Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Oh so sickly

Hello lovelies. I have a tummy bug and it's horrible. I'm feeling better than I was yesterday when I couldn't even walk up the stairs to my room without having to lie down on the floor for a few minutes to let the nausea and dizziness subside. I can actually sit up today. I spent most of yesterday lying down on the lounge with a blanket. I've barely eaten because food makes me feel queasy. I had a 1 piece of dry toast and 2 crackers yesterday. I will try and eat more today if I can. Jason came over last night to use my laptop for work and he bought me some ice blocks because I felt like them. Only thing I could probably stomach. He's so wonderful.

It's horrible because this tummy bug is going around and I know a fair few people who have gotten it these past few weeks. It hits you really hard too. I think I had it in my system for a few days before it really hit me because I had been getting cold chills even when it was quite warm. Sunday night I was feeling chilly and Jason was feeling hot.

Anyway, I was meant to work today but of course I couldn't. And in a few days time I was meant to go down to Bathurst with Jason and his family to attend his cousin's wedding. But I don't think I could last a 13 hour drive on Thursday even if I am feeling better. Long car trips can make me feel a little sick anyway. So it looks like I won't be going which is a shame. Especially because Jason is going to be the MC for the reception.

Well just to keep this post a bit prettier, I have some photos from Laura's birthday from Saturday night.

This was part of my present to her. I usually give bits and pieces and package it up.

Prettifying the gift bags. I made the bauble using feathers and those plastic baubles you can buy from an art shop.

I gave that print to her as a thank you for doing our engagement photos.

Pretty fairy lights. And I adore her mirror.

Her candelabra and a sampling of the food she prepared.

A collection of pretty teacups.

On her coffee table. I gave her the book in the middle for Christmas last year. I love the book on top " This little Piggy went to Prada"

The cupcakes she made as her cake. The cupcake wrappers are gorgeous!

Lovely Laura is the perfect housewife. She just needs a pretty apron.

The rest of these photos are Laura's.

Written on one of the cards she received.

All the girls. Minus her sister. That's her lovely mum on the end on the right.

After dinner just chatting.

Wearing the cupcake wrappers on our head like a crown. It made me want to have an Alice in Wonderland party next year.

It was such a gorgeous night. She's the perfect hostess and dinner was lovely. It's given me some ideas of what to do for my 25th (eek) birthday next year. I'm actually having my birthday on the last day of our honeymoon but when we get back I would love to do something for it.

Have a great week. And I'm going to go back to resting on the couch.


Nicole Marie said...

that print is adorable!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your illness and that is such a bummer that you won't be able to make the wedding this weekend :( I know that feeling as the sickly bug has been hitting so many people around here lately...just about every other person I know has been sick this past month. Here's hoping we all feel whole and healthy soon so life can proceed as it was meant to be enjoyed :)

Caro said...

Take care of yourself, drink lots of liquids and stay away from dairy for a while they are not a good match with the stomach bug.

Kristen said...

Please feel better soon sweet girl... oh I am sending healing thoughts your way :)

Andhari said...

Oh dearieee, I'm sorry stomach bug weakened you even for the wedding party :( please rest as much as you can, stock up dvds and warm food while fiancee away :p and ask somebody to record him for you..

Your friend's birthday looks lovely. She's beautiful in that picture. Like a domestic queen, and now that I think about it..so are you!:)

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Left you a little something on my blog to help you feel better

Chocolate Lover said...

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Awww I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick!! Sounds terrible! I hope you get better soon :)
On a brighter note, those are some pretty pictures :) Puts me in a nice calm mood right before bedtime!


Lisa said...

aww hope you feel better soon the bug sounds horrible. xx

Lovely pics too, you are so photogenic. x

Kellie Collis said...

Tummy bugs are awful - hope you starting to feel better! x

Sara said...

sorry to know you are not feeling well! Hopefully you will be well enough to go to the wedding!
The birthday pictures are really, really pretty! I love how you packaged your present to her!

Athena. said...

Oh, wow, these are gorgeous!
I hope you are feeling much better :)

Cassie said...

So very sorry to hear you are feeling poorly Gracie. Sending healing thoughts to you across the world.
Take care of yourself and do not try and do too much too soon.

alli/hooray said...

I agree with you - long car trip after being sick would not be very enjoyable! Looks like a fun party, though, love the strung lights!

nicole mountz said...

im so glad to hear you're feeling better. stomach bugs are the worst... id rather have anything else. tell jason to take extra good care of you for all of us who cant!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a beautiful setup that was. The candelabra is lovely. Hope you feel better ASAP!

julialow said...

Urgh, tummy bug. :( Hope you feel much, much better today, love! Rest as much as you can. Praying for your speedy recovery!

You and your friends look sooooo pretty! Hehe Laura does seem like the perfect housewife, awww. (: The cupcake crowns are adorable. x

Micaela said...

hello! I found you through Diamonds (that Rhiannon is something else!) and i'm glad to have found you, because you are precious.

(I'm half filipino so i was drawn to you ha)

i'm so sorry you're feeling sick- i JUST got over a near week of being sick so i feel for ya. :(

this pictures are LOVELY!!! what a magical birthday.

ps. after looking at your lovely blog, you are a girl after my own heart- i love the written word! and i just joined postcrossing.


mina said...

Those are the prettiest cupcake wrappers I've ever seen. What a lovely party.