Sunday, 14 October 2007

A visit

My German friend Jan-Peter is here. He came with his friend Tina. So Jason and I took them out for dinner. It was a nice, relaxing and casual night. Talking, walking and looking at how lovely it all looks at night. Plus the weather is gorgeous right now.

Just me, Tina and JP at Southbank. This just shows how small I am. Sigh sometimes I really hate it.

The four of us. Jason took this so it worked out. I will be seeing them again soon before they leave.

I have a few more pics I want to share.

I bought this a few weeks ago for $4 or something. I just thought it was cute. I haven't hung it up yet. Maybe for the study?!

I bought these at Borders a few weeks ago. The Ella Enchanted book is nothing like the movie. The book is better. I didn't mind the movie though it was corny but for some reason I still like to watch it lol. And thats the first time I have bought Moleskin notebooks. Well the skinny pocket ones anyway.

Here are two of the Moleskin notebooks. I thought they needed some decorating. I thought I would turn one into an internet site helper. It will be used to keep track of all my favourite sites, forums, blogs etc that I like. Plus to keep track of any usernames and passwords too as I forget them sometimes. And maybe a brief summary about what the site contains. The other I haven't thought of what to use it for yet.


Natasha Burns said...

You're so well organised Gracie! Love the notebooks and how you did them up!
I liked Ella Enchanted too, I bet the book is great. I just love to watch no brainers and they feel good at the end even if they didn't make me think!

My Charlie Girl said... really small to! Remember precious things come in small packages!! hehehe. thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog. its really nice to hear you like my work :) xxxxx

Anonymous said...

books are always better than the movie!! i always dislike when they use a movie image for the cover of the book too (that is what illustrators are for! let actors stick to the screen haha)... you are beautiful!!! its ok to be small (coming from a 5ft gal)

Artifax said...

Love the decorated moleskin notebooks! I have notebooks for internet purposes too, but none as pretty as yours :)

Books are always better than movies aren't they?

renee anne said...

that is a really good idea!
i am always loosing passwords and links to favourite sites
and they look divine!
lovely idea!