Monday, 29 October 2007

Busy busy

Last week was so busy! My uni classes are all finished! But I still have 3 weeks of study and exams. I've also had some work training and today was my Myer orientation. I found out I'm working in the children and toy section. So that should be fun =) though crazy through this christmas period.

Anyway, thanks for all the comments you guys left. It was lovely of you. And to answer a question, I don't get a discount at Myer until after 3 months. But I get a discount on black and white apparel as long as it's suitable for work.

I haven't really been able to make much as I haven't been able to but here are a few things I have to share.
Jason bought me this top. There are a lot of cute vintage style tops at Myer. Sorry terrible photo. It's cloudy and rainy today and didn't use a flash.

And here are a pair of little flat shoes I bought from Target for $13 or something.

They're really quite cute in this muted gold tone. They would look good with a sweet white summer dress.

And I thought I would add a little something to the shoes. I've been wanting to decorate some plain little ballet flats or other flat shoes for ages now. It's not glued on yet so it's a little off centre lol.

The shoes on a different angle. I quite like them I think. Definitely want to decorate more flatties. It's kind of weird though as I'm small yet I love wearing flat shoes. I guess comfort is more important to me than height.

Oh and I think I will definitely have a little giveaway soonish. Maybe in a few posts time xox

Friday, 19 October 2007

A new job!

I have a Christmas casual job at Myer. I received the call to say that I have gotten a job there over the peak trading period. I just wanted a job for Christmas time as I haven't really worked this whole last semester of uni. I didn't mention anything about it but I have a group interview last week, got through that and had to apply to a specific position online and yay got the call. For those of you who don't know Myer is a huge department store here in Australia. The other is David Jones though it is quite up market. I've worked there too and I will not get into the details of that.

Thought I would show a picture of Jennifer Hawkins who is the 'face' of Myer. She was also Miss Universe in 2004. This was taken from the 2007 Summer show for Myer.

A few more things to add. I have one week of class left!! Though I still have 3 weeks of exams and study, but still I'm excited. I really can't believe how close I am to finishing. I can't wait to finally finish studying. Yay!

Swap-bot swap: BOOK of letters && envelope goodies swap! ♥
I swap with Swap-bot!

Oh and I am joining a swap at Swap-bot. I do swaps there here and there. Mainly letter ones because sometimes I will get into it and not receive back or my partner will not put that much effort into it. So anyway, that little icon up there is the link to the swap. It's called the Book of Letters and Envelope goodies swap. It sounds like so much fun. It's based on The Jolly Postman books. Has anyone read these books before?? I remember reading them and always wanting to make them. (My love of letters and mail has been going for a loonnggg time). So now I get my chance. It is going to be so much fun making my little book once I get my partner. And the organiser Danni is such a lovely person.

This is what I love about the internet world. You get to meet some fantastic people that you normally wouldn't have met. Either through swaps, forums or blogs. So thanks to all the great people I have gotten to know through the internet =)

* A side note - I would love to have a giveaway or something =) I see so many people doing it and it seems like such a great idea. I will get back to you on that.

Thought I would end with the last Moleskin notebook that I decorated. I'm thinking of using one of them maybe to keep track of all my penpal details. Anyway, until next time xox

Sunday, 14 October 2007

A visit

My German friend Jan-Peter is here. He came with his friend Tina. So Jason and I took them out for dinner. It was a nice, relaxing and casual night. Talking, walking and looking at how lovely it all looks at night. Plus the weather is gorgeous right now.

Just me, Tina and JP at Southbank. This just shows how small I am. Sigh sometimes I really hate it.

The four of us. Jason took this so it worked out. I will be seeing them again soon before they leave.

I have a few more pics I want to share.

I bought this a few weeks ago for $4 or something. I just thought it was cute. I haven't hung it up yet. Maybe for the study?!

I bought these at Borders a few weeks ago. The Ella Enchanted book is nothing like the movie. The book is better. I didn't mind the movie though it was corny but for some reason I still like to watch it lol. And thats the first time I have bought Moleskin notebooks. Well the skinny pocket ones anyway.

Here are two of the Moleskin notebooks. I thought they needed some decorating. I thought I would turn one into an internet site helper. It will be used to keep track of all my favourite sites, forums, blogs etc that I like. Plus to keep track of any usernames and passwords too as I forget them sometimes. And maybe a brief summary about what the site contains. The other I haven't thought of what to use it for yet.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Climbing Trees

Five and a half weeks to go. I'm just finishing off an assignment while waiting to go into uni for work placement. Though it is a bit stormy so wondering if I will end up having to go in (seeing as it's an athletics meet).

I haven't really been making anything since my little paper dressed so though I would share some photos taken on the weekend and a few other inspiring shots.

As this post is appropriately called, climbing trees as I was doing a bit of that with my little nephews on Saturday afternoon. Here are a few photos from that.

This was taken in my backyard. Here are my little nephews and Jason on this tyre swing we have hanging off a tree. It was place I used to go when I wanted to be alone and think, just sitting and swinging on the tyre.

This is us sitting in the tree. It was so much fun. Playing with children is so refreshing and it's getting exercise without really knowing you are. Jason was also teaching me how to juggle that afternoon (Still only using 2 balls =p).

Isaiah pulling a funny face. He likes to pose a bit =)

Me and Caeleb. He usually poses as well and copies Isaiah.

I will leave you all with a few photos from Veer. Just some lovely pictures to look at.

I adore butterflies and anything to do with them. Thought this was pretty.

This reminds me of summer. Lovely lush green grass, a sweet summer dress and a journal. Sigh =)

I might leave it at that because I don't want to have too many photos. Hopefully next time I will have some creations and other things. xox

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Paper Dresses

The countdown begins. I have 3 1/2 weeks of uni class left. But also 3 weeks of study and exams but hey it's nearly finished.

After seeing the lovely paper dresses at Jeweledelegance. And I received some encouragement from her (not sure if she wants her name here lol)to make my own. So I did a free hand sketch of a dress. it's very simple but I'm using it as my base. I have a made 3 after mucking around with designs.

This is the first dress I made and decided to make it into a card. I quite like it =) I might keep it for awhile until I make more. I love this Cristina Re flocked paper. It's gorgeous! I love her paper full stop. There are so many yummy designs.

These are the other two creations. They will eventually grace some notecards I think.

I had some more mini notecards I made but the photo was shocking and can't be bothered to take another one right now. Though I am getting addicted to making paper dresses. I want to make so many more. Like some mini ones to put on mini notecards and some shoes as well. Might do a whole fashion line of couture dresses. That would be fun.

On other thing I want to add. My mum bought me this Lisa Bevere pack.
She's one of my fave christian authors and speakers. Powerful speaker and women of God. And her husband John Bevere is an awesome speaker and man of God. Well the pack included her new book 'Fight like a Girl', a workbook, a dvd and this gorgeous charm bracelet with Swarovski jewels. It's lovely!

And thank you everyone for all your lovely and encouraging comments =) I appreciate them all.