Tuesday, 26 May 2009


My beautiful friend Laura has designed a monogram for Jason and me. It's stunning!
She has the most beautiful style and she's an amazing graphic designer. I'm so thankful for all of her help she has given me. 
She's so lovely she even made me an inspiration board (I'm pretty sure you can click on the image to make it bigger lol).  She has completely captured the feeling I was hoping for...soft, whimsical yet elegant. It's given me reason to make my own board which I'm working on . She's a wonderful, wonderful friend! 

Image from Culture Shock
I want a dress that flows. Maybe not quite this style but something that has fluidity like this. 

Image from Steve Madden

And these shoes are contenders in my wedding shoes hunt (not that it matters...haven't got a dress yet). I tried them on at work and love them. I feel so tall =)

Anyway, have a great rest of week.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Inspiration and randomness

My neck is so sore. I feel like I've got whiplash and I probably do after jumping around on my nephews trampoline yesterday. That Caeleb is a slave driver making us do 'ring a ring o' roses' 12 times on the trampoline. It was fun playing with him yesterday. He says the funniest things. 

This is the skirt I made in my dressmaking class. I tried to iron it quickly before the photo but it still looks a little crinkly. I had taken photos of the other two items but the photos turned out bad and now there's no more sun. This skirt took me longer than I thought it would. I had some trouble with the invisible hem and even now it's still not neat. That's ok, I really enjoyed sewing and hope I will continue on with it (and get an over locker).

This delicious cupcake was a party favour from my friend Kristina's 24th birthday a few weeks ago (this was taken the day after not now lol). We played putt putt golf so the Raffaello white chocolate ball is to represent a golf ball. She baked them herself and it was so soo good.

This is to show off my new teacup and saucer set I got from my brother Alvin and his gf. It was a belated part of a bday present for me. It's not the greatest photo of the teacup though, which is so pretty.

Image found Miss Laura via Real Weddings

My friend Laura had this wedding reception escort idea posted on her blog. I would love to use ornate frames as part of the decor and this would be perfect. 

Image found Miss Laura via Real Weddings

The colours of the frames have influenced my colour theme choices, which I was struggling with (to pick a colour theme). So it's to be white, silver, champagne and blush. Hopefully I will be able to make an inspiration board with colours and ideas. 

Anyway, off to relax, read and eat. Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Inspiration on a rainy day

It's rainy and chilly today. I'm so glad I'm at home. Today I rung up Victoria Park to confirm our booking for our wedding ceremony and reception. Feels great to have that sorted. Now I'm doing a lot of daydreaming and planning. I didn't want all my posts to be about the upcoming wedding but really I can't help it. So I'm sure there are going to be many more wedding posts.

I thought to make another flickr mosaic of favourites and what's inspiring in my thinking and planning. I'm in the midst of making a wedding mood board. 

For some reason I'm struggling with theme and colours. I guess you can tell from my flickr mosaics and other pictures that I post what I'm drawn too so I know these are some weird irrational feelings I have. I just need to find my theme and stick to it. Especially because I'm wanting to letter press the invitations and have to get a move on with trying out how to use it properly. 

Anyway, have a good rest of week! 

P.S. Laura I will post pics of my skirt I made soon. It's really not that exciting =)

Friday, 15 May 2009

Wedding Ideas

I've been doing quite a bit of wedding planning. Mainly getting inspired by images, reading wedding mags and blogs and noting down any ideas I get.

Here are a few random images and thoughts I have regarding them. 

Image found via Mika78

I like that the bridesmaids are wearing dresses that are different colours and styles but still compliment each other. It's an idea I've been pondering on. This way the styles and colours can suit each girl. Although I haven't quite got a colour theme yet either. And still working out whether the dresses should be made or bought. 

Image found via Mika78

I just adore this image. The dress is beautiful. I just love the intricate details on the sleeves. It's so pretty.

We're thinking of having a cupcake tower instead of a cake and maybe doubling the cupcakes as favours?! But not sure how that's going to work yet. The Cupcake Company started selling their cupcakes at markets a few years ago but became so popular they opened a store. I had their cupcakes for my 22nd birthday and they were lovely. 

Image via Martha Stewart 

I'd really like to incorporate butterflies somehow. Either with centre pieces or just the decorations in general. 

Image from Rose and Ruby 

I like these styles for bridesmaid dresses. I'm also partial to the colour too. Colour themes I'm thinking blush, champagne, dove grey...colours along those lines. 

Image from Miss Laura via Forever New 

As my friend Laura mentioned on her blog, this would make a great bridesmaid dress. Before she posted that I had actually looked at this dress before and thought the same thing. Laura has some great ideas on her blog =) Thanks honey! And she's going to be one of my bridesmaids! 

Anyway, more random wedding thoughts and inspiration another time.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A fun weekend

I had a busy weekend with movies, my nephew Isaiah's birthday, a fundraising event and mother's day. I thought I would just show some photos from the weekend as they make me happy. By the way, I had my last dressmaking class last night. I will try and show my creations next time. 

My oldest nephew Isaiah and I at his 8th birthday party. I can't believe how much he's grown and how old he's getting. He was born when I was 16! 

The party was in a park. As usual my hair never stays neat when I'm outside. The weather was beautiful!

Parks bring out the children in us (or I guess you can say make us more child-like).  This seat spun round in the most dizzying way. 

Isaiah was given a light saber as one of his presents. So of course my youngest nephew Caeleb had to be the one to play with it. I spotted him having a light saber 'fight' with one of the other kids. It made me want to get one and join them =)

This was taken at night. We were having a girls night out and the boys had a night in. My mum, me, my sis in law Liz, my future sis in law Melly and Liz's mum Paula all headed out to a fundraising event at our church. We watched a show and profits went to the SHE Rescue home in Cambodia where they rescue and house girls that have been sold into the sex slave industry. A worthy cause and a fun night out. 

This was before we left. I had to play around with the light saber, definitely wanting to get one for myself. 

Taken on Mother's Day after church. This is my oldest brother Rolf, my mum, my other brother Alvin and I. It's a tradition to get photos with the kids on Mother's day (and father's day). 

We have a lot of photo maniacs in our family so there's always so many pictures. Jason and I have been accidentally matching lately. (One of the only photos I haven't touched by editing it besides to crop). 

Caeleb is quite proud of his temp tattoo. My brother Rolf reckons he will want a real one when he's older (doesn't help that he himself has 3 tatts lol). 

I caught Isaiah at the wrong time while drinking his babyccino, though he has been known to close his eyes in photos often. It was such a great weekend.

I had to add this. Jason and I watched the new Star Trek on Friday night and I loved it!! I've never really watched anything Star Trek but I remember watching the trailer a few times and enjoying it. Definitely want to watch it again =) 

Friday, 8 May 2009

Style Challenge

I've been tagged by Anastasia with the 'Style Challenge,' to pick one image that describes my style. I'm finding it hard to find just one image as I'm a fan of a few different styles. I have to say though that I'm a fan of white interiors with pretty items. Here's a few rooms that I adore.

I would love to have on of those claw feet bathtubs. A definite future investment. 

Image from Wehearit (via Twins Garden)

I find white interiors so relaxing and peaceful. I like it when mixed with neutral colours. 

Image from Lily G

This looks like the perfect place to sit and read or write. I would love to have a little nook in the future.

Now for the tagging....
Miss Laura - I love this girl! Jason and I went over to her house for dinner at the beginning of the week and it was perfect. She's such a great cook, hostess and their place is lovely and their interiors are beautiful! They are such sweet newlyweds!

And because what's a post without me mentioning something wedding related, I made a tentative booking at Victoria Park. This is for the ceremony and the reception. Anyone from Brisbane knows everyone gets married here but I can see why and it got way too frustrating looking for places. Anyway, we are looking at 24th January 2010, which is only about 9 months away but we can do it. We also met up with Sharon our photographer (pretty much know we are having her - thanks Laura!) and she's lovely. 

Image from Victoria park

This will most likely be the room we are hoping for called the Marble Bar. Actually this room is the ballroom but we're not taking the whole room. And the ceremony will take place in the Garden Marquee. So happy to finally have a pretty definite place. I only placed a tentative booking so it doesn't get booked out while we decide. 

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Tagged and enjoying the sunshine

Image from Kiss the Groom
I adore this image. It's the sweetest thing. 

I'm sitting outside with my laptop absolutely loving the sunshine and warmth. I love this weather at the moment. It's warm with a coolish breeze. I'm learning to appreciate the little joys in life. Right now besides my laptop I have a book and two wedding mags to read through and a Moleskine notebook for ideas. I'm almost a fanatical fan of Moleskins now. They are so smooth to write on but they have to be blank pages. I have a weird obsession with needing blank journals/notebooks, but if there are lines I don't mind either =)

Anyway, I was tagged by Lenkalovee. I haven't done one of these for awhile so this should fun!

What is your current obsession? 
Definitely wedding blogs, magazines, pretty dresses, pretty interiors and just beautiful images and things in general. They are always on my mind. 

Who is the last person you hugged
Jason. Last night when he took me home after his indoor soccer game. Though it was more of an armless hug cause he hadn't had a shower after the game =p

What's your favourite dinner
Hmm....this is a hard question. Coming from a filipino family background (though I'm Aussie born) we love to eat. One of my favourite filo dishes to make and eat is called afritada. It's a type of stew. I prefer using beef than chicken. It has a tinge of spice to it and it's soo good! I do love Mexican and Italian food too. 

What was the last thing you bought? (to wear)
That would be a long gray cardigan to bring to Bathurst. I was going to say dress for my friend Laura's wedding. But Jason actually bought it for me lol.

What are you listening to right now? 
Ahh 'Quest.' It was a piece written for the Moccona coffee ad. I loved the music from that ad I had to look it up and download it. It's so relaxing. Check out the ad on my youtube link. It's only a short song. 

and Cinderella is one of my favourite fairytales so this ad is a favourite of mine.

What is your favourite weather? 
Days like today. Sunny, warm but cool breeze. Although the clouds are covering up my sun. Sigh go away clouds!

Say something to the person/s who tagged you?
Lenkalovee is a new blog that I've been following and I adore it and her already. She posts beautiful images and thoughts and they are so inspiring to see and read. She's definitely someone I could be friends with in real life =)

Tea or coffee? 
I'm more of a tea person, especially green tea. But I do like my coffee as well, especially with Moccona ads =) 

What did you want to become as a child? 
As a child it varied. A nurse was one of them (apparently for the white shoes my family told me later =s). I also wanted to be a writer. But that dream went away as I got older. 

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour where would you go? 
Europe is always a favourite. I would love to go to the USA though to shop at the stores that we don't have here =)

Who do you want to meet in person? 
Hmm...blog friends! That would be fantastic to meet the people whose lives I read about on an almost daily basis. Maybe one day....

What is your most challenging goal right now
Besides planning the wedding (maybe challenges), I would have to say to stop worrying and to keep faith with God with everything that is going on in my life at the moment. 

What is your weirdest obsession? 
I think I have a couple (that Jason can attest to). Some like my almost unhealthy obsession with stationery or always reading kids books. I think my weirdest would have to be needing to list things down on paper even when I have Mac laptop and iPhone. I use my paper calender and my paper diary and notebooks instead of doing it all electrical. 

Why did you start a blog? 
I'm not really sure. I liked to read blogs and I had other friends who had them on and off. It seemed like a good way to share creativity, beautiful images and write about life.

What is your blog about? (2-3 elevator pitch)
Ahh my life, creativity, thoughts, pretty things....It's a jumble of different items.

Which blogs are you obsessed with at the moment? 
Miss Laura - My friend Laura. She has the most beautiful style. Her wedding photos, her own photography and some wonderful images she finds. 
Kiss the Groom - Gorgeous! Wedding and other romantic images.
This is Glamorous - Laura told me about this one. It's beautiful! 
Lily-G - I haven't even been to the store yet but her blog is amazing. Lovely interiors and I can't wait to check out the shop.
100 Layercake - I adore the colour boards they do. A wedding blog of course.
Once Wed - Another wedding blog filled with inspiration. 
Polka dot bride - An Australian wedding blog. Filled with mood boards and real weddings. 
Style Me Pretty - Of course this link is here. I've been obsessed with this blog for ages. 

What is your dream job? (realistic or unrealistic)
I guess to have some type of business, mainly stationery, letterpress and other creative items. To be able to do that full-time. 

If you could change professions or careers, what would you like to try? (realistically speaking) 
To sound nerdy I've been thinking about being a librarian. Even to the point that I might go back and study. 

Who is your favourite designer at the moment?
I don't really have a favourite designer, but there are some pretty clothes I wouldn't mind. I do have to say I love Sarahseven

Image from Sarahseven

Image from Amanda Archer

Yes I'm loving dresses for some reason. I just thought of a designer well brand that I like, Thread. Too many styles I like there to show each one. They are an inspiration for my bridesmaid ideas, so I'm sure to do a post about them some time. 

What's your favourite brand of jeans?
I love to wear jeans. But my all time favourite pair are my Sass and Bide. They are the comfiest jeans ever! I've had them for a few years and they are starting to fade but they are still worn a lot! So I guess you could say Sass and Bide. I wouldn't mind trying some Bettina Liano ones. Really I don't mind brand as long as they are comfortable. 

One thing that you would snitch out of someone's closest, with no regrets?
Real life friend I would say this dress from Laura =) It's so pretty. From Forevernew, a store I'm quickly starting to like a lot. 

Image from Miss Laura
Sorry lovely girl...I wouldn't really steal it with no regrets, but if I bought it we would be the same lol

What piece of designer clothing would you most like to own (new or vintage)
I have loved this dress since I first saw it on Etsy. It's by Sarahseven. I've loved it for ages.

Image from Sarahseven

Ok well I have to tag some people so.....Which you don't have to do of course lol. 

And anyone who wants to join. I hope you have fun reading this =)