Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Letter love

Wow I never blog more than once a week but I would love to from now one. I'm leaving for a small trip down to Bathurst on Friday morning (early). So I have to start packing as I'm working tomorrow and leaving at 6am Friday morning for a lovely 12 hour car ride. Jason and I are going down to see his family.

Anyway, if you know me I love to receive mail and write letters. I like to receive letters that I know people put the effort in. As I do that and always try and put little extras. It's such a wonderful surprise to receive a pretty package in the mail. So I thought I would make a little flickr mosaic of some letter love.

1. Love Letters I, 2. Day 72 - wading through a sea of letters, 3. Circulation: Letters & Lives, 4. letters flying.., 5. Da série: Cartas, 6. obrigada, paula!, 7. December Flying Letters, 8. a letter begins, 9. Fragile Mail, 10. Private Eye ID & Such, 11. Shackled & Addicted, 12. to be mailed

I'm such a sucker for mail. I have kept all my letter since I was 9. They are kept in a box and I like to go through them and read and see what little things I was on about =)

But now I have tons of things to catch up on. I must send out the packages to the winners. Thanks for giving me your details everyone. I hope to have them sent by tomorrow. Thanks again for all your support.


OlynXes said...

OMG i just remembered the little notes we used to write to eachother during AST at school! hahaha oh my the nonsense we'd write... the "crush" trees we used to draw... hahhahah oh MY. Have fun in Bathurst chica ;) mwa

Mod and Mint said...

Have fun on your trip! Be safe and enjoy!

Artifax said...

Have fun on your trip! Safe journey!

Just got news that Breaking Dawn will be released on August 2nd. here - yeah!!

Mummerina said...

Im so glad u are opening a Etsy store! Good luck.
Hope you don't freeze in Bathurst either

oh, hello friend. said...

i loveeee mail! great set of photos! :)