Sunday, 29 April 2012

It's an outfit post

Dress - Supre (one of the only things I own from there)
Tights - Equip
Boots - Target
Necklace - Gift
Cuff - Mombasa
Bracelet - Gift

I really love those boots. I've been wearing them everywhere lately. It's also starting to cool down but it's still not cold. Though I guess people in Brisbane can't really say it gets that cold (we are quite wimpy with cold weather).

I'm thinking of getting these shoes as my next allowed purchase. It's a great boot/wedge heel that I can use to dress my outfits up a little more without having to wear heels. For some reason I just can't wear heels well even though I'm so small. I figure these will get me through winter. 

What's catching your shopping eye lately?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Little things...

Dress - Quirky circus
Boots - Target
Belt - Myer?
Necklace and bracelet - gifts

My legs do a look a little stumpy with this dress and boots. Ha!

A few things I'm loving lately...
♥ Mint and pale pink (or peach)
♥ Unexpected mail
♥ Game of Thrones (obsessed)
♥ Arrow accessories and items
♥ My Target boots
Bespoke zine (I ordered my first one yay) 
♥ Polaroids
♥ Coloured popcorn
♥ Going to bookstores
♥ Online 'window' shopping
♥ Cute jumpers
♥ Glitter

I want to take note of the little things that I love. I think it helps keep me focused on the positives when you feel down. It's a good habit to form. What little things are you loving lately?

Saturday, 21 April 2012

On my Wishlist

I love to online window shop. These are some items that I would love to get and made it to my favourites. Maybe they will be my next allowed purchase? 

Since I bought some pale pink jeans I wouldn't mind getting these mint coloured ones. 

I love Ally lately. It has some cute, cheap buys. I think this jumper is adorable. 

Stripes are always welcome in my wardrobe. 

I think this is one of the cutest things!

I would love this dress for work. 

A long, cosy cardigan for winter is definitely on the wish list. 

I like the colours and the pattern is different. I love it. 

I'm a fan of arrow related items now because of Katniss. 

I love Game of Thrones. The Song of Ice and Fire books are fantastic and I adore the Starks.

I've always wanted to get some pretty ballet flats from Etsy. The reviews say they are comfortable and mould to your feet. 

Another arrow. I think this is so pretty. Especially in the gold. 

So do you think I should purchase one of these items as my next allowed purchase? I hope so :) Although these items aren't on my list of things I can buy (except for the long cardigan) it doesn't matter. I'm already on such a restricted budget.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A few recent purchases

So, Jason is off on another work trip and I'm a little sad to be by myself for a few days again. 

Anyway, I'm on a budget when it comes to shopping while we are saving up for our USA trip so I've only bought things I really want. I have a list and I can choose from that list each week pay.

I bought these boots from Target. I love them because they toughen up my more girly look. I've worn then a few times already and they are quite comfy.

Jason bought my this pretty sequin heart jumper/top. He felt bad because our groceries went over budget so it ate into my money so he bought me this :) He is such a sweetheart. 

I'm not sure what I will do for my next 'allowed' purchase. Maybe a few more wintery clothes. Maybe accessories like scarves or jewellery. Suggestions? :) 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Photo Pact

Hello love people. I hope you are having a great weekend so far. So Jasmine, Megan and I were having a conversation on Twitter and decided we should some kind of pact involving photos. We've decided that we will give ourselves around two months to print some photos and use them for photo frames, albums and other things. It's a little bit sad that with digital cameras we don't print photos out as often and usually they are just on our computers or maybe social networking sites. 

Basically, I want to blog about it to keep me motivated and I figure I'm more likely to do it now that it's blogged about. If you want to join in with this 'photo pact' let me know and we can encourage each other to finally print those photos out :)

Have a lovely weekend.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Cousin love

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and Easter. Ours was fabulous. Four days off work, remembering Christ and being with family made it a very enjoyable weekend.

These set of photos are one of my favourites from the weekend. It's cousin love. Micah (left) and Elijah (right). They are two of my beautiful nephews who I just ADORE! These photos are so precious. Seeing them makes me feel so blessed that I have such a wonderful family. I truly could not ask for a better family.

Also, I feel like I should try and be a little more personal on my blog and share more of my happy moments. Like I mentioned in my last post I want to print more photos, frame more of them and have some albums. I have this need to document more of my life. Capture those little things. And one of those things is to print more photos out and personalise our little house. 

Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Just a Minute in...April

Just a Minute in April....

Watching... Games of Thrones Season two (yay), Once Upon a Time
Doing... A 5000 question survey swap on Swap-Bot. It's ridiculous how long this will take. Don't ask why I signed up. Wanted a challenge?
Sending... Postcards for Postcrossing. I'm loving it again.
Wanting... Prettier stamps. We have some boring stamps sometimes. I wish they would create prettier ones.
Planning... Journal ideas I have
Organising... My creative space
Wishing.... Our trip was here (although time will fly by and we will be on the plane to the USA)
Thinking... That I should finally put together a wedding album.

Lately, I've been thinking about putting together more albums and journals about my life. I want to capture all those little moments and memories. But my creativity feels a little bit stunted with the disorganised chaos of my creative space. I also have my supplies and other things all over the place. I know that organising myself will help with that. Anyway....

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! He is risen! 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Autumn 'Spring' Clean

So technically the Autumn Spring Clean is moving towards it's last week. But I'm a little bit behind with my cleaning. I have organised my bathrooms and kitchen. My bathrooms really weren't that bad as I've organised them awhile ago. 

This is my ensuite bathroom before. Please ignore any girly products :p

The ensuite after. It's a teeny bathroom so I don't keep too much in there. 

This is the second bathroom before. 

The second bathroom after. I use this bathroom to get ready. It's bigger than our ensuite. 

Our kitchen before. 

Our kitchen after. My cabinets are actually quite organised so what took me the longest was our tiny pantry. 

Last week it was supposed to be bedroom and wardrobe. But I'm a little behind. We have a break this week but I'm going to try and get started on my creative space because it's going to take longer than a weekend to tackle that mess. 

How is your organising going? Are you doing a spring clean? 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

It's an outfit post.

Top - Ladakh
Pants - Forever New
Shoes - Forever New
Bangle - Mombasa

These pants are one of the comfiest things I own. I sometimes wear it to work on our casual Friday's. These are definitely coming with me to the USA.

Top - Bardot
Jeans - Asos
Shoes - Tony Bianco
Necklace - Equip (gift)
Cuff - Gift

I hardly ever wear heels but I needed to with these jeans because they make me look even shorter than I am. I'm quite loving the coloured jean trend and I thought pastel pink would be fun to wear this winter. 

Also Jason and I went to Carindale shopping Centre to check out the new section that they built and just opened. It's amazing! It's cruel to go shopping when you are on a budget and saving up for a holiday so I didn't even look at both levels. I would get way to tempted. 

It was also ridiculously busy and parking was a nightmare. Even with the hundreds of new parking spaces we still took ages to get one and it was still rooftop parking. 

What's on your wish list lately?