Sunday, 29 November 2009

Giveaway Winner! Whee!

Hello lovelies! I want to thank everyone who entered my giveaway. I used The winner is....

So I will be sending out a gratitude journal out to you soon!

I want to say thank you so much for entering my giveaway. I actually have another one lined up and will post about it soon!

But I really wanted to give something else away in this post so I decided to make two more draws to win this....
Tiny Moleskine Volant notebooks. These are really tiny 6.5cm x 10cm (approx 2.5 in x 3.93 in). They are pocket sized and perfect for keeping up with little lists or to note down any thoughts you have during the day. Moleskines are definitely one of my favourite notebooks. These ones are all blank notebooks.

I'll be giving away another two (packs of 2) from the list of everyone who entered.

They are....

Megan of Time after Tea

If you could just email me that would be fantastic!

A brief wedding update....

* We went to get our rings today and my ring was ordered in the white gold instead of yellow gold. So it has to be sent away again. Good thing we have time.

* Our invites are basically ready, they just need to be printed. And I'm still gluing the tiny envelopes (it's taking a long time)

* We have a few more townhouse appointments. There is one we both really like. I hope it all goes well.

And I'm starting to have a little freak out. I feel as though I have so much left to do. I can't shut my brain off at night and in the morning I have to get up early because my brain switches on early. I'm feeling really tired and kind of emotional lately.

Anyway, congrats to the winners. I hope you enjoy the tiny Moleskines. Have a wonderful week!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Another Wedding update

Image via Utterly Engaged

There isn't any major news. Lots of bits and pieces. First it's my brother Alvin's engagement party tomorrow. They are having an afternoon event. A sort of high tea. It's crazy that he's getting married in April! It's only 58 days for Jason and me.

Dress for Alvin and Melly's engagement. It's a size too big but I loved it so much!

A list of things.....

* Our wedding rings have come in! We are going to pick them up this weekend. I'm thinking of having them engraved?

* Our invitations will hopefully be printed soon (we're running out of time eeepp!) The printer at my mum's work said he can do it. We only have to pay for the printing. He's not charging for the paper and the cutting. A huge blessing! We were thinking of printing it ourselves because I got a quote from a shop and it was waaayy to much. I bought more ink for my printer and found out it can print double sided :) We will use it for programs and other stationery.

* I've booked the Emporium hotel for the night before the wedding for my bridesmaids and me. It's such a beautiful hotel! Plus Jason and I will be booked in there for a few nights after the wedding.

* Our honeymoon is completely booked and paid for. We picked up all the documents. (I do want to shop for honeymoon!)

* I'm starting to think about decorations for the ceremony site and the reception venue. I know that there will be a photo booth definitely. More about this another time.

* A friend of mine is going to do my hair and my bridesmaids hair. It's going to be quite simple.

Images via Google

This is the style I was thinking about for hair. Just simple curls. For all of us. Maybe put a flower of something in our hair :) What do you think?

* I do need to buy a veil though. I completely forgot. And accessories which will just be some earrings.

Image via Diva

Something similar to that style I think. I don't want them really dangly because I don't really wear dangly earrings. And the bridesmaids will be similar. I probably won't have have anything else though.

Anyway, I'm thinking of putting up the Christmas tree or going Christmas shopping now. I can't quite decide.

Remember to enter my Giveaway. I have a little extra something in store :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

P.S. I've sent out most of my Christmas cards! So hopefully you get them soonish.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A special giveaway!

Image via Tumblr

Thanks for all your comments on our invites. It's not quite finished yet but they are the mock ups. I was more of the ideas person but Jason is the graphic designer :) So glad I'm marrying someone who is also creative. (We've already decided to have a creative room for all our projects). It's two months away today!

Well I have a special giveaway for you. It's a pre wedding/just because you're awesome. I really love the blogging community and I wanted to give something back. I thought I would giveaway a Compendium journal. I find them beautiful and inspiring. I thought I would let the winner choose which journal they would like from this list.

So all you have to do to enter is to...
1. Leave a comment here about what makes you happy and which journal you would like
2. Be a follower

If you want extra entries you can blog about it if you want to, just comment here to let me know. I really hope you enjoy this giveaway. I actually have another one lined up but that will be for later.

Oh and it closes on Sunday 29th December. And remember I live in Australia so this will be a bit earlier for the closing date.

Thank you all for being so so awesome!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Invite Reveal

Hello lovelies! It's a beautiful day today. I feel like doing nothing but there is so much on my to do list. Oh and thanks for the comments. I love my pink shoes too!

Last Friday night, Jason and I watched New Moon, which I loved (surprisingly). And we also randomly met up with Laura and Josh. We just saw them (Josh first, Laura came later) and found out we were watching the same movie. I love little surprises like that.

I thought I would post our wedding invitations. It is basically finished. It needs some tweaking but the main design is done. It's 62 Days on my wedding countdown. Tomorrow it will be exactly 2 months until the wedding!! Oh my! A part of me has little freak outs about this. Especially when I realised how much I still need to do. All the little details.

Anyway, here's the invite draft.....
This is the main invite. That space underneath is for a tiny envelope. I'm making those myself. It's taking a long time.

The tiny envelopes will have these tiny cards inside. This is the back with the monogram Laura created for us.

These are the little details on the cards. Contact details, a dress code, a little wedding date calender and a diet card (which probably won't work anymore because we aren't having RSVP cards for people to send back anymore).

You can click on the pictures to see it a little clearer and larger. We are now in the process of just confirming details and finding a printing place.

Also we decided not to have the wax seal which was meant to be for the tiny envelope. We might make our own sticker seals instead.

What do you all think? This is still the draft. There are a few things we are going to change. But this is the main design. Ignore the gray/silver border. That part is getting chopped off.

Have a lovely week!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Bathurst Trip

I just wanted to say that I will send out the Christmas cards out hopefully this weekend. Thanks for those who sent me their addresses. If you want to me send you a card you can still email me your addresses.

I thought I would share a few photos from Bathurst. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos from the ceremony or of the bridal party. Camera couldn't really capture it.

Jason and me after the ceremony. This was before the reception started.

I really can't pose properly. I hadn't straightened my hair properly in awhile.

This is me and Lauren, one of Jason's other cousins. She's the sister of Jacinta the cousin whose wedding we were there for.

The reception was held at some old Gold fields. This was equipment used for gold mining.

The centre pieces were lovelier in person than the photo I took.

The pretty roof with fairy lights.

The white part of the place cards can be planted and a lemon bottle brush will grow. I have to plant mine soon.

Jason and me outside on the deck. It had a nice breeze as it was quite hot.

This is at Jason's dad's house. We went to visit the next day. This is part of his property. Don't laugh but cows scare me a bit. After this photo a whole bunch of them started starting at me. We had gone for a swim before because it was hot.

Here's a sneak peak of our wedding invitations.

I know it's very faint but we are working on it. It involves small cards, envelopes and maybe a wax seal.

There will be more wedding posts and some Christmas posts coming up. And I'm watching New Moon tonight! Eee! Although it's one of my least favourite books in the series.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Back and christmas cards

Hello my lovelies! Well I'm back from my quick trip to Bathurst. We got back about 11.30pm last night. Very long drive home and it was hot (good thing we had air con).

The heat in New South Wales is so different to heat here in Queensland. It gets hot and we have a high humidity. So you feel sticky a lot. Down in NSW, it's a real dry heat where you feel as though you can't breathe. Plus the heat in Queensland is very constant. We don't get ridiculous heat waves like they do down south.

I will have a post about the trip but I will have to load photos. It was a beautiful wedding and I'm glad I was able to go.

Anyway, I saw this idea first on Nicole's blog My Teacups in Peony. About sending out some Christmas cards to her blog readers.

I thought that was an adorable idea. I would love to send out Christmas cards to all you lovely people. Mail is just the thing that will make me very happy.

So if you would like to me to send you a card with a handwritten message :) email me your address to It will make me happy. And your address will be safe with me. I would never give them out to anyone!

And I think I want to have a little Christmas giveaway soon. So watch out for that. Plus more wedding news and a few Christmas idea posts coming up.

Thanks for all your wonderful comments and have a great rest of week.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Some christmas joy

Well looks like I'm off to Bathurst tomorrow. Jason is flying me down to Sydney and then they will pick me up from there for the 3 hour drive to Bathurst. Apparently he really wants me there :p So I will have to go and pack soon. It's a 5am flight ugh! And it's my first flight by myself. I know it's only interstate but I'm a little apprehensive.

Anyway, this morning I went to my nephew Caeleb's preschool Christmas concert and graduation. He's going to be in prep next year.

There were three levels to perform today and poor little fella got a bit of stage fright and didn't want to sing.

Little Cael on stage before he went off. Sorry the photos are so fuzzy. I wasn't close enough to the stage. He's supposed to be a shepard.

But he was fine when he 'graduated' from preschool.

The little shepherd is so much happier away from the stage.

Which is so weird because he's a real little entertainer. He normally loves to sing.

Me, Cael and mum after the mini concert.

Cael with his gift from preschool (left) and his parents on the right. His preschool is part of Christian Outreach Collage which is the school that's part of our church (we have a pretty huge church).

Cael posing with another gift from my parents and I. It's a giant colouring in book. He loves to colour in. He's very creative and thinks outside of the box.

He's much happier now. This was the morning tea time. Unfortunately I couldn't really eat anything because my tummy is still sensitive. I put the little Christmas crown thing on his head.

Ok this seems kind of random but it's Caeleb's drawing. They had this alphabet book where they learn to write the letters and had to draw something that started with that letter. He drew a girl....with her bits. lol The two circles on top are the 'boobs' and he drew a 'wee' hole. He didn't say that but Liz (his mum) and I concluded it from the picture. lol. It's pretty funny though kind of embarrassing for a 4 year old to be drawing. I don't know what happened to her hair and arms.

So yes, he is very random like that. For instance for the letter F he drew a fire. Of all the things to choose. For the letter X he drew a letter C which is to represent him because his name is Caeleb Xavier. He definitely thinks outside of the box.

Anyway, I should try and pack a few things and I really hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Take care xx