Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Paper Dresses

The countdown begins. I have 3 1/2 weeks of uni class left. But also 3 weeks of study and exams but hey it's nearly finished.

After seeing the lovely paper dresses at Jeweledelegance. And I received some encouragement from her (not sure if she wants her name here lol)to make my own. So I did a free hand sketch of a dress. it's very simple but I'm using it as my base. I have a made 3 after mucking around with designs.

This is the first dress I made and decided to make it into a card. I quite like it =) I might keep it for awhile until I make more. I love this Cristina Re flocked paper. It's gorgeous! I love her paper full stop. There are so many yummy designs.

These are the other two creations. They will eventually grace some notecards I think.

I had some more mini notecards I made but the photo was shocking and can't be bothered to take another one right now. Though I am getting addicted to making paper dresses. I want to make so many more. Like some mini ones to put on mini notecards and some shoes as well. Might do a whole fashion line of couture dresses. That would be fun.

On other thing I want to add. My mum bought me this Lisa Bevere pack.
She's one of my fave christian authors and speakers. Powerful speaker and women of God. And her husband John Bevere is an awesome speaker and man of God. Well the pack included her new book 'Fight like a Girl', a workbook, a dvd and this gorgeous charm bracelet with Swarovski jewels. It's lovely!

And thank you everyone for all your lovely and encouraging comments =) I appreciate them all.


Flair said...

Those paper dresses are soooo cute!

Chanchan said...

Cute paper dresses!

I received your letter yesterday. :) Writing back soon.

Artifax said...

Gracie, your paper dresses are adorable!!!! Love the designs! And what a clever idea to put them on cards!

danielle said...

oh wow...i love these little dresses! we should definitely collaborate on a paper post sometime. i thought i was the only paper freak out's nice to have company. ;-)