Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Climbing Trees

Five and a half weeks to go. I'm just finishing off an assignment while waiting to go into uni for work placement. Though it is a bit stormy so wondering if I will end up having to go in (seeing as it's an athletics meet).

I haven't really been making anything since my little paper dressed so though I would share some photos taken on the weekend and a few other inspiring shots.

As this post is appropriately called, climbing trees as I was doing a bit of that with my little nephews on Saturday afternoon. Here are a few photos from that.

This was taken in my backyard. Here are my little nephews and Jason on this tyre swing we have hanging off a tree. It was place I used to go when I wanted to be alone and think, just sitting and swinging on the tyre.

This is us sitting in the tree. It was so much fun. Playing with children is so refreshing and it's getting exercise without really knowing you are. Jason was also teaching me how to juggle that afternoon (Still only using 2 balls =p).

Isaiah pulling a funny face. He likes to pose a bit =)

Me and Caeleb. He usually poses as well and copies Isaiah.

I will leave you all with a few photos from Veer. Just some lovely pictures to look at.

I adore butterflies and anything to do with them. Thought this was pretty.

This reminds me of summer. Lovely lush green grass, a sweet summer dress and a journal. Sigh =)

I might leave it at that because I don't want to have too many photos. Hopefully next time I will have some creations and other things. xox


Mrs. J said...

Wow what a nice day to spend w/ the bf and nephews. Whoah, how did you climb up the tree?!?! That's scary! I'm kinda scared of heights but I sure wanna try that too

Artifax said...

Your little nephews are sooo cute! And what darling pics of you all on the tire swing!