole experience and would love to hear your thoughts.