Friday, 19 October 2007

A new job!

I have a Christmas casual job at Myer. I received the call to say that I have gotten a job there over the peak trading period. I just wanted a job for Christmas time as I haven't really worked this whole last semester of uni. I didn't mention anything about it but I have a group interview last week, got through that and had to apply to a specific position online and yay got the call. For those of you who don't know Myer is a huge department store here in Australia. The other is David Jones though it is quite up market. I've worked there too and I will not get into the details of that.

Thought I would show a picture of Jennifer Hawkins who is the 'face' of Myer. She was also Miss Universe in 2004. This was taken from the 2007 Summer show for Myer.

A few more things to add. I have one week of class left!! Though I still have 3 weeks of exams and study, but still I'm excited. I really can't believe how close I am to finishing. I can't wait to finally finish studying. Yay!

Swap-bot swap: BOOK of letters && envelope goodies swap! ♥
I swap with Swap-bot!

Oh and I am joining a swap at Swap-bot. I do swaps there here and there. Mainly letter ones because sometimes I will get into it and not receive back or my partner will not put that much effort into it. So anyway, that little icon up there is the link to the swap. It's called the Book of Letters and Envelope goodies swap. It sounds like so much fun. It's based on The Jolly Postman books. Has anyone read these books before?? I remember reading them and always wanting to make them. (My love of letters and mail has been going for a loonnggg time). So now I get my chance. It is going to be so much fun making my little book once I get my partner. And the organiser Danni is such a lovely person.

This is what I love about the internet world. You get to meet some fantastic people that you normally wouldn't have met. Either through swaps, forums or blogs. So thanks to all the great people I have gotten to know through the internet =)

* A side note - I would love to have a giveaway or something =) I see so many people doing it and it seems like such a great idea. I will get back to you on that.

Thought I would end with the last Moleskin notebook that I decorated. I'm thinking of using one of them maybe to keep track of all my penpal details. Anyway, until next time xox


Artifax said...

Another lovely moleskin journal! Love the b&w theme on this one.

That swap sounds just perfect for you!! Can't wait to see what you make!

And congrats on your new job! A little extra money at Christmas time is always a good thing :)

renee anne said...

thank you for your kindness~!

Kim from Kansas said...

Enjoying your blog!

My Charlie Girl said...

congratz on your job!!! thanks for the comment on my hair :) xxx

Anonymous said...

congrats on the new job!!! you will no doubt do a wonderful job there:) and school is going good too, eh?! i dont know how you can blog, swap, and do school at the same time!!! and a giveaway is always fun too- you could do a trivia about what you posted thruout your blog... or kinda a scavenger bloghunt where u ask them to find a blog that posted 5 days in a row, a blog by a mom who has 5+kids, a blog about writing or reading or sewing, a blogger who has been published, etc etc... then out of all the people who do the hunt, you can pick a person to win! you could give away a decorated moleskin :) either way, your new journal is beautiful too!

Mrs. J said...

congrats with the job!

Mummerina said...

Congrats on the job!! Hopefully you get some staff discount =)

The Paris Apartment said...

congratulations on your job!! and the moleskin journal could work for the give away...