Friday, 27 November 2009

Another Wedding update

Image via Utterly Engaged

There isn't any major news. Lots of bits and pieces. First it's my brother Alvin's engagement party tomorrow. They are having an afternoon event. A sort of high tea. It's crazy that he's getting married in April! It's only 58 days for Jason and me.

Dress for Alvin and Melly's engagement. It's a size too big but I loved it so much!

A list of things.....

* Our wedding rings have come in! We are going to pick them up this weekend. I'm thinking of having them engraved?

* Our invitations will hopefully be printed soon (we're running out of time eeepp!) The printer at my mum's work said he can do it. We only have to pay for the printing. He's not charging for the paper and the cutting. A huge blessing! We were thinking of printing it ourselves because I got a quote from a shop and it was waaayy to much. I bought more ink for my printer and found out it can print double sided :) We will use it for programs and other stationery.

* I've booked the Emporium hotel for the night before the wedding for my bridesmaids and me. It's such a beautiful hotel! Plus Jason and I will be booked in there for a few nights after the wedding.

* Our honeymoon is completely booked and paid for. We picked up all the documents. (I do want to shop for honeymoon!)

* I'm starting to think about decorations for the ceremony site and the reception venue. I know that there will be a photo booth definitely. More about this another time.

* A friend of mine is going to do my hair and my bridesmaids hair. It's going to be quite simple.

Images via Google

This is the style I was thinking about for hair. Just simple curls. For all of us. Maybe put a flower of something in our hair :) What do you think?

* I do need to buy a veil though. I completely forgot. And accessories which will just be some earrings.

Image via Diva

Something similar to that style I think. I don't want them really dangly because I don't really wear dangly earrings. And the bridesmaids will be similar. I probably won't have have anything else though.

Anyway, I'm thinking of putting up the Christmas tree or going Christmas shopping now. I can't quite decide.

Remember to enter my Giveaway. I have a little extra something in store :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

P.S. I've sent out most of my Christmas cards! So hopefully you get them soonish.


thegirlhassparke said...

Love your dress for the party!
How exciting, not long till the wedding. I am enjoying reading all about your plans.

Andhari said...

Love the dress, Gracie! Did you organize a bachelorette night out too with the girls? They should throw you one lol.

Anyhoo on hair, do the one like Vanessa Hudgens. So pretty!

_ffyona said...

It's such a blessing and joy reading your wedding updates.

I think that's a real sweet pretty dress you're wearing for your brother's engagement!

I think for the hair, soft simple curls are great and elegant, maybe just top it off with a pretty white flower.

Yes yes don't forget your veil sweetie!

58 days and counting down. xo

Kellie Collis said...

Your dress for the engagemet party does look lovely!! x

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Kristen said...

I think your hair will look perfect in curls... and I would add a few simple flowers. I love that look... oh, i can hardly wait to see you all beautiful on your big day!!
I love learning about how things are going... so keep sharing those wedding details. So much fun!!

M.M.E. said...

Goodness you are on top of things. You must be anxious to get to the special day!

julialow said...

Awww, a veil! So glad you remembered it before it was too late. Hehe it's going to be beautiful, I'm sure. Classic!

I love the dress you're going to wear to the party. It's so pretty! x

Cassie said...

I didn't have a veil for our wedding and part of my really wishes I had now, so I was so very pleased to read you were having one. Big bouncy curls will look amazing too!
Our Christmas cards will hopefully pass mid-air because you have one winging its way from me too.
Have a fab weekend xx

littletiara said...

Aww! I love the hairstyle! Soft curl! I've always wanted to try it one day, hahaha!

And this is sweet! I love reading anything wedding related and ah! There you are talking al about wedding and its preparation. :D

and oh my, a veil! classic and elegant and pretty...

Sara said...


Try Frangipanis!!

OlynXes said...

Yay curls!! I was planning to do my hair in curls if you hadn't decided on anything :D hopefully my hair will be long enough to look decent enough in curls ^_^ not long now, chica