Monday, 28 July 2008

Just a July

I thought I would try one of doing one of those little meme's. I found this one via daydreamlily


Pretty easy really - pick any day of the month to post (maybe when you can't think of a thing to blog about!) and give us a handful of highlights beginning with an action, like: reading...or eating...

Give it a title, 'Just a (insert month)' so others can find them easily in your post list.


In July I'm...

Reading... The Queen's Fool by Philippa Gregory...The Virgin's Lover by Philippa Gregory...God's Masterplan for your life by Gloria Copeland...and there's others that I've read and finished.

Watching...So you think you can dance (US)...Friends...Batman Begins...Batman: The Dark Knight...

Creating...Mini notecards and envelopes, penpal letters, fabric buttons.

Learning....How to sew. Well at the moment I'm trying to teach myself until I have a lesson.

Thinking...About all the crafts I want to try. I ha
ve a huge list and I just keep on thinking about it instead of doing them.

Looking...For a new job. I can't stand retail anymore. I need a change of environment.


A few other updates, as you can see I'm back from Bathurst which was great but freezing cold! Though today is pretty cold for Brisbane. And I was meant to open my Etsy today but it's not going to happen for at least another week or so.

Ohh and Jack from So you think you can dance (Australia) winner was in Myer this past week. 

It was a pretty dead day so everyone got excited. He's such a cutie. I only looked at him from the counter. I didn't go up to him like some of the cosmetics girls lol. I'm so glad he won it. Especially cause he's a local Brisbane boy!

I had to end this post with some pretty pictures. I would love to start taking gorgeous photos as well =)

P.S. I sent out the packages from my giveaway last week sometime. So I hope they all get received this week.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Letter love

Wow I never blog more than once a week but I would love to from now one. I'm leaving for a small trip down to Bathurst on Friday morning (early). So I have to start packing as I'm working tomorrow and leaving at 6am Friday morning for a lovely 12 hour car ride. Jason and I are going down to see his family.

Anyway, if you know me I love to receive mail and write letters. I like to receive letters that I know people put the effort in. As I do that and always try and put little extras. It's such a wonderful surprise to receive a pretty package in the mail. So I thought I would make a little flickr mosaic of some letter love.

1. Love Letters I, 2. Day 72 - wading through a sea of letters, 3. Circulation: Letters & Lives, 4. letters flying.., 5. Da série: Cartas, 6. obrigada, paula!, 7. December Flying Letters, 8. a letter begins, 9. Fragile Mail, 10. Private Eye ID & Such, 11. Shackled & Addicted, 12. to be mailed

I'm such a sucker for mail. I have kept all my letter since I was 9. They are kept in a box and I like to go through them and read and see what little things I was on about =)

But now I have tons of things to catch up on. I must send out the packages to the winners. Thanks for giving me your details everyone. I hope to have them sent by tomorrow. Thanks again for all your support.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Winners Drawn!

w Wooden Tile I Educational Block NN - koNtikiE R S (ex-E)
Ok the time has come and I have drawn the winners to my little blog giveaway. I do want to say thank you to everyone who entered and left a comment. It's so lovely of you all and I would give away something for everyone if I could. And there are actually 5 winners as I realised I have 5 sets of 4 note cards. And there will be a bonus winner as well =) I got so excited about it!
So I'm using a random number generator to select the winners and they are....

The random numbers. They correspond to these comments....

Number 16

Number 24

Number 21
Number 12
Number 22
And here is the number for my little bonus 'just because....'

Number 4

So congratulations to all the winners! I will be contacting you all shortly and getting details. Thank you all so much for the support and encouragement. It means soo much. I will be visiting your blogs very soon.

On a side note I'm going to Bathurst for a few days to go meet some of Jason's family =) We're driving down. Takes about 12 hours or so!  So post will depend on how quick I can get details. Thanks again everyone!!

* Shop should still open about the 28th July. Yay!

Monday, 7 July 2008

Mini Blog Giveaway

Hello all I thought I would have another little giveaway =) I'm thinking of opening my Etsy shop on the 28th of July. Hopefully on that day or at least around that date.

But I thought to have a little giveaway in celebration! Here are the note cards that I'm giving away.

I made these awhile ago. With plans to put them in Etsy but I thought it would be cute to use them for the giveaway.

So basically there are four sets of 4 mini note cards and envelopes that I'm giving away. To participate you just need to leave a comment with an email or some form of contact. I will leave this up for about a week and then I will draw out the 4 winners. Feel free to let people know about this =) 

Thank you for your kind words about my note cards and the encouragement to open my Etsy. Not long now and I'm so excited about it.

By the way I've cancelled my sewing classes. Long story lol but I hope to start them later on in the year.

Thanks again everyone!!

* Lol I think I should say that each winner receives one set of 4 note cards and envelopes. But there will be 4 winners =) Oh and each set will come with a little extra.