Friday, 20 November 2009

Bathurst Trip

I just wanted to say that I will send out the Christmas cards out hopefully this weekend. Thanks for those who sent me their addresses. If you want to me send you a card you can still email me your addresses.

I thought I would share a few photos from Bathurst. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos from the ceremony or of the bridal party. Camera couldn't really capture it.

Jason and me after the ceremony. This was before the reception started.

I really can't pose properly. I hadn't straightened my hair properly in awhile.

This is me and Lauren, one of Jason's other cousins. She's the sister of Jacinta the cousin whose wedding we were there for.

The reception was held at some old Gold fields. This was equipment used for gold mining.

The centre pieces were lovelier in person than the photo I took.

The pretty roof with fairy lights.

The white part of the place cards can be planted and a lemon bottle brush will grow. I have to plant mine soon.

Jason and me outside on the deck. It had a nice breeze as it was quite hot.

This is at Jason's dad's house. We went to visit the next day. This is part of his property. Don't laugh but cows scare me a bit. After this photo a whole bunch of them started starting at me. We had gone for a swim before because it was hot.

Here's a sneak peak of our wedding invitations.

I know it's very faint but we are working on it. It involves small cards, envelopes and maybe a wax seal.

There will be more wedding posts and some Christmas posts coming up. And I'm watching New Moon tonight! Eee! Although it's one of my least favourite books in the series.


Shannon said...

Can't wait to see the rest of your wedding invitations, looks like they are going to be beautiful!

. said...

cutecute!! I love those pink shoes!

thegirlhassparke said...

Oh I use to live half an hour from Bathurst, so this post has really reminded me of home! Glad to see you had a nice time. Dont worry about the cows I am scared of birds which is so silly. Have a nice weekend! x

Chocolate Lover said...

Can't wait to see those invitations!

Andhari said...

I love how you combine classic black dress with pink shoes. You look pretty in all those pictures :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...


julialow said...

Gracciiieeee! I ADORE your outfit! The pink shoes - what a brilliant touch to your LBD! Love it. (: You are sooo beautiful! Jason's a very blessed man. ;)

nicole mountz said...

gracie! you are gorgeous! those pink shoes.. wow im so in love with them:) and the wedding invites look awesome alraedy. cant wait to see the finished product! and i agree with you.. new moon was my least favorite book but according to our tweets i think we both loved it:) love u lady!

_ffyona said...

AH that pink shoes looks fab! And so do you sweetie! xo

Sara said...

You make a gorgeous couple!! I just had to say that :)

مى said...

You look sooo pretty!! :)

Kellie Collis said...

The lanterns are lovely! x

Kristen said...

You look so beautiful... and those pink shoes!! Oh, I just love them! You and Jason make the most perfect couple... you were just meant to be together I think.
Your invitations are gorgeous, and the idea of a wax seal seems so romantic and perfect!!

So, I have to know... what did you think of New Moon?? I loved it, but thought the book did a better job of really "selling" the relationship that built between Bella and Jacob... but still, loved it!! Which was your favorite book??

Gracie said...

Thanks for the comments! I love my pink shoes!

@ KS - Thank you so so much! I loved the movie. I think books are always better than movies but I guess the book was better portraying the relationship between Bella and Jacob. I didn't really like book Jacob (well in Eclipse - he annoyed me) but I really like movie Jacob. He made me like the character more than I ever have. I think favourite book is Twilight and maybe Breaking Dawn. I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Eclipse. And I hate that Edward left Bella in New Moon.

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