Friday, 28 March 2014

USA Trip 2013 - North Carolina

Hello hello! I'm behind with my US posts again . I really need to pump these photos out. 

After NYC, Alyssa, Nicole and I flew to Nicole's hometown Raleigh, North Carolina. I really loved this place. It was so pretty and I could see myself living there :) 

1. Welcome to the South. Fried chicken, mash potato, corn and broccoli. We had some biscuits and corn bread too. 
2. Watching our meal being cook 
3. Crunchy autumn leaves
4. Smores before cooking over the fire 
5. Alyssa and Nicole cooking for 'Pinterest' night
6. Chocolate covered strawberries with pink chrystal sugar was Alyssa and my contribution to Pinterest night
7. World Market. This was one of my fave stores
8. Autumn leaves. I'm obsessed because we don't really get the changing of the leaves here
9. Pretty daisies
10. Nicole's kitten 
11. Sunset beauty 
12. More autumn leaves

I wish we could have had more time here. It was such a great place and I felt so relaxed after the fast paced life in NYC. 

More US posts to come!

Monday, 10 March 2014

USA Trip 2013 - NYC 2

Hello lovely people. Here's my Part two of my NYC trip. As I mentioned in Part One it was a life changing trip.

1. Nicole, Alyssa and I got matching Kate Spade 'friendship rings.' 
2. Panera was one of my favourite places to eat. I wish we had one here
3. Times Square at night 
4. Grand Central Station 
5. Nicole waiting for Orlando Bloom. He was playing Romeo across the road from our hotel. And he came out to say hello to fans every night
6. Alyssa and Felix. Micaela's adorable little girl 
7. Felix smiling 
8. Anthropologie. Love this shop so much 
9. The Flatiron Building. 
10. Sweet Felix having a nap
11. Felix and her mama Micaela 
12. Nicole and me at the Plaza
13. Micaela and me at the Plaza 
14. High tea at the Plaza 
15. Chocolate covered strawberries
16. Kary and me

I met up with Kary last time I was in NY and it was amazing. This was also my first time meeting Micaela. I was excited to meet her since we had been blog friends for years. We had a lovely High Tea at the Plaza with a bunch of us. And most of us had met through blogging! What an experience. 

I will have a few more USA posts coming up.